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  1. Not sure why, but I've always been accused of pushing and shoving in that scenario.
  2. As long as the phases are catered I’m cool.
  3. It’s me Kaylee, the guy that thinks moderation is nothing less than surrendering your soul.
  4. Hey guys. Looks like this is going to take awhile. Can someone who has a screen name at JN hit me up when it fills and starts? I don't wanna miss this one. Thanks.
  5. omg,, come play this fast food mafia with me like for real.
  6. I found that about five years ago and always wanted to do an alt game based on it. Would love to play this game. In
  7. This isn't true. As of late at JN Ive been playing scum out in front. I haven;t played here in a very long time so I will let it go this time.
  8. Pretty solid scum reasoning. I got a better idea. Lets kill someone that may actually be scum. Like you.
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