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  1. So I posted a while back that I was going to try to make a bookshelf with WoT stuff on it with a shelf I bought, but that went preeeeetty bad. Luckily my wife is awesome and had this custom made for me for Christmas:
  2. @Sabio actually just finished my reread and yeah I remembered that scene a little differently I think based on how the battle went though, with Lan holding his own despite being clearly exhausted, I think he would have won if the footing was even.
  3. I mean just in general we know there are different ways to do the same thing even among AS, and we've seen that other groups of Channelers differ as well.
  4. Heal The Office (US version, right?) Hurt Big Bang Theory
  5. I will heal Arrested Development (with a caveat of the original, not Netflix reboot lol) Annnnd kill 30 rock
  6. @Niniel Not yet, going to do that some time next year
  7. Heal Brooklyn Nine-Nine (watching this now, pretty darn good show). Hurt Veep
  8. Thanks! It's super nice not to have to worry about having everything in order for a wedding anymore lol Still busy at work, but so much less busy otherwise now
  9. I don't know several either... I will heal The Office and hurt Transparent since I don't know what that one is lol
  10. I agree Gawyn should definitely be higher as he is shown to be exceptional and beat others like Sleeve as mentioned. We also know that Galad is objectively better than Gawyn (stated many times) and also that Valda is objectively better than Galad (Galad admits this and really only wins because he feigns sluggishness and Valda was over confident). Even though Galad kills him, Valda is the objectively better fighter, but that doesn't always mean surviving (aka the story of Jearom looked at as the best ever killed by a farmer). I also honestly think Demandred should be a bit lower, and since he's the best of the Forsaken, them by extension. In his fight he has to use the OP to distract his foes before he even gets to the best, and then Lan pretty much annihilates him instantly. We've also seen Lan get beat, but several of those who beat him are dead, so that makes it hard (plus he's probably better than he was in New Spring).
  11. I mean I think the bigger thing is Mat has to go, he's the whole reason they survive and find Moirane, with his luck, and also he's the one that makes the bargain to get her back, as was prophesied. The other details come from her visions of the possible future in Rhuidean where she saw other combinations fail.
  12. I'm still annoyed years later about the lack of explantation here, and will not concede to the explanation that this has nothing to do with the Sharan prophecy if someone who can Channel without weaves. The official answer that Demandred using the TP was what it is about does not make any sense to me, and I maintain he purposely faked fulfilling the prophecy to get a huge army, and was not who the prophecy was meant for. Why would the Sharan's be the only people with no prophecies of Rand? Anyway to get a bit more back on topic, I agree that it is essentially Rand having become something more and no longer needing to weave, but have an unprecedented control of the Power.
  13. So I'd been meaning to reply to this one but have been away a bit. There's no question that Mat's POVs are written differently, but most things are not as different as people seem to think. The illiteracy is a big thing I didn't like, and that was definitely not something written correctly, but a lot of the 'rogue' stuff is fair, just different. Mat is absolutely a 'rogueish character' and we are told that all throughout the series, the difference is Mat does not seem to realize he is this way. We hear from characters throughout that talk about this, and hell there's the big reoccurring joke about him 'not understanding where Olver get's it from' when it's obviously from Mat. RJ always wrote Mat with a lot more subtlety and left it to other characters to point out what he was actually doing, whereas BS stated it a lot more bluntly, and sometimes overstated it. We know how Mat was acting all throughout Ebou Dar, and it's not that different from how he acts in the last three books. It also makes sense for his character to regress a little, because he's coming to grips with being married (last thing he ever thought would happen) and he's determined to not let it change him, which in turn has him regressing to a but of a more immature state. While I do concede it's overstated at points, and his POVs are definitely written differently, it's not like the character just up and changed drastically, we just actually see it happening a lot clearer.
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