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  1. I really don't understand his obsession with the word tempest. I knew it was coming but I didn't think it would be in that frequency. It was even in a chapter title and I'm sure that at one point i read it 3 times within 2 pages. I get that he was using it to describe the effects on the weather, but at that point I would have liked to have seen it capitalized, that would have made more sense to me. Aside from that, I felt like his writing was ok. The actual story itself was good, the execution was just ok. To me it would be like seeing the most well done charcoal drawing imaginable an
  2. The Seanchan and Aes Sedai will end up fighting alongside one another at some point. Some high ranking Seanchan (possibly Tuon herself) will be mortally wounded. knowing only the One Power can save them, an Aes Sedai will heal them. Maybe Nyneave? Maybe not? Or if they don't fight alongside each other then it will be someone captured, an AS or a WO. This could then end up being the catalyst that changes the view of channelers from weapons and threats to people of equal standing.
  3. "The heavens above Shayol Ghul are black at noon with his(tGLotD) breath." This is Padan Fain to Alviarin in tFoH, Ch. 19, 'Memories.' I know the eclipse seems to be depicted on the official cover, which seems to be more accurate than any other cover, but I've never really been to sure of how much I truly expect the eclipse to happen, at least not in a literal sense. So with that quote above, it kind of makes me think that we shall see a dawning the day Rand goes to fight him, then perhaps a clearing of the sky over the Pit and/or Thakandar. Perhaps his 'breath' will have spread ou
  4. Ya, i think i'm going to stay away as well. I unfortunately got a big spoiler by accident from the discussion board that I'm even surprised exists and really it just makes me wary to even read any threads now.
  5. While I like this idea, I'm still more fond of one I read on here a while back. The last line of the book being "You win again, Lews Therin." or something along those lines. Had to go with it. Pretty sure we know the last word of the book is "time".
  6. This one makes sense. His attempt to save more than a remnant of a remnant ends up destroying all, from her vision. Pretty disconcerting. Not what I meant but since there are kids around, I'll go with it lol. yeah, though the other did occur to me, I decided to take the high road with it Better man than I.
  7. This one makes sense. His attempt to save more than a remnant of a remnant ends up destroying all, from her vision. Pretty disconcerting. Not what I meant but since there are kids around, I'll go with it lol.
  8. The last line of the book will be "There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time."
  9. My first thought was Faile, but an Aiel sounds just as likely. My guess is he has a faction that will fight with him but he is reluctant to use them like the wolves/TwoRivers lads/Whitecloaks...that's my instinct on it.
  10. SamJ: Great post, there's only one thing I disagree with (the bolded part). I actually think Brandon is underrated on this point. People either miss his contributions or think they came from RJ. At least, I was personally surprised to learn that Brandon was the one who decided to give Perrin a leg injury in ToM since it's the sort of thing I expected to have come from RJ—a hint that Perrin's the cause of all the myths about lame blacksmith gods like Hephaestus. (It was also very fitting that all three ta'veren ended up maimed in some way.) Brandon took the time to do some research and add litt
  11. With that point it sounds like someone thinking to themselves then. Edited for missing the obvious: forgot the word "replied" and now I like the idea of a flashback someone mentioned but the person who said maiden handtalk gets my kudos, since I always wanted to know more of what they were saying.
  12. Lol...on iPhone waiting for friends out for a sushi dinner. Fired it off quick but point taking I expect ;) I believe it's "point taken." (I apologize, I couldn't help myself)
  13. Gimme a break. I can't picture anyone reading that line and not cringing. Out of context it sounds pretty bad; in context, the only way I could see it working is in a humorous exchange and still that's barely, but oops better keep that kind of talk to ThisGuy's topic on keeping all haters on an island to spare others sensitive ears who in turn get to throw stones all they want Brandon's Work. Anyways, my guess is Elayne or Egwene, to another AS, regarding Mat.
  14. I don't understand why the assumption is being made that Rand's effect is weakening; if anything I would call it the GLotD's effect is strengthening. The state of the LB at this point is extremely obvious in this fact. The lightsiders aren't winning right now, in fact they are coming close to being up against the ropes. This to me screams of the DO's influence being that much stronger and Rand has plenty of catching up to do.
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