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  1. If you're after something kind of sweet, as a kid we often had lettuce leaves with sugar rolled up inside - not especially healthy, but really yummy! Ya, it's good. We have an odd abundance of great Asian restaurants here considering how few people live in this town. Yesterday we had some really great cold sesame noodles with the sushi which reminded me how they should taste for next time I make them. Asian restaurants seem to pop up everywhere, which is nice.
  2. Oooh nice, green tea ice cream is so good! I love living in the city now and being able to try all sorts of Asian food - have you ever tried taiyaki?
  3. About to hit eighteen. O.o

  4. *Ambles in* Greetings, my friends. How goes it? *Sinks into chair with mug of tea and pulls out a very battered version of AMoL*
  5. 13 days left.... and BTS is back.

  6. What about the Ranger's Apprentice Series by John Flanagan, or the Hood Series by Stephen Lawhead?
  7. Gabby


    Heya :) I'm kari, and I've been on Dm for about a year. DO you have any questions about anything? And armoured fighter? Really?
  8. Gabby


    This is my pet rock :)
  9. Happy Birthday DM!!! Enjoy being 14. :)
  10. 1. Nynaeve and Lan 2. mat and Tuon 3. Moiraine and Thom
  11. Wlcome. :) Wow, Iceland! Is it very cold there?
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