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  1. @Sabio actually just finished my reread and yeah I remembered that scene a little differently I think based on how the battle went though, with Lan holding his own despite being clearly exhausted, I think he would have won if the footing was even.
  2. I mean just in general we know there are different ways to do the same thing even among AS, and we've seen that other groups of Channelers differ as well.
  3. I agree Gawyn should definitely be higher as he is shown to be exceptional and beat others like Sleeve as mentioned. We also know that Galad is objectively better than Gawyn (stated many times) and also that Valda is objectively better than Galad (Galad admits this and really only wins because he feigns sluggishness and Valda was over confident). Even though Galad kills him, Valda is the objectively better fighter, but that doesn't always mean surviving (aka the story of Jearom looked at as the best ever killed by a farmer). I also honestly think Demandred should be a b
  4. I mean I think the bigger thing is Mat has to go, he's the whole reason they survive and find Moirane, with his luck, and also he's the one that makes the bargain to get her back, as was prophesied. The other details come from her visions of the possible future in Rhuidean where she saw other combinations fail.
  5. I'm still annoyed years later about the lack of explantation here, and will not concede to the explanation that this has nothing to do with the Sharan prophecy if someone who can Channel without weaves. The official answer that Demandred using the TP was what it is about does not make any sense to me, and I maintain he purposely faked fulfilling the prophecy to get a huge army, and was not who the prophecy was meant for. Why would the Sharan's be the only people with no prophecies of Rand? Anyway to get a bit more back on topic, I agree that it is essentially Rand havi
  6. So I'd been meaning to reply to this one but have been away a bit. There's no question that Mat's POVs are written differently, but most things are not as different as people seem to think. The illiteracy is a big thing I didn't like, and that was definitely not something written correctly, but a lot of the 'rogue' stuff is fair, just different. Mat is absolutely a 'rogueish character' and we are told that all throughout the series, the difference is Mat does not seem to realize he is this way. We hear from characters throughout that talk about this, and hel
  7. So the switch is what was led up to by their minds being linked, which was a side effect of them 'crossing streams' of Balefire. Basically Elan's soul 'dies' and Rand's body 'dies' and Rand's soul is moved to Elan's body. The channeling without touching the weaves I think is kind of him becoming something more, but tbh I'm still mad about that because to me that fulfills the prophecy of the Wyld, but it's canon that Demandred is the Wyld (which I still don't agree with).
  8. I definitely agree Fain seemed wasted at the end, and to be honest I feel like he was originally intended for a larger role, but RJ changed his mind. Early on in the series Fain was like the baddest of the bad, and only continued seeming to get stronger, his whole amalgam with Mordeth especially seemed like it was designed for some big act, but we started hearing from him less and less. I wonder if maybe RJ didn't leave a lot of notes on him and so BS had to just throw something together so he wasn't left out. Once the Forsaken became more prominent I feel like Fain was
  9. So I'm toward the end of KoD in my reread and recently finished the whole Shaido plot, and I can't for the life of me figure out why Galina did what she did. The whole time she is there she is trying to get the Oath Rod 2.0 so she can be released from her Oath to one the Wise Ones, she even mentions that since Morgase can Channel she'll be able to use that. Then she finally gets it, and just decides to leave Faile and Co. for dead and just head for the Tower? Why? What on Earth is the point? It could be speculated that you have to have the same Oath Rod to remove an oat
  10. For the most part in mainland Randland the power of nobles is based on the history of the House and past successes or failures. Powerful Houses can lose that Power (though it's likely much harder for a non powerful House to gain power). Carhien does the stripes I think mostly because the Game of Houses is so big there that everyone wants to express their power and know the power of everyone else at all times. Usually other nobles just know how powerful their House is compared to other Houses in most other places. Clothes play a high part though in it too. Extremely ofte
  11. I think that looking at the Forsaken we can see not everything was really perfect, and I think Solarz really hit the nail on the head with why it was a Utopia. Most of the Forsaken (barring Ishy) followed the Dark One because of selfish reasons, or because they wanted more power. Human nature still existed and with human nature there's a dark side. One thing that sticks out to me about the 'failing' is it's an Aiel who says it, I don't recall AS ever telling the Aiel they failed. It could have just been because they were so dedicated (literally) to serving the AS that t
  12. I think it would be a huge blow overall, but that's why Suroth was trying to cover it up. Tuon is a whole different breed, there's not much that would break her. Most people, especially the Sul'dam would be horrified (and were horrified). I agree it probably would have been a bigger plot point later (and maybe even the end of the Sul'dam and damane as we know them in the future).
  13. I really don't think it was Sanderson that made Perrin the way he was. If you look at his arcs for the most part, he does very little of important for most of the series, and is overall one of (if not the most) useless of the main characters. Rand's conquering Tear. Mat's rescuing Elayne/Nyn. Perrin is... blacksmith...and saving his GF in a dream. Rand's in the Waste getting the Aiel. Mat is getting his battle memories and key to Finnland. Perrin...went home (granted I liked the arc of battling the Trollocs in Two Rivers, but it's not really importan
  14. @solarz it might not make a lot of sense, but that's what AS have traditionally done. Especially in the Salidar arc we consistently get comments from AS (and thoughts in their POVs) that while it's amazing they have so many Novices, they don't like it and feel they shouldn't have to recruit, or change from only taking young girls as Novices. AS would take girls with the spark to the Tower if they came across them, but it's stated way early on in the books that those born with the spark are way less common vs. those that can be taught. Many AS even specifically state they think they should go b
  15. I'm on KoD in my reread now, and yeah it's amazing that I'm still as excited to read WoT as when I first read it.
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