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Happy Birthday Dragonmount!


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We're 15 years old today! Time for my annual "Oh god, I've wasted my life" histrionics. Then again, it can't be that bad. I did met my husband here and some of the best friends I could ever ask for. 


Meanwhile, feel free to post your own DM memories here. 


Tai'shar Dragonmount!

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Damn another I feel old comment. lol


Here's to you Dragonmount! Without which I never would have traveled the world, found my current career nor met my best and most important friends. I can tie all the good things in my life to the books and people from this site. And for that, I am forever grateful.


-Jeff (still feels old)

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Congratulations to all on the birthday/anniversary!  I remember visiting this site a few times in its very early days.  I don't remember too many details about it from back then, but I do remember thinking of it as being the new kid on the block in terms of online Wheel of Time fandom.  Of course it's hard to think of it that way now!  :smile:


I am really just an occasional consumer/participant in the Wheel of Time online world.  But of quite a few WoT sites I have visited, Dragonmount is the best -- no question.  (Of course there are, and have been, some other wonderful WoT sites -- I don't mean to imply otherwise.)

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