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  1. Dice has done nothing that’s correct. Except his weird early reveal. His hydra partner seem like scum early then Disappeared. vote Lac
  2. Are you saying that because we are still down a player? Are we still down a player?
  3. Honestly I didn’t even realized you died and cane back. It’s not you it’s me. Liizard Queen is dead and we are alright.
  4. Got a minute or two at my desk. I have Zander as pretty much town or he deserves to win. Im having a hard time convincing myself his antics are anything but sincere. Yet, I haven't played with him as scum in eons so not much to compare to, but if he is scum they may God have mercy on our souls. Dice hasn't swayed me as town but the timing on his reveal would be pretty odd for scum. yet, Lav who I expected earlier has since dssappeared and at one time got votes. I originally didn't remember them as a hydra. I need to look to see if his reveal corresponded with the touch of pressure she got. Need to check that.
  5. Just to let you guys know. Today myself and the enchanting Mrs Crusher celebrate 24 years of marriage with our 5 kids. I work in the morning and will catch up tomorrow afternoon.
  6. I’m sitting in a suite waiting to do a sleep study. Haha. I’ll catch up tomorrow.
  7. To be honest she is just toying with us. That doesn't help find scum. Not sure what she is doing but I think killing her is the remedy.
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