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  1. If you're after something kind of sweet, as a kid we often had lettuce leaves with sugar rolled up inside - not especially healthy, but really yummy! Ya, it's good. We have an odd abundance of great Asian restaurants here considering how few people live in this town. Yesterday we had some really great cold sesame noodles with the sushi which reminded me how they should taste for next time I make them. Asian restaurants seem to pop up everywhere, which is nice.
  2. Have fun and all the best! I'm curious to hear what it's like, since I'm coming to the end of my first year at uni/college here in NZ. It'd be cool to compare our experiences.
  3. Oooh nice, green tea ice cream is so good! I love living in the city now and being able to try all sorts of Asian food - have you ever tried taiyaki?
  4. Kari - novice. If it's on, I might watch it, depending on what it is - did anyone else see the male gymnast's leg on Facebook??
  5. *Kari simply gawps, her mouth wide open like a country bumpkin's.*
  6. About to hit eighteen. O.o

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