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  1. Have fun and all the best! I'm curious to hear what it's like, since I'm coming to the end of my first year at uni/college here in NZ. It'd be cool to compare our experiences.
  2. About to hit eighteen. O.o

  3. That's really interesting! I'm from New Zealand, so we get a lot of stick from people outside of our tiny patch of land. If anyone's interested, here's a post on kiwi slang: http://www.brenontheroad.com/travellers-guide-new-zealand-slang/
  4. *Ambles in* Greetings, my friends. How goes it? *Sinks into chair with mug of tea and pulls out a very battered version of AMoL*
  5. 13 days left.... and BTS is back.

  6. Heya :) I'm kari, and I've been on Dm for about a year. DO you have any questions about anything? And armoured fighter? Really?
  7. Gabby


    This is my pet rock :)
  8. Gabby


    From the album: LOLA!!!

  9. Happy Birthday DM!!! Enjoy being 14. :)
  10. 1. Nynaeve and Lan 2. mat and Tuon 3. Moiraine and Thom
  11. Wlcome. :) Wow, Iceland! Is it very cold there?
  12. Hey. Have you read the next two books? Book 4 comes out either this month or next.... Movie sucked!!!!!
  13. Bulyah!!!!! I'm so jealous..... :P Look forward to reading it....
  14. That's good. I just have to bake one first!!!!

  15. What??!!!

    Don't worry, I'll find you one...

  16. Have you had a cupcake lately????

  17. hehehe.. nice. Bet you've been worried.. Anyway, just started reading your blog and am finding it very similar to my life, except I'm at Primary school and I don't even know what boomball is...
  18. Hehehe... but isn't he a big boy now? Wait!- I shouldn't be saying this stuff! He's still my baby.... *sniff*

  19. Life is pretty good... not looking forward to going back to school week after next - primary school is so boring!!!!!

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