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  1. I'd say that we the readers know exactly what the Dark One's plan is - to destroy everything. I'd also say it's also fairly clear that the only Forsaken who knows that is Ishamael/Moridin. We have things from Semirhage, Demandred, Sammael, not to mention multitudinous Darkfriends, that show they believe they are promised immortality and rulership. Moridin plays a different game entirely, which is why he seems insane at times even to his "allies." And he nearly won. We need to not forget that. Rand was seconds away from ending the cycle, or so it appears to me. I posited in a differen
  2. Given that Moridin is the only one who seems to really know what it is that the Dark One wants to do, I think if it becomes widely known to the Forsaken that he really wants to destroy reality, almost any of the Forsaken could be a candidate to turn back to the Light. They want power and immortality, not eternal annihilation. That said, I think it likely that only one at most turns back and I won't be surprised if none do. It's hard to unlearn the desire something you've wanted for decades at the least. I go back and forth between Demandred and Moghedien personally.
  3. These two. The Two Rivers or other backcountry places aren't going to know that. All we know of Androl's past is that he's been around for a while, he's one heck of a leatherworker, he's been nearly everywhere, he was likely involved in a brief rebellion and he probably had male channelers in the family. Probably a couple of other bits I don't recall off the top of my head but you get the picture. All of the major cities have some idea what Aes Sedai are like (some more slanted and/or off base than others), and the only places we see them held in reverence are along the Blight. Ergo, u
  4. probably because forkroot isn't a poison, per se. The normal populace doesn't even notice it, it's like mint tea. And it doesn't "harm" a channeler - that is, it doesn't do permanent damage to a channeler, just puts them out for a while, and after they wake up and have a few hours to recover, they are just fine. Almost like it's a kind of channeler specific alcohol or something.
  5. I think it's a bit far fetched to say he personally should have done all of it, Tglems. He's got a lot else to do. I think it's a pretty sizable plot hole that he didn't do a few important ones, though.
  6. The Dark One is Olver, and the WoT is really a gigantic Snakes and Foxes board!
  7. we don't know if she connected the dots or not because we never see her thoughts on the matter, though if pressed I probably would agree that she eventually figured it out. And I know Gitara likely would not tell an Accepted, which is why I threw in there that the Amyrlin of the time might have told them since they knew of the Dragon's rebirth and were going to be working toward finding him. I'm thinking through these things as I write, can you tell? :D In retrospect, I kinda chalk up neither Fain nor Moiraine knowing almost immediately that Rand was their guy to an early bookism. Lan a
  8. Point taken about Luc and Moiraine knowing or having the possibility of knowing. I hadn't given either much thought. Though, I doubt Moiraine knew Tigraine well enough to see her features in Rand as clearly as the Aiel and the Caemlyn folk who knew Tigraine better did. Part of me wants to argue that when Tigraine disappeared, Moiraine probably put her out of her mind...UNLESS and it's a big one, unless Gitara told her (or the Amyrlin at the time and that Amyrlin then told Siuan and Moiraine since they witnessed Gitara's last foretelling) what her foretelling to Tigraine was. If you know that
  9. yeah; though apparently Rand and Luc/Isam are the only ones who actually know that Rand's mom was Tigraine. The Aiel don't know who she was in the wetlands, no one in the wetlands knew where she went, and Rand didn't tell anyone as far as we know. Of course, that leaves open to question how Luc found out.
  10. As Mat said nothing about the angreal in his bargaining, as they let them leave with her without attempting to take it from them, I think they saw it as Moiraine's, confusing wording aside.
  11. yeah, I read it as a plot error and not character error, herid. For Aes Sedai like Moiraine, I always thought that she viewed the Warder bond as a partnership with unequal ownership stakes - that is, they work together but she has the deciding vote, though on occasion Lan does manage to overrule her. For those like Merise, who seems to be training personal servants, I have a harder time dealing with it. It was encouraging to me to see that she was dithering on how to handle Jahar, who has not given in to her tight control like the others. It is to be hoped that once the problems between
  12. best guess for me is that Egwene doesn't know. AFAIK, no one has told her; at least no one has done so on screen. The Wise Ones know but they don't spread it about; they've become somewhat reticent about sharing information with Egwene since she left the Aiel tents. Obviously Alanna isn't going to tell anyone and Verin is dead without telling Egwene about it. Cadsuane and Egwene haven't met yet and the only encounter we see of anyone currently in Cadsuane's group of flunky AS with anyone of the Tower or Salidar is when Merise shows up in the Salidar camp with Jahar and his proposal re: bon
  13. From what I can recall, I think when we see people ducking and weaving to avoid something, we are seeing them avoiding secondary effects. Things like the lightning, earthquakes, storms, are all secondary effects that seem to originate along the weave and then flow in the aimed direction - or, they are weaves that are completed and then "thrown" to use a baseball term, like Cyndane's fireball tossed at Alivia during the cleansing, or balefire, which originates at the channeler's hands and flows in the pointed direction. They are vectors then, with direction and magnitude. Anything with a vec
  14. I don't have one particular plot point that got on my nerves. My complaint was more general. That moment in POD at which it became painfully and crystal clear to me that RJ had no idea how to get from where he was to where he was going. I held out hope through COS. After POD, I went on hiatus for a while, because I knew I'd be lucky if I got the end of the story within a decade. I was only short by four years and change. :P I remember thinking "I've put up with eight years of arms crossing under breasts and looking down noses and general 'the other sex is stupid and not to be trusted' for
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