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  1. Not me honey, the games have fizzled before even starting to play. The last four games I signed up for never happen.
  2. Dude, literally last games I signed up for have died in sign ups. Starting to think its me. OK, for you old friend I will stay in the sign up list and keep this one from starting too.
  3. This is all you man. I get it, I really do. Have fun.
  4. Good point. Halia I’m going to have to withdraw from this game. Thank you.
  5. One time I signed up for teh mafia and so did my friends and then we played. Think we played. Was anyone else there?
  6. One time I signed up for mafia and then they sent me a Pm and then,. ummm, hmmm, been awhile. IN!
  7. So we have mafia eventually at some point probably?
  8. I like to mafia with a side of bacon please. Thank you
  9. Sorry to hear that man. Condolences and blessings to mom and your family man. Sorry for your loss.
  10. Nice, I loved this theme for like a couple years. Ever since I saw the poster.
  11. It’s the NFL draft weekends, too busy hating myself for being a Jets fan. Monday is peachy
  12. Not sure why, but I've always been accused of pushing and shoving in that scenario.
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