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Brownie Quest - Round 3 (White Tower Edition)

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Gameplay and Rules:


1.Each round teams will have three choices to pick from in a Choose Your Own Adventure format. One leads to safety, one leads to a challenge of skill or luck, and one leads to sudden death.

2. If your team chooses an option ending in death, or fails a challenge, one of your teams members will face a horrible death at random. Teams receive points as a whole so even if you die your team can still win.

3. During the week each round will last 24 hours which will double to 48 hours during weekends. If all teams make a choice the round will end early.

4. Only one team can win, but all teams can accrue points.

5. You are free to talk about the options and teams can choose the same options as one another. How you interact is totally up to you, but once again, only one team can win.




Tainted Tricksters:

Nikon -Captain


Kari Deceased



Brownie Bites:

Eldrick Deceased

Lily - Captain




Team XForce

Dice -Captain

Chae Deceased

Shadar Alantin



The Lightning Slingers


Katiora - Captain



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The Lightning Slingers made their way out of the forest. They had traversed the forest trail without incident so they decided to take a rest once outside. Soon after they were joined by the Tainted Tricksters, having successfully landed on the opposite shore of the lake and followed the path leading away from it. Each team shared small talk and gibes about their journey so far. There was an air of joy around them. They’d each made it through without any damage.


Finally Team XForce and the Brownie Bites descended the mountains. A very different air surrounded these teams. They had both faced losses on the tough terrain, each losing an esteemed member of their group. Each team said their own quiet words for the dead and then made their way to join the other groups which had converged on a grassy knoll.



All gazed forward to the White Tower peeking into the distance. This would be their next destination. The teams continued on the paths finally reaching the ivory Tower inside of Tar Valon.



As they reached the base of the Tower each team announced themselves. They requested an audience with the Amyrlin, intending to request leave to travel past these lands.

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Wassup, Chills?


Eerrr I mean to say ... Elgee looks around frantically then mutters to herself, "Where's the Keeper to announce me? Eishh ..."


She pulls herself together, blowing an errant strand of hair out of her eyes. Finally managing to achieve something which could possibly pass for an Amyrlinny look (if you squint, and left your glasses at hom) she nods to the crowd.


After staring at them blankly for about five minutes, she remembers that the Keeper is not there to do the whole "there come the flaming bitc She Comes She Comes the Flame of Tar Valon blah blah fish paste" spiel. A bit at non-plus since the Keeper isn't there to prod guide her, she eventually mutters:


Good day, Children. Hmm. Uhm. You wish to bring me Kaf?

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*Kat curtsies before Mother then looks around worried* Darn it... I forgot the Kaf... DANG IT! I knew I was forgetting something..... 







Anyone else bring some?? 

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*creates a small Gateway to home and picks up the cup of kaf left at home as it falls through the Gateway*


Androl taught me some tricks...


*hands the kaf to Elgee*


Here you go.


Nice tower by the way. Might have any chance of rivalling ours if not for the fact that black, not being a mix, is so much more beautiful than the white that is a mix of everything.


You'd start wondering why many consider white to be "pure"...

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Why thank you, Leyrann and Trash! This is very good Kaf indeed. I do admire your skill with Gateways, Leyrann - they won't let me make those anymore unless a large field has been cleared. A small matter of an Initiate getting in the way when I wasn't looking. The Yellows managed to reattach his foot, once the Warders had found it. No biggy, for realz. Aaaanyhooo ...


Oh ... you also brought me something, Dice? Why ... errrr ... thank you. Holding a lace handkerchief to her nose, Elgee gingerly accepts the "brew" from Dice, holding it with two fingers, as far away from herself as possible. I'm sure ... someone ... will appreciate this.


Hmmm ... Elgee peers over her glasses at Kari. Why is that novice not in proper whites?

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The teams of adventurers were very pleased at the hospitality of the White Tower and Amyrlin. Some had brought gifts, requesting passage to the north and east of Tar Valon.


After initial courtesies the Amyrlin welcomed all of our travelers inside to rest for the night in one of the visitors’ rooms. As the hour grew late each team siphoned off into the adjoining rooms to call it a night. They all looked forward to a nice quiet night…


A few hours from dawn a quiet rumbling came across the floor. Some stirred, but no one was expecting trouble here of all places. Suddenly the floor beneath the rooms holding the teams collapsed, depositing them into a basement room.


