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  1. Well, a lot of things fell through the cracks. -_-;; I tried to enroll in the volunteer firefighting certification course but the college didn't have the necessary equipment for me to test gear competency. You (or your host department) had to provide your own. Since I'm not attached to a department, I didn't have the equipment. -_-;; The bakery also fell through and that was a miscommunication from the temp agency. I was under the impression the job would have been held for me as soon as I got to Ohio. That was not the case. -_-;; I found a temporary gig that lasted for a few weeks, and I just enrolled at the community college. The college and I are also seriously talking about hiring me as an English professor as well as working as a tutor in their writing center. 😄 I came to Ohio for lots of reasons. Colorado is super expensive now and I can't keep up with the changing demands. I'm also loosing family, and I wanted to be closer to them for the remaining time that we have. That was a difficult decision to make but ultimately, I feel closer to home than I have in decades.
  2. Oof. Where do I start? I've been staying at an LGBT farm in Colorado and am going to Ohio for the summer. I'm off-and-on in grad school as I can find time and resources, but it's not a priority. Gonna take a firefighting course in Ohio, and I start working in a bakery next week! How's you?
  3. My ideal Warder. We meet on an Atha'an Miere ship. I can't stop staring because uh and then she's like "Aes Seda, I do be in need of your Tar Valon healing way" and I'm blushing so hard my hairpins pop out of my bun and we go below decks and I rub sun screen all over her and *hides in her hat* Later, she says that "it do be that way" and I say "may the do be with you" and then she's like "you're too silly to be left alone, girl" and it's not really so much a comment as it is a command and I'm like "yes, ma'am" and we Bond but folks aren't really sure who's in charge and I kinda like it that way? Anyway, you find the Picrew I used here
  4. That's a terrible joke and I should feel bad. *blushing* The basis of any good relationship is trust, communication, and active listening and those are some of the hardest things to accomplish in any walk of life. Trust requires vulnerability, communication is built on patience, and active listening can be an act of humility and grace, especially if something isn't right between you. After that, kindness and passion. The world is cruel enough in its own and it doesn't need any more help grinding its heel into the necks of our neighbors. Every day is an opportunity to walk a little more gently, and every day is a blessing. I've struggled to become a force of joy and kindness in my life, and I need my friends to understand the importance I place in that calling. You don't have to share the same energy, and maybe even talk me down when I'm smuggling another stray cat into the house, but spontaneous acts of love play a central role in my life. We mustn't work against each other in that regard. Ummm... *trails off*
  5. I have two demands for any Warder. Well, three. Ok, four. One! NUMERO UNO. MUY IMPORTANTE. Don't break the spine on my books. Two! Don't use my good fabric scissors on paper. Three! Don't leave your grody hair in the soap. DO NOT. Four! Change your undies every day! *blows kisses*
  6. Needs moar awful, like full-on Lexx levels of awful . Like it has to be so bad it's good. Give Uwe Boll an eight bajillion dollar budget and have him hire only the _worst_ B-rated fantasy/sci-fi actors. I'll watch it every night and cackle a Baba Yaga cackle into my beer.
  7. It's a gif by https://mayleeillustration.tumblr.com/ Here it is in full blinky blink! I'm definitely the impressively unimpressed witch of the party.
  8. Hello, Mother. I'm sorry about the hamsters. I thought they were - Oh! I'm well! I'm out in the world, having Wren-ventures, it's neat!
  9. Hi, Cross! I'm happy where I'm at and I'm happy just to sit in the margins like a good footnote. 🙂 I saw that there were changes to the org and website structure but I do not currently have access to the forums. My old account still exists but the email attached to it does not, but we don't need to worry about that. I see that you're Head of the Browns. Have they been up to their snoots in beans and mischief?
