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  1. One of the reasons I would suspect you do not find the middle books boring is because there is no wait. Not only do you not have to wait for the current book, but then you do not have to wait on the next book. That really changes things. When you wait a few years to read the next book, then that book has very few chapters of your favorite(s) character(s), then you have to wait another 3 years before the next one, you can easily get frustrated. Either way, people can say whatever they want, but I do believe Jordan was one of the best writers of all time. The Shadows Rising was one of the greate
  2. It has been a long time since I read this so I could be wrong, but I do believe Verin pretends to be the one to use the stones. She calls Rand up like she is talking to him and asking some advise or something, but she plays it off like she is the one using the portal stones. As far as Mat, at this point he is basically messed up bad due to the dagger and is saying things he should NOT be saying, but I don't think anyone actually overheard him say it.
  3. I am a firm believer in the Golden Rule. If people treated Cadsuane the way she treated other people she would go full out postal. I do like Cadsuane, but she runs roughshod over everyone.
  4. We saw this play out and Perrin thoroughly abused Egwene in TAR. He had an understanding of TAR that she was nowhere close to, and this is not Egwene bashing. I actually like Egwene, she is my favorite female character I do believe.
  5. I loved that little short story but didn't think much more about it after reading it. Recently when I started reading Neuxue's live blog she pointed out the similarities and once she did it became pretty obvious to me. http://neuxue.tumblr.com/WoT-liveblog This has been a complete joy to read for me. I was considering a WoT re-read when I came across this live-blog and I have enjoyed every word of it.
  6. I say Egwene would win in a straight fight, but Nynaeve would win with anything and everything else.
  7. The last couple of books on several occassion Rand threatened people by saying something like "If I were to will it to happen (stopping Cadsuane's heart) do you think it will happen?" Rand learned that in some ways he could absolutely manipulate the pattern itself. He didnt need the one power or the true power, he could will something to happen. When he visited the White Tower and was shielded by thirteen Aes Sedai, he knew he didn't need the power to achieve whatever he might need. He could bend the power to suit his needs. In essence if lighting a pipe was what he needed, he could will the
  8. I'm currently reading four books. Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I fell in love with the Starz television show and then the books. I'm reading them in chronological order and currently on the Lord John Grey spinoff series. Harry Potter by JK Rowling. It's been about ten years since I read the books and a friend and I are planning on going to Orlando to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter sometime next year. Currently on book 6. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. A friend recommended it to me and I'm still on the first book. And WOT. I tend to do most o
  9. As far as reading goes, Elayne and Gwayne were always terrible chapters for me. I tended to skim more than read anytime either of those two were the PoV character.
  10. Without patting myself on the back too much, I was a poster on WoTmania who laid out, how it could not have been anyone else, right after the book came out. I didn't have many of those moments, but that was definitely one of them. Seemed pretty obvious to me.
  11. The Shadows Rising is my favorite fantasy book ever. When you finish that your character list might change some.
  12. Yep, even though I finished the series right after AMOL first came out, I still find myself sad from time to time that it is over. I am sure there should be a new form of depression ASED.. After Series End Depression.
  13. Mat is easily my favorite character of the series. Not the early Mat, but without giving any real spoilers, once changes start to take place.
  14. The Shadows Rising is the best book I have ever read, by any writer or any genre. It is going to blow you away.
  15. It wasn't Perrin or Faile's fault they had such a terrible story line for so long. In Shadows Rising, they were both fantastic. In the last 3 books, once again I liked them. Elayne was always kinda tough for me, even her moments was generally her doing something pretty stupid.
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