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  1. Snugglebites are a Red institution. *nods sagely* Hi I'm Jeff and an old, old member of Dragonmount who has recently decided to start posting a little more again. I joined the site in its first month and realized quickly the Reds was where all the fun was at. They haven't been able to run me off since. I work in the auto insurance field and play board games, go to concerts, and play/participate in any sport I can (currently tennis, softball and running adventure races like Warrior Dash but want to get back into soccer, volleyball and hockey one day too). I've met a few of the older members as I'm a regular at JCon/DCon and I'm sure we've run across each other even if we didn't realize it. ;)
  2. Damn another I feel old comment. lol Here's to you Dragonmount! Without which I never would have traveled the world, found my current career nor met my best and most important friends. I can tie all the good things in my life to the books and people from this site. And for that, I am forever grateful. -Jeff (still feels old)
  3. Bill and Ted week. EXCELLENT!! *jams air guitar*
  4. Kathana did. She is totally a darkfriend. *points* Ender
  5. No, the person who looks out after you at the bar. Or, the person who talks to the friends while you talk with the cute one. Either one. Ender
  6. Hey I just "joined" this board and already Empy is saying things about me. Thank god you aren't my wingman! Ender
  7. Egwene, if you are using airmiles or any free frequent flier vouchers, you may want to check early for flights. DragonCon is always during Labor day weekend, and some airlines will block / only have a couple open seats during the weekend. Ender
  8. You should. It's a really good time. You can be like me each year and lurk or you can be like Alin and jump up and down and volunteer for every single panel. Plus there are a ton of cool pictures you can take there. Ender
  9. Hi Laura!! I decided to just take the plunge and rejoin. Though I have no idea what I am supposed / want to do now though. *laughs* Egwene, it depends. I have no idea!! Though I am sworn to secrecy on it. I could tell, but then I would be betraying my oaths as Keeper of whatever didn't happen there. Ender
  10. Of course Snape is Dumbledore's man. Up until the last book the only "evil" thing he did in the series was that he was mean to Harry. So naturally he must be bad. Snape has done things for Dumbledore and for good and I believe he was forced to kill him. The whole book was leading up to that. Besides, these books do try to give lessons in them and if Snape is evil, then the entire point of Snape's journey is that you should trust your initial thoughts of people because that will always be proven true. In my opinion, Snape's character is there for two reasons: 1) To show that just because you didn't like someone at first, it does not mean they are bad. 2) You don't have to like someone to work with them for a cause. Not everyone can be friends, but you can still rely on them when the going gets tough. Ender
  11. Yeah it was, but I defintely proved to everyone that I should not be on trivia panels. I thought my default answers of Mazrim Taim and Red Ajah would get me through, but not in this case. lol Ender
  12. Because there are Reds.... and I am their King. Ender
  13. Like some others, I also recently got a chance to meet some of you at DragonCon so I figured I would register and say hey. hey. Sorry, I'm being a little quiet. I'm still a little overwhelmed by DragonCon. Though I can't wait to go back and hopefully meet up with some new old friends. Ender
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