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  1. Agreed. Need to take care of the hips.
  2. Just Alin to start, although I found a few bios for some other characters I had. Dipping my toes back in so to speak before I expand my character universe. Need to see if I still remember how to write a decent RP.
  3. BWAHAHA, still one of my all-time favorites!
  4. Haha, wow, that's it, thanks for finding it! And it's ooooooold. Tayminst, I'll shoot you a message and see how much of it is salvageable. I have no issue reworking things to fit in to the current system. Matalina, my old mentor LOL I long ago lost track of all your alts, let's be honest hehe. Arie! thanks for the welcome back 🙂
  5. Hello! Haven't RP'd here in probably 10 years but looking to dip my toes back in. I was unable to find my old bio in the Archives and I'm sure it wouldn't work with the new policies but I'd like to bring my Warder out of mothballs. I'll reach out to the Admins to see how I can work him back into the RP. Look forward to meeting and RP'ing with you all. And I noticed some names of folks from ye olden days so it will be nice to hopefully reconnect with you all as well.
  6. Hello all, wonder how many people I remember are still here? It's been a long time, love the new look.
  7. It was good to see that the Aes Sedai had a sense of humor, Alin thought to himself. He valued a person's ability to engage in a bit of good natured give and take. He firmly believed that the relationship between Aes Sedai and Warder should be a professional one but many took that to an extreme. He would be spending, hopefully, the rest of his life with this woman. It would be frightfully boring if he could not find some way to connect with her on a human level. "Seriously though, I know some make a very big deal about this sort of thing but, this isn't my first trip to Tar Valon, if you know what I mean. Still perhaps we could have some drinks at a tavern with some friends and Ajah Sisters if you're up for it?" In truth he considered himself a relatively private person and the thought of a "celebration" made him a tad queasy. Miya Sedai never mentioned a "celebration", just drinks with friends, but in his mind they seemed similar. He knew that it was foolish, especially considering he was once the Master of Arms, but having the focus on him made him decidedly embarrassed. In the end his sense of duty won out over his embarassment. If his Aes Sedai wished to share Her bonding with her friends then he would most certainly accede to her wishes. It wasn't as if she were doing something foolish to put herself in danger or anything. In that case, well, then she'd have a disagreement on her hands. "Drinks sound good, Miya Sedai. I know very few people here anymore it seems, I have been gone a rather long time, but meeting some of your Ajah Sisters would be enjoyable. OOC: The drinks idea sounds fun, his reluctance is just the way he is :)
  8. Alin could see intensity in Miya Sedais' eyes as she spoke. He knew full well the mission of the Blues having spent so much time in the Tower but he got the impression that it was more than mere words to this woman. He had to smile at the last part however. "Miya Sedai, I hope I have not given you the wrong impression. I realise that there are many ways to make a difference. Fighting Darkspawn is certainly one of them but not the only one. Only a fool spends his life looking for a fight. If one comes I will fight to my last breath but I must say that I do prefer breathing on the whole." "A Gaidin swears to protect his or her Aes Sedai and to assist her in whatever mission she undertakes. As long as it doesn't involve me protecting you from dust bunnies in some musty old library then I will certainly have no problem with doing what you require." With a laugh he said, "And something tells me that I will have many opportunities to loose my sword. You have that look about you." Her sniff in response could be taken many ways he supposed. It would be enlightening to see how she responded to his sense of humor. "I have thought long and hard on this, Miya Sedai, as anyone should. My time as Aaolian's Warder has passed, at least for the time being. It was her wish that you accept my Bond. I would be honored if you would do so."
