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  1. First, if LT were a woman, then saidar would be tainted instead of saidin. Secondly, if they want to address the "transitioning" they can do that through Halima.
  2. Zach McGowan played such a bad ass, incredible Captain Vane in Black Sails I could easily see him playing a role somewhere in WoT.
  3. I would like to see how Thom is going to look. Outside of that, I am content to wait for the tv show with what we already have.
  4. I dont remember the exact conversation, but wasnt the person saying that saying when he was younger?
  5. Rafe said there would be a forsaken in s1, but you wouldnt know them as a forsaken unless you knew they were a forsaken. My guess is Ba'alzamon pretending to be the DO. We know it isnt really the DO and just Ishmael, but for viewers who havent read the book, they would probably think he was the DO.
  6. I just finished a re-read. A few weeks ago Amazon had a sell on the first 5 books, so I went ahead and bought them on Kindle and started a re-read.
  7. I thought the whole dual time lines for Witcher to be unnecessary confusion. It was around the 3rd episode when I realized what was going on with the timeline. I can understand using it for the right reasons, I could give examples but that would be huge spoilers for the examples, but for Witcher, they should have had the "18 years ago" caption.
  8. Fairy tales are mostly G rated and there are some pretty dark themes. It is how it is presented, not so much the content itself. The way it was presented in WoT was more teenage friendly, if you want to call it YA, then maybe so. I will say this, the relationships are about as YA as it gets. I am very glad to see the "kids" aged up and the relationships more mature. The Egwene relationship was just silly. At their age, they would have already been married or definitely having a physical relationships.. What else is there to do for teenagers in a small village?
  9. Yeah I have seen people talk about the "lighting" as well. Maybe I am just not seeing what they are seeing, but the trolloc attack on Emonds Field certainly wasnt bright and looked pretty gritty, Shadar Logoth was gritty during the dark scenes, Logain dark and gritty, etc.. In LoTR, the Shire scenes were all bright and colorful as well.
  10. The ridiculously bad sex scenes was the worst thing about GoT. If sex scenes are something you look for in a tv show, I think something is wrong with you. Especially in the internet age. All the porn you could possibly want is already at your finger tips.. why does it have to be in a tv show that actually has CONTENT that people should want to see. Just think... if GoT had cut out all those crap sex scenes and filled it with content instead... would things have been so rushed at the end? You know how to completely ruin girl on girl sex? Have creepy ass Littlefinger reciting a monologue during it.. GoT had the worst sex scenes of any show I have ever watched.
  11. Maybe you should do a re-read. At some point, after being starved, pressured, coerced, he physically grabbed her and told her that was enough... She put her knife to his throat, told him to take his hands off of her, told him I didnt want to do it this way but you leave me no choice, forced him back to the bed with a knife at his throat, cut his clothes off and later, after she was finished with him, planted her knife in his headboard as a reminder of who was in charge. You have to be kidding with the he could have stopped her.
  12. In the books, I always found it very interesting to see Rand through other's eyes. When you are reading the Rand chapters through his POV it is easy to forget just how scary he is to everyone else. That is one of the reasons I like that Morainne is going to be a main character. One, it makes "who is the dragon" more of a question and possibly a bigger reveal than the books, but also I want to see Rand transform through different eyes. If you saw the close up of Logain's face when he is channeling, crisscrossed with tendrils, or however to describe it, it looks pretty menacing. Book 2, when Rand is on his own, channeling, killing farm dogs and slicing the heads off women, that can be pretty damned epic in a tv show.
  13. I am pretty sure the term "weathered" was used at least once in the description in the books. Something that always stuck out to me was his piercing blue eyes, his stare, and then later on the chilling blue eyes after the bond was severed. BUT, I thought he was better in the trailer then I was expecting so all in all I am not too bothered by the casting choice.
  14. That is what I think. Logain blasts out of the cage, kills the Aes Sedai. Morrainne and friends recapture him, while held in a shield and flows of air.. the enraged warder rushes for the kill, all else be damned.
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