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  1. Ha ha ha! Yes! Take a look at this discussion: http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,26702.0/topicseen.html There are 2 parts to this theory: 1 - Be'lal could have been brought back, and 2 - he was, and is masquerading as someone else. RJ himself explains that 1 is true. It is very hard to make a case for 2. That quote is incomplete. Not good enough for me. But, we've gone over this already. I agree to disagree without wasting more time (unless you have something new to add?).
  2. Yeah, she died in the Renegade AM attack on the Royal Palace in Cairhien. Enaila, who was often paired with Somara, is still alive though (I think). Is it too much of a stretch to think that Enaila was also at the door to the meeting?
  3. I would love to see a fantasy movie where the music strays from the traditional orchestral style. Electric guitar, keyboard/synth, and other modern instruments and effects can create a totally unique and satisfying feel. If you played Half Life 2 or the new Metroid games, the ambient atmospheric electronic rhythms really fit well. I know those games are sci-fi not fantasy, but I think the style could work in a fantasy setting also. They have obvious classical influences, but modern instruments are added for a unique effect. The perfect example of what I'm talking about is the music fr
  4. Going back to the Amys thing, I don't think anyone mentioned that at least one other person could have known about the attack: Somara, the guard at the door. She is always following Rand around as his guard - the perfect place for a DF spy.
  5. What do the borderland rulers want with Rand? They are bringing all of their armies. That could mean that they want to attack him, but I don't think so. Considering the words and actions of the rulers in the prologue to tPoD, something else is going on: As for the 13 AS, Coladara Sedai, the adviser to Paitar of Arafel, became aware of the borderlanders plans and she suddenly gets 7 visiting Aes Sedai who tag along. Tenobia runs into 5 more Aes Sedai as she is leaving Saldaea, and they are surprised to see her there. Illeisien Sedai, their leader, learns of the borderlander's pla
  6. Lol, FotC is hilarious. Did you know that Bret was actually in the Lord of the Rings movies as an elf extra?
  7. I can see Mat or Taim with some hip hop in the background.
  8. The purpose of this thread is to discuss music which you associate with the Wheel of Time. Obviously different characters and nations in Randland give every reader a different feeling, and sometimes that feeling is shared with a musical genre, a band/singer, or a particular song. It could be the rhythm, the lyrics, or a personal association that you have, but sometimes music just seems to fit. Sometimes you can imagine a song being played in a tavern, or by a gleeman. However, even modern music that has no place in the actual setting of the books can apply, in your imagination, to the seri
  9. RJ said he was surprised at the Taimandred theories, so it wasn't a red herring. Sometimes I wonder if he flat out lied, and Taim is Demandred. That's impossible though...
  10. Oh please. "All the time" indeed. I don't think I would have been able to find it without your hint though, so thanks: http://theoryland.yuku.com/reply/201506/t/Second-Q-amp-A-Saturday.html#reply-201506 It's the 8th quote in Callandor's post: I guess that's another point for people who don't think Taim is Be'lal... :(
  11. Abit tough comparing "nazis" with Aiel(a culture that has been ongoing for 3000 years). Anyway, the nazis was hardly a culture. In that case you can name all sorts of things cultures. I was using "culture" to mean "social climate", not "civilization". Think "hippie culture" or "military culture". Does it really matter what they believed inside, if they acted as if they believed it? I wonder if some Aiel don't really believe in ji'e'toh, but just follow it to fit in?
  12. Majsju, would you link to the quote where RJ says he was surprised about Taimandred please?
  13. I probably should have said "Nazi culture lied to the Nazis". Not all Aiel culture is bad, either. The part where they kill people who don't conform is bad. That applies to the Nazis and the Aiel - and for every other culture that does that. Sure, my opinion is just "relative", and I can't prove wrong anyone who wants to disagree. However, it is inconsistent to support Aiel culture but demonize, for example, Tairen culture. It seems to me that RJ does just that.
  14. I don't wish to debate moral relativism, but I can't resist. Just let me ask one question: Relative to what? "Relative to other sets of morals" is the likely answer. Well, can't we start to rule out some sets of morals? For example, "All newborn children should die" is a possible belief. Would you support the right of people to act on that belief? Why or why not? When it comes to taking the lives of others, moral relativism is tricky territory. It's fine to say "in my culture those tattoos are taboo", but quite another thing to say "in my culture you die because of your tattoos
  15. I understand that the cultural values are subjective. That doesn't prevent some of them from being despicable. A man should not be killed for having offensive tattoos. If it worked, it would certainly be taken away, and you would be in trouble for creating a dangerous weapon. No Aiel was going to follow the tattooed man into battle. He wasn't impersonating a chief, he was imitating their markings. Do you think Mangin couldn't tell they were tattoos? The analogy is not very good, because the tattoos are not dangerous like your hypothetical weapon would be. The fact is, the
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