  9. He had to admit that he had never heard of that particular tradition of the Blue Ajah. Alin was chagrined that he had taken the...staff...for something that it was not. In fact she did a rather nice impression of a Trainee with the way she waved it at him. He supposed that it might not be best to phrase it to her in quite that way however. He began to think that there might be more to this woman than he had thought. It was reassuring to hear her say that she had no intention of wringing any more information out of him that might concern Aaolian. What one Aes Sedai might consider insulting another might easily consider necessary and well within her rights. Building a relationship with one's Aes Sedai based on mutual trust was in his opinion the only way to go. He would remain on his guard until he knew her better but he was beginning to think that Miya Sedai did not have any sort of hidden agenda. He was not nearly so naive as to think that all Aes Sedai would have treated him so fairly. In fact, it was important to remember that this was not something that the Blue Sister had sought out. Aaolian was quite explicit that Miya was doing this because she had asked. That she had so much trust in the Blue Sister spoke volumes. And the way Miya Sedai spoke regarding the relationship between Aes Sedai and Gaidin only reinforced that opinion. When the conversation turned to his reasons for becoming a Warder Alin smiled. "Miya Sedai, that is a complicated question, but I will do my best to answer it." "I came to the Tower with the dream of some day becoming a Warder. I enjoyed my time as a Tower Guard but I always knew that it was a means to an end. Please don't take that to mean that I did not take my duties seriously...I take anything I do seriously...but I aspired to something that was in my mind a higher calling. I wanted to ride at the side of an Aes Sedai as she waged battle against the forces of the Dark." "When I was chosen to take over as Master of Arms I must say that I did so with much trepidation. While it was a great honor to be recognized by my peers I was fully cognizant of the fact that the position carried great responsibility. Training future Tower Guards...some of whom would one day become Warders in their own right...was serious business and deserved all the attention of the man or woman who held the title. I wondered if it might delay or even end my dream of becoming a Warder. In the end I decided that I could do much good as Master of Arms and made peace with the idea of residing within the Tower walls for many years. I still itched to be out where the action was but I knew that in my own way I was serving the cause of the Tower." Alin knew that Miya Sedai had asked him to keep Aaolian out of his explanation but the story seemed incomplete without at least giving her a mention. He hoped Miya would understand. "I had grown accustomed to my position but I was still young and hungry for adventure. I knew that Aaolian shared my passion in that regard and I had developed a great deal of respect and admiration for her over the years. It seemed a natural progression that I become her Warder and try to keep her safe but if she had not offered to bond me I would have eagerly accepted it from another. Although...a Brown...well, that might have been tough." "It was hard leaving my position as Master of Arms when Aaolian decided to leave the Tower but I would not have traded the experience for anything. I am older and wiser now but I believe in the mission of the Tower and I wish to continue serving it as a Warder. I may not have the overexuberance of youth but I still desire to be out there making a difference. I suppose that would be all that I might ask. To be allowed to still make a difference."
  10. Alin leaned comfortably against the wall as he waited for the Blue Sister to appear. After only a few days back he had begun to feel more and more comfortable with the sounds and rhythyms of the Tower and the Warders Yard. The place had been his home for so many years and it seemed it would be his home for many more years to come. He did not know Miya Sedai very well and he was not typically one to prejudge another based on appearance but her apparent age, not to mention the walking stick, did not engender much hope that they would see much adventure. He hoped that he was wrong but he could not stop the thought from gnawing at him just a bit. He smiled inwardly as Miya Sedai appeared down the hall with her walking stick heading towards him. Standing up straight Alin greeted the woman with a polite nod. "Alin Gaidin, it‘s good to see you" she said. Shall we take a walk while we speak or would you be more comfortable finding a private location?” Thinking again about the walking stick Alin decided on a course of action. "Miya Sedai, perhaps it would be best if we find a place to converse where you could sit at your leisure."
  11. As Alin made his way towards the Blues Quarters in the Tower he reflected on the events of the last few days. His world had been turned upside down, of that there was no doubt, but he had come to terms with his fate. It was not how he had envisioned his life playing out in those heady early days when Aaolian had Bonded him. Life as the Warder of a Green, especially one as active as Aaolian, was a challenge...but one that had fulfilled his inner need for excitement and adventure. But, he thought to himself, he supposed those days were behind him now. His conversation with Aaolian had not gone as well as he had planned. He had still held out hope that she would reconsider her position but that was sadly not to be. He could see the pain in her eyes but also the resoluteness of her decision. She was firm in her conviction that she needed this time in seclusion, and even moreso in her desire for Alin to do something useful rather than to, in her words, play nursemaid until he was too old to be of any good. He still doubted that she would remain on a farm for that length of time but it was clear that if he stayed by her side it would take that much longer for her to get back to where she was. It was that which finally made him accept her decision. What was most important was that she find herself once again so that she could perform her duties. He knew that she would be a great Aes Sedai some day and he would not delay her return. Who knew, perhaps one day she might take him back... Laughing ruefully he shook his head slightly to clear his mind and refocused on the task at hand. Stopping just outside the entrance to the Blues Quarters Alin motioned for a passing Novice who seemed intent on some task or another. At first he thought she might pretend not to see him but with an audible sigh she approached him. Alin tilted his head slightly and raised his eyebrows as if to say "really?" The girl suddenly found the folds in her dress quite compelling. "If you would, please, I wish to speak with Miya Sedai. Would you run and get her?" He did not know if it was his own countenance, or merely the name of the Blue Sister, that caused the girl to squeek and turn tail down the hallway into the Blues Quarters.