It was much too high to climb back out, and with all the rubble cries for help may well have gone unanswered. So bleary eyed the teams looked around and saw they had a choice to make. They couldn't stay here in case of further collapse, so they needed to choose between three rooms before them.




One appeared to be perfectly white, much like the base of the Tower itself.




One was dark and shadowed, making it impossible to see beyond the doorway.




And the third seemed to be glowing a deep red color.


You have 48 hours to choose which room to enter: White, Black, or Red.


Please post your choice in Blue.


Choose wisely...

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Team XForce was the first to act. Things hadn't turned out so well on the mountain but this time they were confident they would see it through. Captain Dice on instinct chose the Red Room for his team. They left for that route in a brisk walk, not looking back.


The Lightning Slingers soon followed. They had enjoyed the journey thus far, things going very well. They were confident they would see this round unscathed.


Once they were all in a hidden door closed sealing them in. Slowly a figure appeared out of a corner, seeming to materialize in front of them. It had an unnatural look to it, and they soon saw why as it cast its Eyeless gaze upon them.




“You...You aren't supposed to be here…” it said, voice grating and reminding them of a snake. “If they discover my pressssence...no I cannot allow that. You mussssst die.” The creature drew a sword of deep obsidian and raised it over its head.


“Yet perhapssss…” it paused. “Perhapssss you can ssstill ssserve a purpossse.” If you anssswer me thisss I will let you leave here alive.”

In darkness has he plunged

Mists around he spun

Spreads sickness with his blade

On his mantle death waits


Who am I?


Teams XForce and The Lightning Slingers have 48 hours to solve.

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The Brownie Bites were the next in action. They chose not to go to the red room as the two teams before, instead choosing the black room. They had decided they weren't afraid of the dark. Despite the loss they took on the mountain they were here to finish this quest.


They crowded in the room then turned hearing the sound of the door sliding shut behind them. They couldn't see anything through the pitch black. Some of the team began to murmur. Captain Lily began fumbling around seeing if there was anything of use, then felt a switch.




The room slowly began to fill with light from a lamp that had blended into the shadows. They could now see a previously hidden door that led safely out of the basement.

The Brownie Bites have survived Round 3 with no casualties.

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The Tainted Tricksters were the last left in the room filled with rubble. Just after the others chose rooms so too did they. The white room seemed the best choice. It was a bit bright but at least they'd be able to see clearly. They walked in just as the door slid shut behind them.


The room was filled with all kinds of angreals and ter'angreals. Beautiful artifacts everywhere. They were truly in awe of their surroundings.

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Egee was rudely awakened by the sound of loud farting. It took her a while to realise that this was not due to one of her errant Warders having returned, but rather one of her Wards being triggered. The one to the special Ter'Angreal and Angreal room, no less. Everyone knew that entering that room without either the Amyrlin (herself, of course) or the Keeper first removing the Ward was A Very Big NoNo. Dire Consequence NoNo. Not to mention waking her up out of a perfectly lovely dream about Kaf.


She crawled out of her four poster bed (not as easy as one might think - the flaming thing was eight feet wide) and slipped her feet into her favourite slippers (Red, of course). Her lovely soft dressing gown (midnight blue) was ignored in favour of her sneaking-around-the-Tower-at-night-to-scare-the-hairy-bejeezers-out-of-naughty-novices dressing gown. The one made from Trolloc skin. She'd caught it herself, for research purposes, but unfortunately it couldn't be potty trained. The skull was still attached, and left purple bruises on her backside if she stopped too suddenly. 


Since it was cold, she decided to Travel straight to the room in question. As she stepped out of her Gateway, she had a perfect view of someone trying to dart out of sight.


You! I flaming knew you were up to no good, when I saw you this morning! I should have called Kaylee right away, but all that Kaf distracted me. It would have gone better for you if it hadn't.


Elgee sighed sadly. Something like this was never pleasant, but as they saying went, you can't play with the big dogs and piddle like a puppy. She'd just have to put on her big girl panties.


Her face stern, she formed the dreaded Weave, then slammed it home.


There can be only one punishment for your crimes, she told the crumbling figure before her. For running away from the White Tower, then sneaking back in to steal dangerous Angreal and Ter'Angreal, you have been Stilled. Should you survive that, you will be sent to the Farm to live out your days.


Bowing her head, Elgee mourned for the girl who was surely dead, whether her body acknowledged the fact yet or not

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