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Real Life Ta'veren in the past couple centuries

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Just finished my second read of the books and only started this series a little bit ago, so im sorry if this topic has already been done.


But I was watching something of MLK Jr. the other day and my mind was just like he was definitly a ta veren. So some other ones I was thinking of would be:





George Washington



these are just the ones that come to the top of my head at the moment

Who else do you think are real life ta veren

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Going a bit further back.


Julius Caesar

Alexander the Great




William Wallace

William the Conqueror



Depends what you would consider ta'veren. Rand-type ta'veren here.


But you could say that there are some other "smaller" ta'veren in others like:


Mother Teresa

Alexander Fleming

Da Vinci




Also, this may be a bit controversial but: Jesus whether or not he was or was not what the bible says, even as just a random guy, pretty influential.


You could also add some people like


Elton John

Freddie Mercury




Marylin Monroe


They are only musicians and actors etc.. however, technically they did what Ta'veren does. The world basically revolved around them, they have influenced people and culture greatly.

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The first thing that comes to mind is Reagan, The Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jordan, Jay Z but they are not be strong enough. So I think Jesus, Martin Luther (the priest that nailed his demands on the door not the street/civil rights leader), Buddha, Mohammad, Moses, Plato.

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I like looking at authors as well. The written word has been for a very long time and continues to be very powerful.


Mark Twain

Iassac Asimov

JRR Tolkien


Charles Dickens



For more Ta'Veren more along the lines of Rand:


Emperor Nero

Attila the Hun

Tokugawa Ieyasu

Emperor Augustus

Robert E. Lee

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I read a book about Andrew Jackson which made me look this topic up everything in that book reeks of ta'veren to me was conveniently near New Orleans to become military governor there, someone tried to assassinate him the gun misfired, stopped a rebellion from happening, took down the national bank, and his right hand man became a one term president after him (Martin Van Buren)


It almost felt like I was reading the wheel of time

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Pope John Paul the second to me was Ta'veren, especially when he became close to his would - be- assassin!


Then another t'veren would be King Leonidas of Sparta, whom led the Spartan's in the stand of the 300 at the battle of Themopalyae, which actually occured. Maybe Ituralde's stand is more a parallel of Themopalyae rather than Marathon? Followed by:


Duke Wellington




Richard the Lionheart


Flavius Aetius


Attila the Hun




Red Baron


Pharaoh Ramses II (Got to put in an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh!)


Captain Drake


Captain Francis


Christopher Columbus


Admiral Zheng He

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Not gonna add ones which have already been mentioned but;


Admiral Horatio Nelson

Erwin Rommel

Bill Gates (Seriously you have to be Ta'veren to make so much money and influence off a poor product)



In all seriousness though, if you ask a group of people about the most famous people from history and remove the people famous for being incredibly stupid you find the ones who have had the biggest impact. Winning a single battle isnt enough to alter the pattern, but you do get some who seem to win the ones which are needed and allow them such a decisive edge that they storm ahead.

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Sometimes I think I'm ta'veren!


then somebody slaps me  :rolleyes:


I think all three ta'veren have been slapped undeservedly at one time or another :darkone:


Perrin is the one I'm not sure about.  I'm sure Faile has slapped him at one point... maybe Berelain.






A lot of face slapping in WoT; from memory:


Rand was slapped twice by Cadsuane.

Perrin was slapped twice by Faile.

Mat was slapped once by Joline.


Elayne was slapped by Thom and Aviendha.

Aviendha was slapped by Elayne.

Egwene was slapped by Elayne and Katerine.

Faile was slapped by Diera (her mother) and Galina (I think).

Diera was slapped by Faile.


As to ta'veren candidates in our world: Steve Jobs

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Well, this seems to be about right: 

or to see the full list: 



I mostly agree with the top 3 there, Muhammad who was not only a religious figure but also a great political and military leader, Newton who established basically everything we know about physics and most of calculus, and Jesus of Nazareth who founded the largest religion in modern times.


Although, if you wanted to say "influential" as in not only the person but their offspring, Genghis Khan certainly is a candidate, as he not only conquered most of the known world at that point in time but also is in some way related to about 0.5% of the worlds population (source: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2003/02/0214_030214_genghis.html). Genghis Khan's decendants for example founded Yuan China and the Ilkhanate in persia.

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