  12. "...decided to take some time on a farm..." "...bear what must be borne..." His initial suspicion that he would not be happy with the direction of this conversation was only being reinforced. Alin knew that Aaolian had been under tremendous strain and pressure but...a farm? Retreating from the world? That was not the Aes Sedai that he admired and trusted. Something wasn't quite right here. What was this woman's game? "...no way to make this pleasant to hear..." He could feel himself clenching his jaw. Something was greatly amiss. A thought came to him and he dismissed it out of hand, feeding it to the flame. It was not possible. Simply not possible, and unworthy of consideration. It had to be something else, it had to be. "...ask that I accept the passing of your bond..." It was as if the thought, merely singed around the edges, drifted from the flame and landed on him setting him ablaze. Alin could see Miya Sedai's lips moving but he could hear nothing over the roar of his blood thumping through his veins. This...could...not...be!. His hands clenched under the table, knuckles turning white, fingernails digging deeply into his palms. He wanted to leap to his feet, to turn the table over and send the remnants of their meal flying. He ached to lash out at something, anything! Meeting the Blue Sister's eyes he could see empathy there...as well as perhaps a bit of waryness? Did she think him a threat? Did she think he actually would lash out? The mere thought brought Alin back to himself. Shamed by his lack of control he seized his emotions once more and fed them to the flame, stoking the fire until there was nothing left to burn. He did not know how long he sat in silence. A few seconds? A few minutes? But all that was left now was a cold certainty. Pushing his chair back, Alin rose smoothly from the table. "Miya Sedai, I do not question your words, you spoke them plainly. I hope you understand that I must speak to Aaolian. If this is truly what she wishes then I will do my duty but I must hear it from her lips. Perhaps I do not have the right to ask this but I would like to speak with her after she rises tomorrow." Maybe Aaolian only needed a good nights rest in a friendly place to clear her mind. Perhaps the strain of returning had caused her to make a rash judgement. Perhaps. Or maybe the weight of the last 7 years had taken a greater toll on her than he knew. There was only one way to find out. And if she truly wished to rid herself of him, he would accept it, no matter how bitter a pill that would be to swallow. He loved Aaolian as a friend and was devoted to her as her Gaidin but if he could serve her best by accepting the Bond of another then it was his duty to do so. He only hoped beyond hope that it would not come to that.
  13. “If I were willing to give my word..." Ahhhh, Alin thought to himself, how like an Aes sedai. The hint of a promise but not a promise in fact. Was she dissembling to leave herself an out? There was only one way to find out. He only hoped that she would not be offended. "Miya Sedai, I mean no disrespect but I would find it most reassuring if you would in fact give me your word. I knew of you as a friend and confidant to Aaolian from her days in the Tower but I do not share confidences lightly." The Aes Sedai narrowed her eyes and said, "I give you my word, Alin Gaidin, that I will speak of what you tell me to no one but yourself or Aaolian. Will that suffice?" It concerned him that he might have offended her but there was nothing he could do about that. Aaolian was his Aes Sedai, not Miya, and he would do nothing to harm her or her reputation. He had committed to giving Miya Sedai at least some information but he would need to carefully consider what he imparted. With a nod, Alin began. "Thank you Miya Sedai. I am not sure what I could tell you that Aaolian has not already. As you say, Aaolian was quite eager to leave the Tower not long after she Bonded me. She was destined to be a Green you might say. She ached to see the world, to root out servants of the dark wherever they might be and unleash the fury of the Light upon them. It certainly made the life of her Warder rather interesting I must say." "We travelled the Borderlands primarily. We would spend small amounts of time in various villages but for the most part she and I were each others only company. Much of our time would be spent wandering the outskirts of the Blight, searching for Darkspawn. There were more than a few times where we might have bitten off more than we could chew but Aaolian can be as feirce as any Warder I have known. I'm not sure anyone else could have maintained her pace for as long as she did but six months ago we left Saldaea for her home in Andor." Inwardly he sighed. Aaolian had begun to change their last year in Saldaea, turning inward. He was glad when she had decided to visit her home. He had hoped that getting away from the Blight and seeing her family might rejuvinate her. "What happened when she visited her home I cannot say as it is something she will need to speak of if she chooses. Instead of returning to the Blight, Aaolian decided to come here to the White Tower once more. My hope is that she is once more among friends."
