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  1. They could do worse than Westworld with the old time-y covers of modern songs :3 But I know what you mean. For WoT I think there's a unique challenge for a composer to make the sound fit the culture. It's not pure old-school fantasy, so an epic score (think LotR) might not land properly. I think the challenge is to lace the soundtrack with a slightly more modern feel without going too hard into pop, and dipping into a variety of cultures sounds without feeling derivative.
  2. Well I have a lot of internal ideas about the sounds of the Wheel of Time, and I'm sure everyone has different ideas. I'm really excited to see them do their version on the big stage and I think the trailer music was pretty good so I'm anticipating something good on that front. But for me, the thing I'd love to see the most (and I fully acknowledge that this wouldn't be until season 2 or 3 probably) is Dance With Jack of the Shadows on screen to the tune of Garryowen. Idk if that's gonna be in the cards or not, but that's something I'd love to hear.
  3. I'm not a fan of this particular (rumored) change. My immediate reaction to hearing about it is "but why though?" and I can't think of a satisfying answer. Perrin losing himself in the moment and killing those Whitecloaks, him fearing what being a Wolfbrother means for his sanity, and having his village attacked because the Dark One is after him specifically is plenty for the writers to play with, without inventing something that is so significantly different from the books. I'm not automatically against all adaptation changes, but this particular one would be a mistake imo.
  4. It stands out as a thing that could be cut without impacting the larger narrative or the main character arcs. Looking at it from that perspective, I'm sure the writers had to think about cutting the Green Man. My gut instinct (so take that for what it's worth, which is basically nothing lol) tells me that the sequence of events at the Eye will be altered significantly. There was a question posed to Rafe Judkins if there will be Forsaken in Season 1. He said it depends how much you know about the Forsaken, which heavily implies that Balthamel and Aginor will not show up at the Eye (unless the Eye is moved to Season 2).
  5. I'm a little more excited after watching the trailer, because what I saw from the special effects, costumes, and sets was really encouraging. But there's always been a little apprehension about what they'll change, and I'm feeling that about the Logain storyline now. I didn't see anything I disliked per se, but I wonder what they're going to do with that, and I hope it doesn't deviate too much.
  6. He works for me. He's missing the grey hairs that I pictured in my head, but is otherwise pretty much perfect - angular and stony-faced. It's a no-brainer to me that they'd make Lan kinda hot, because of course he is. I wouldn't be against facial scars but I don't think that's in the books so idk, I don't see the point. Am I remembering wrong? It would be a lot of work to apply that makeup consistently every time he's on screen, so I can see why they wouldn't go that route.
  7. Looking at all the shots of the actor with the double axes, I think he's a warder whose Aes Sedai is killed by Logain. Combining his character with Elyas would be a bold potential move but I don't think they'll do that, because I feel that story is much more engaging, and also neater, if we see Perrin struggle through it instead of a minor character. I think they'll use that warder to show how amazing the bond is, and what happens if the Aes Sedai dies. This will help with Lan's character development, as well as Moiraine's and Nynaeve's relationships with him. It seems clear to me from the trailer that those 3 will meet up with the Logain caravan.
  8. I am squiggle guy ;-; Funny story, I created this account like 14 years ago or something, and the username was <(^-^)> but I guess the site changed how it did text formatting so now I have a very odd username. Anyways, I'm glad to help. And yeah I also enjoyed watching Greene break it down. I kinda disagree with him on the lighting, I think darkness is a tool to be used sparingly in a show, and one of my biggest criticisms of modern fantasy shows is that they're too dark. I love the colors and vibrancy, and I'm sure it will get dark when it needs to like in Shadar Logoth.
  9. If you pause a youtube video you can use the , (comma) and . (period) keys to advance/rewind frame-by-frame.
  10. Gosh, that game brings me back lol. I vividly remember the opening CG sequence. The Tower in the show looks significantly different from what I had in my head, but I really like their take on it. I was pretty impressed with all the shots of Tar Valon actually.
  11. I'm pretty happy with that! The fade was an excellent rendition with a properly frightening design, my favorite part. I also really liked their take on Mashadar, doing it with creeping shadows instead of luminescent fog is a different idea but it worked for me visually, and it's not something I've seen before. I liked the visuals of the power but I wasn't blown away, but I want to see more. Because it's going to be used all the time I think the seemingly subtler approach has merit in the visual medium. I'm really curious about the changes that have been sort of implied by this. It almost looks like Nynaeve will join up with a group of Aes Sedai and Lan to fight Logain's dragonsworn. It's hard to say because everything is obviously cut together from a bunch of different scenes. Egwene swimming through the river was very on the nose, I'm wondering if that's a rite they do when it's time to braid her hair in Emonds Field. If so I like the parallel to the way Saidar is embraced, and how it establishes ritual and custom as a theme. Overall it made me more excited for episode 1, and I'm still feeling good about it.
  12. I think Harldin's list has the range of potential responses pretty well covered 😄 It's a real treat to have an entire professional crew, backed by millions of dollars, create something based on the WoT universe. I never thought I'd see the day. It's one thing to know it's coming and to see some photos and tiny clips, but a trailer makes it a lot more real for me. So today I've been basking in the good feeling that I'm being given something special.
  13. Speaking as someone who was already extremely attached to LotR before the movies came out, I definitely get what you're feeling. But because I've been through that, I know that an adaptation can work out beautifully despite changes. The idea that LotR is "perfect" as a movie adaptation comes from their smashing success and groundbreaking/epic levels of special and practical effects, amazing costume, prop, and set work, and spot-on performances. They are great films. There are actually loads of adaptation changes though. On the topic of character appearances, Frodo was 50 during his journey (the hobbit equivalent of 30-ish). He was a good bit older than his friends. In my head he looked nothing like the rosy-cheeked Elijah Wood that we got in the movies. But in the end it worked, and although Wood's youthful face does now have a place in my head attached to my idea of Frodo, it's not a bad thing despite my initial thoughts, and it hasn't replaced anything, only built on it. I guess my point is that I want to reassure you, we can get a "perfect" adaptation of a story on the level of LotR even with significant changes to character appearances. Because that's exactly what happened with me and LotR.
  14. Amazon's "Invincible" started with 3 episodes and then it was weekly after that. The best guess I can make is that they'll copy that release schedule.
  15. I think they'll rely on a few things to show us inner thoughts. Primarily, the actors will be relied on to show us what their character thinks. But the writers can also add in or modify dialogue to show their thoughts. Saying what they think to someone, or denying what they really think in a way that's obvious to the audience. Some more subtle methods involve cinematography, the way a character is shot can say a lot about them. A really simple and well-known example would be how under lighting makes a character seem more sinister, but that's just the tip of the iceburg. I don't think they'll do actual "vocalized inner thoughts" because that can be a little cheesy. Maybe with Rand and Lews Therin.
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