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  1. Kassidy, nice choices! And a bunch I still haven't seen yet. I saw Rusted Root about 20 years ago on their debut album when they opened for the Robert Plant / Jimmy Page reunion tour. None of my friends cared about them, but I really dug them. Bought that album later that week too beause of the show.
  2. Misheru and Cloud, you'll love them. They were awesome live. And the song you posted was my favorite of theirs. The crowd went crazy for it (of course Radioactive was the biggest).
  3. Hello there! :) I'd been wanting to see Muse for years when I heard they were coming to town last month. Nobody would go though as it was a weeknight. So, single ticket later I was at the show. One of the best I've seen too! :) For Imagine Dragons, I stood in the rain for 6 hours before they went on and was standing in a mud field up to my ankles. But I was able to sneak up to about row 15 for it. lol And for CruxShadows, I'd seen them being at DragonCon for years but never saw them till the last year. I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Much better of a show than I was expecting being a free show at DCon.
  4. Snugglebites are a Red institution. *nods sagely* Hi I'm Jeff and an old, old member of Dragonmount who has recently decided to start posting a little more again. I joined the site in its first month and realized quickly the Reds was where all the fun was at. They haven't been able to run me off since. I work in the auto insurance field and play board games, go to concerts, and play/participate in any sport I can (currently tennis, softball and running adventure races like Warrior Dash but want to get back into soccer, volleyball and hockey one day too). I've met a few of the older members as I'm a regular at JCon/DCon and I'm sure we've run across each other even if we didn't realize it. ;)
  5. I will listening to a pretty wide variety of music, but generally stick towards Rock and Alternative. I've recently gotten back into going to concerts the past year and a half and have been amazed by the number and quality of the shows I've seen. I've been fortunate in that most of my favorite touring artists, I've had a chance to seen. There's a few big name ones I still want to see just for the production values (in addition to liking some of their music) like Lady Gaga and P!nk. Ones I've seen and loved recently were: * Muse (my favorite band of the last 5 years) * Imagine Dragons (great show in the rain) * Queens of the Stone Age (2nd row, main pit!!) * Cake * Avett Brothers (twice) * Black Keys * Flaming Lips (trippy stage show) * Foo Fighters (favorite rock show and wishing I had seen them a few months earlier when they played 3.5 hours!) * Girl Talk (DJ who mixes rock and rap) * Shinedown * Five Finger Death Punch * CruxShadows I'm fortunate that Atlanta gets a lot of artists in and puts on a few small 1-2 day festivals so I get to see a lot and for not very much either too.
  6. Lets not change the subject here, there are important matters at hand. So undignified reactions... Please. Go on.
  7. So apparently nobody makes him chili during the Cowboy games. That's what you're saying, right?
  8. Jimmy, If Jenn's head is cut off, there's more time for sports and board games. Just saying. lol
  9. A stipend of food and fine wines and spirits. Do you think I am so easily bought?.......don't answer that.
  10. I'm more of a Hero of the Horn. Like a whirlwind I show up to right a wrong (like putting this tyrant away) and then like the wind I am gone again... Or I just forget to login for a few years. One of the two.
  11. Damn another I feel old comment. lol Here's to you Dragonmount! Without which I never would have traveled the world, found my current career nor met my best and most important friends. I can tie all the good things in my life to the books and people from this site. And for that, I am forever grateful. -Jeff (still feels old)
  12. Kathana is an evil monster! She threw me in her dungeons and for months and months she held me there. No excuse of a trial, never telling me what my crimes were. Just locked me away and forgot about me. Then she threw me to the will of the radiantly beautiful Red Ajah sisters and told them to have their way with me. For years and years, lovely Sister after lovely Sister I was at their whim. Finally, and most foolhardy, when I moved down south she sought to make me into a slave of her and Jimmy's household. Fix this, hang that, bring a saw, drive me to this show, it was a horror!!! She doesn't deserve our mercy. She is guilty!
  13. Yeah ditto for me. Got the email, don't want to be purged, but don't have time lately to post much.
  14. > Ask Emperor why he doesn't travel anymore. > Discover the joy of adding alcohol as an ingredient in food. > Reschedule a SeanCon event to a closer location than before. > Force Muirenn to bake cookies. > Prevent a terrible tragedy from never occuring.
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