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[Red Ajah] Cultural Exchange Activity


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Hello everyone!


We thought it would be a fun idea to organise a cultural exchange activity in the White Tower.

The idea is that those of us that wish to participate get to send one item to at least one other person in the group that is indicative of their culture.

Now don't be alarmed, this does not need to be big or expensive. Think outside the box. The idea is to exchange information about your culture with other people through a fun activity that takes the online experience in to real life. It's not supposed to make your bankrupt! :biggrin:


Example: A Scottish person may find it a bit expensive to send a kilt to someone. However, it might be much more doable for them to send a small square piece of tartan. The fabric kilts are made of. If you are handy in some way you can even make something yourself. If your item is too big and too complicated, a postcard can be a nice alternative accompanied with some interesting information on the item.


So be creative in your thinking!


Please note: make sure you always check the regulations of the country of your recipient so that your item isn't kept back at the border. For instance, fruits and cheeses can easily be refused at the border due to agricultural security reasons. So do a bit of research if you are unsure about your item and visit the website of the country to make sure your item is approved.


This is the first time we're doing this so I hope this goes well. I'm very excited about this and really hope it works out :smile::happy:








How it will work:


  1. If you want to participate, post here and then send me your address in a PM (don't forget to add your real name and put your address in the format it needs to go on the envelope/package)
  2. Start thinking about and organising your item that you wish to send the moment you decide to join in so that you are ready to send it by 25th August.
  3. Sign-up is open till 23th August. On the 24th I will match everyone with their respective recipients. You are welcome to send to multiple people, but this way no one gets overlooked.
  4. After you receive your item make sure to come back to this thread and let us know. If you can add a picture of the item that would be even more fantastic! It's always a moment of relief for the sender to know their item has arrived.
  5. Please make sure you send your item no later than the last week of August. If you really can't make it by then please inform your recipient when you will send it so they are aware it's coming still.
  6. And please only sign up if you are serious about participating. We don't want anyone sitting and waiting for a gift that's never coming.


Is this clear for everyone? If there are any questions, please feel free to ask!!



*snugglebites the lot of you*


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welcome Ladies! it would be great if you could find/make things that are typical for your local culture. I'm pretty sure each state has it's own cultural diversity so that would make it even more interesting.

I imagine it's the same in other really big countries like India.


But in the end it's whatever makes you comfortable, so long as it represents part of your cultural enheritance. :smile:

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Sure! I think it sounds like fun :). For those of us in the States, sending things out of the country, do you want things state themed, or American themed?

Sure! I think it sounds like fun :). For those of us in the States, sending things out of the country, do you want things state themed, or American themed?

I live in the states. I was thinking along the line of ethnic cultures too. One can be an Italian American for example.


Either way, this is gonna be fun.

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And just as a reminder, think outside the box. What you send can be as simple as a postcard depicting your local culture. Just try to add some interesting about the item you depict. Or try to be creative.

And also, please make sure you put enough stamps on it so your recipient doesn't need to pay custom fees. If it's a package make sure you mark it as a gift.

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I think I can participate. I drive all over my state and the differences within the state itself are profound. Southern Colorado is like New Mexico, Boulder is a posh hippy town and everything east of I25 is farm country. I'll try to get little bits of each place I travel and maybe that will give a better picture of life within the state.

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