  10. I'm Wren Sedai, formerly of the Brown Ajah. It's been a minute since I was last here. How are you?
  11. Hi, all! It's the day after Valentine's and the Brown Ajah and Friends are here to supply you with all the gloriously decadent chocolate you can handle. As we have offered this service in the past, we're focusing on a theme: GLUTTONY. I know you like to think you're a well-regulated person of modest taste but we all know the truth. You would swim in chocolate if you had the means. So, get your bad self here pronto and enjoy the choices. Basel Gill, our minister of misadventures, has provided some moving pictures for your eyeballs. Take a gander and let your appetite meander! http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/96675-brown-ajah-chocolate-week-chocolate-videos/ Mrs. Cindy Gill, our cohort of hedonism, has graciously cracked the vaults and given you a sneak peak into her kitchen. Feel free to eat the raw cookie dough. Eat it all. Don't bother washing your hands. http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/96677-brown-ajah-chocolate-week-recipes/ And not only is Mrs. Cindy Gill stuffing you, she's here to help you squander your already diminished time. Life is short and often cruel but why worry when you have chocolate and games? http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/96676-brown-ajah-chocolate-week-hangman/ Finally, as your hostest with the mostest, I'm running a thread filled to the brim with cavity-inducing sweetness. Your heart will race and your blood sugar will soar when you feast your eyes on these vices. If you aren't in a sugar-coma by the time this event has run its woefully short course, you have failed us. http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/96680-brown-ajah-chocolate-week-get-in-my-mouth-immediately/ Nibble and nom your way to nirvana, friends.
  12. It is as though you hold the heart of life in your hand, that which makes life ... live. It is the breathe of the world but it is yet more than that. Threads of Spirit are like glimpses of the Creator's shadow. You turn to look at something which has moved outside your vision only to find nothing was there. It is like the strangeness of deja vu, the sense of being here now in a moment in time already passed. It is the joyous crawling of skin in a moment of ecstatic contemplation and ineffable anticipation. It is like the sound of song within a dream. You know there were words but when you try to recollect them, they slip away. Irretrievable. Haunting. Uncanny. Let me put this way. When a cat looks at something in a room unseen, you're left wondering why this creature is startled. Working with Spirit is like working with the riddle of a cat's gaze.
  13. But. We are forgetting the last element of Spirit. It is perhaps the strangest to work with.
  14. Earth really isn't my strong point. It's more like... getting into a fist fight with a brick wall.
  15. Hiarth waved to the jumpy Mistress-at-Arms from across the courtyard. "Apologies, Miss Heart! We'll try to wake neither the dead nor the hung-over!" Looking at Bloomers and Chaelca, Hiarth shrugged. "She's struggled to keep her nerves around my Channeling after that prank in the dining hall..." Elgee raised an eyebrow. "You mean when you whipped up a stormcloud right over her table?" Hiarth gave Elgee a grim look. "I was only an Accepted. It shouldn't have gone off so well. Erm. I will say no more."
  16. Hiarth woke from a dream with splitting images and a vivid sense of mystery. It was best to contemplate the meaning of these experiences while still fresh in memory. The courtyard had a stonework design that spiraled in on itself and Hiarth found it enlightening to walk the spiral into the center and then out again while following the path as it exploded outwards. In the course of this morning exercise, a tingle went up Hiarthbeorn's spine, indicating the presence of saidar. This was nothing unusual, not in the White Tower. What was unusual, however, was the scent of burning plants. The air reeked of soot and fire and the faint sound of cursing scorched the gentle morning. "That would be Bloomers. I know those words." Hiarthbeorn followed the smoke trail and found Bloomers in the company of Chaelca, a sly Red with no end of mischief to her. Mother also stood nearby. Intrigued, Hiarth approached, sipping from a garish kaf mug. "G'mornin'! I see you lit my prize myristica tree on fire." Bloomers looked away in guilt and mumbled an apology. "No worries. It is only a tree and I am trying to curb my nutmeg consumption, anyway. I may have developed an addiction somewhere along the way." Hiarth reached out and grasped saidin, the male half of the Power. Nostrils flaring and eyebrows furrowed, the Brown struggled to wrestle the stampede of pulsating energy into control, seeking the tenuous strands of elusive Water, always flowing, ever in flux. "I enjoy Water the most. It is the most stubbornly of all the strands. You must approach it with curiosity. If you overpower it, Water will elude you. Be patient, be mindful. Often, I find I have claimed Water without even realizing that it has filled my hands. It has a life of its own, a will. Autonomy." With a flick of two thin wrists, the burning mound was lost in a crashing wave. "Hmm. I may have overdone it."
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