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  1. My dislikes are Faile, Cadsuane, Elaida. Faile is just intensely annoying. cadsuane..just utterly un-human, and Eladia for nearly destroying the White Tower and her almost genocidal attitude towards the Blue Ajah.
  2. Thanks guys. I'll go and order the Kindle version then.
  3. I know it shows the Kindle version for release on the same day, but is that really correct? As Harriet normally stipulates at least a three month gap between hard cover and Kindle release. I'd rather ave the Kindle version, but I don't fancy waiting for three months extra for it.
  4. When will we see this in print? And will Narg do signings?
  5. 21 years. I started in 1993, I think. And finished it the day after aMoL was released. If I do a complete reread I can do it about 5 or 6 weeks.
  6. Jack Reacher series by Lee Child Jack Ryan series by Tom Clancy - only up the The Bear and the Dragon, after that they became awful Harry Hole series by Jo Nesbø Patrik Hedstrom series by Camilla Läckberg Kurt Wallender series by Henning Mankell Nina Wilder & Eddie Chase series by Andy McDermott
  7. Only just got into this series. It's always been on the burner to read. I am about 60% of the way through book four. I like Fiddler/Strings. Adjunct Tavore. Ugh. Loathe her. Hebeoric "Light Touch" "Ghost Hands" is rather an intriguing character. Still, a long way to go. I know he kills characters off, so liking them too much can be bad for your health.
  8. Wow, Arkadious that is one sweet piece of ink. The artist is very good and has captured Mat rather well.
  9. Favourite character is a toss up between Mat and Thom. Both showed capabilities and strength when needed. Plus Mat made me laugh. For respect, it has to be Tam, he saved Rand as a baby and treated him as his own flesh and blood. There is much that can be said about Tam and what he did.
  10. 1. tSR 2. tEotW 3. tDR 4. tGS 5. tFoH 6. aMoL 7. KoD 8. tGH 9. LoC 10. ToM 11. WH 12. aCoS 13. tPoD 14. CoT
  11. Very good indeed. I had seen the clip previously. But this is so very well done.
  12. Difficult. Certainly the Black Tower ranks up there. The not killing women I don't see as a flaw. it caused problems for him and others. If Aiel women are brought up to fight Rand refusing to let them fight was callous as it goes against their lifestyle. So, for me, it's his refusal to let women fight. that at times seriously annoyed me.
  13. Happy birthday Dragonmount. To truly one of the best sites on the net. Of course the best WoT site.
  14. To be honest, and many have said it, we should be grateful we actually got resolution. Because RJ had said he would destroy everything. Leaving us without an end. Sure, the final three aren't the same. But they are an ending. Which is what we all wanted. For that I am eternally grateful.
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