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1-Shot Summer Vacation Mafia Game Thread [Standard-ish]


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1 Shot Summer Vacation Mafia




Everyone wants to have a getaway during summer -- whether it's sitting on a beach, hiking in the mountains, or riding roller coasters at Disney.  But, will real life let you?!? Time to find out.



What you need to know:


This is a [relatively] standard game.  We think it's balanced, but play at your own risk :baalzamon::smile:.


For this game EVERYONE will have a 1-shot power. This means you will be able to use your ability one time during the game, after that you will be vanilla/goon. You will be able to choose when in the game you use your power. 


Mafia will still retain the ability to kill at night through the entire game as that mechanic is separate.    
By signing up you promise to behave in a sportsmanlike manner (aka we are just playing a FUN game people ? ), play to your win condition, and abide by the rulings of the game mods (myself and @keyholder21 ) and/or DM staff. You also promise to be active at least once every day phase.  If you have to miss, please let us know.  Otherwise, we will hunt for a replacement.


This is a hybrid hammer game. Day phase deadlines will be set at approximately 36 hours (with an extended D1 to allow people to check in) so our non-US friends have the opportunity to have a DL that works for them too. If no hammer is reached before deadline the player with the most votes will be lynched.  Ties will be randomized between the tied players.  No lynch is an option if you choose to go that route. Self-voting is also allowed if you truly feel it is necessary.


Night phases will be approximately 24 hours. Sometimes Hallia or I may need extra time to write scenes and do miscellaneous mod things, but we will do our best to be attentive moderators. As per DM custom, the thread will be open at night. Participation is not required at night, however.


Voting:  Please bold your vote; coloring it is preferred if you can.  We won't require anything else, but make sure you include the word VOTE in there.  Otherwise it doesn't count.
You may character claim or role claim or whatever you wish.  Mafia will be given fake claims. Please do not directly quote or screenshot any off-thread communication with the mods.  You may paraphrase whatever we tell you unless you are told not to reveal the information.


Please do not talk about this game outside the game thread and/or any QT or PM threads you are given. 

If there are any questions about specifics of the rules that you would like clarified, please ask!


Edited by keyholder21
Editing out the "do not post until" since the game is now open.
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