  14. Alin was decidedly wary of the direction the conversation was going but that was often the case when talking to an Aes Sedai other than his own. The "serious business" HAD to involve Aaolian, nothing else made sense, and that set him on edge. Her emotions had swung wildly since her return, from anger to weeping and just about everything in between. How much the Sisters, and this Sister in particular, were responsible for that he did not know. Granted, Miya Sedai had shown concern for Aaolian's condition but that was no guarantee. The fact that she wished to converse away from listening ears set him even more on edge but he quickly fed the emotion to the flame. The Aes Sedai was right in one regard, it would not do for him to upset Aaolian when she so desperately needed rest. He would do as Miya Sedai wished. He dismissed the "sitting room" suggestion out of hand. The woman had dropped an Ogier-sized hint that she wished to eat, and Alin's stomach was grumbling after the workout. He wished that she had given him some suggestion as to where she would like to eat however. His tastes ran plain...simple tavern food always sufficed...but he sensed that Miya Sedai's tastes were more refined. Running quickly through the names of some of the finer dining establishments he whittled down the list to those within a short walk from the Tower. The cane indicated that she would not be pleased with a long walk. "I can think of a few establishments that might meet your needs Miya Sedai. The Wandering Lady, The Stone Wheel..." There...he thought he saw...something...in her eyes..."Yes, yes, The Stone Wheel should work fine I would think, with your approval." As best he could tell his guess had not been a tragic mistake as the Aes Sedai nodded her head and motioned for him to lead on. Hopefully this would not be his only bit of good fortune this evening. ********************* A few coins had gotten them one of the private rooms in the back. Alin gestured for the Aes Sedai to take her seat as he unbuckled his sword belt. The relatively short walk had been uneventful and Miya Sedai seemed inclined to get to the point at her own pace. Idle conversation was definitely NOT one of Alin's strong points so the silence suited him just fine.
  15. Dipping a ladle into the bucket of water Alin dumped its contents over his head. As he reached for a towel he shook his head vigorously from side to side, water droplets spraying wildly. Still breathing heavily he wiped his face with the towel before running it over his torso. Tossing the towel casually over a nearby post the Grand Master of Me'Arearth reached his hands to the sky, a few popping sounds reminding him once again that he was no longer a young man. The number of gray hairs at his temples were still relatively few but a single one had sprouted on his chest just recently. Frowning, he reached down and plucked the offending hair and tossed it aside. Working the forms had left his muscles fatigued, but in a good way. He felt loose, limber...alive. Aaolian had been a budle of confused emotions all day so Alin had found his way to a small pond hidden by dogwoods that had been his favorite place to find peace back when he had been Master of Arms. He had pushed himself hard this last hour, working out his frustration in the best way he knew how. Some men might prefer a drink before a relaxing fire...Alin preferred an energetic workout followed by a few moments of meditation. He pulled a soft cotton shirt over his head before sliding his arms through his well-oiled black leather vest. He cinched the vest tightly before pulling matching black leather bracers over his forearms. One did not wear heavy armor as a follower of Me'Arearth. Quickness and agility were paramount...the object was to NOT get hit. Reaching back he pulled his hair off his neck and knotted it with bit of black leather cord. Smoothly he settled into a seated position, ankles crossed. He was pleased to note that his knees barely protested at all. Elbows resting on the insides of his thighs Alin touched his fingertips together lightly. He placed his thumbs against his eyebrows and his forefingers supported his forehead. Closing his eyes he relaxed his breathing and cleared his mind. It occured to him that Aaolian had finally calmed down a bit...she seemed less anxious, perhaps even a bit fuzzy. Interesting. ************** A soft scrape of cloth against leaves alerted him to a presence. Without lifting his head or opening his eyes Alin spoke in a measured tone. "Can I help you?" The young boy had not truly hoped to sneak up on the Gaidin unawares but he had certainly hoped to get closer than 20 feet! In a shaky voice he said, "Alin Gaidin, I was told that I could find you here. An Aes Sedai requires your presence. You are he, are you not?" Opening his eyes he realised that the sun had hidden itself completely beneath the horizon. The sky was full of stars, although not nearly as many as a man would see when on the open road, away from one of the great cities. Rising, Alin turned to face the lad. Aaolian appeared to be resting peacefully (for a change) so he wondered who it might be that required his attendance at such an hour. Buckling his sword belt around his waist Alin motioned the boy onward. "Lead on lad, I wouldn't want to leave this mysterious Aes Sedai waiting." Emerging from the bushes Alin followed the young Trainee into the Warders Yard. The boy seemed to be making a beeline towards a stout, gray-haired Blue Sister that he recognized. Miya Sedai, a Sister whom Aaolian looked up to and admired. Worry creased his brow as he contemplated why a friend of Aaolian's might wish to see him so soon upon their arrival to the Tower. As he approached, he tapped the Trainee on the shoulder. "Off with you, boy. You did well to find me. Now back to your chores before the Mistress of Trainees finds something for you to do." The boy literally squeeked as he turned on his heels and sprinted off. Stopping in front of the Aes Sedai, Alin bowed his head in respect. "Peace favor you, Miya Sedai. What do you wish of me?"
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