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  1. Hurin deserved a better ending than he got. He was a gentleman.
  2. Rand learned to manipulate reality during his battle with the Dark one. That's my theory, and I think it's the best one. He can do to reality what Perrin could do in the World of Dreams. That in itself is greater than anything that can be done with channeling.
  3. I would have had more of Taim in the final book. I felt like his part was certainly beefed up for a big showdown and ended too abruptly. I also would've killed off Egwene at the Eye just to be rid of her, but that's just wishful thinking about my least favorite character. I also felt like Hurin and Bela deserved a better ending.
  4. I thought Sanderson did a great job for trying to step in and fill Mr. Jordan's shoes. I also disagree with a lot of the criticizm he took from people in regards to the books. I could tell a difference in the writing, especially with Mat, but we did get an ending to our saga and I thought it was very satisfying.
  5. I had originally said Egwene, and still feel that way. I did forget to mention Gawyn, who was a very close 2nd for me. I wasn't a big fan of Faile either, but I'd take her POV all day long if it meant I didn't have to sift through Egwene or Gawyn.
  6. Taim was recruited by the Forsaken. This is stated outright in AMOL. I don't believe he was a darkfriend when Rand 1st met him, but the same scenario played out with Demandred during the AOL. Taim was strong and he wanted to be the Dragon. Taim wanted to share power with Rand, not take orders from him. He was soured on Rand and was ripe for the picking when the Forsaken came along to recruit him.
  7. I enjoyed Mat the most out of all the men. He was comic relief of a sort for me. No matter how stubborn he was about things, he always did what was right.
  8. I agree the staff wasn't used to wield the power, but she cast some pretty powerful stuff focusing on it. When the made the rings of Earth when they had them trapped in the woods and the hounds were coming down on them. She also used it from horseback to create that fog aid their escape into Tarren Ferry too. She even commented there were very few sisters alive who could have done the same thing. If I remember right, she lost it holding back Machin Shin when they escaped the Waygate too, and that was pretty powerful too. I liked the staff, and as much as appearances mattered to Moiraine, it probably helped her look more regal too.
  9. I enjoyed the Shanarrah books by Terry Brooks. Stay away from Terry Goodkind. Friends don't let friends read Goodkind!
  10. I think Empty One is an excellent idea for a Wolf name.
  11. Gotta agree with the posts above. Tam never killed Laman and most likely became a Blademaster in the same fashion that Galad did. He killed a man who needed killing, he was a Blademaster, and Tam took his blade and became one himself. I don't think Kari was a DF. Those were visions shown to Rand by the DO himself.
  12. Lews Therin balefired himself big enough that he created Dragonmount and the islands where Tar Valon stands now, and he was reborn as Rand.
  13. I'd like to chime in on the pipe-lighting. I thought during Rand's fight with Shaitan, he understood/realized the battle was a battle of creating a different reality or possibility of what MIGHT be. They basically took turns bending the pattern to their will to show the reality they wanted each other to see. Rand didn't need to use the Power to create his scenes and was able to do it with thoughts, or his will I suppose. When he was angry with Cadsuane over Semirhage and the angreal, he almost bent the pattern right there when he asked her if she though he could kill her where she stood just by willing or thinking of the action. She (we) could see the pattern swirl around him as he was considering his strike....... I think this is how he lit his impossible pipe. He knows how to bend the pattern, or reality, to his will and doesn't need the power anymore to create what he wants, such as the lit pipe. He's basically learned to use the same methods of the Dream World in the real world.
  14. I also enjoyed the Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks. His Shannara books were what got me into the fantasy scene. The first trilogy and the Scions of Shannara were really good, and Allanon is one of my favorite characters of all time. I personally think he wrote too many books in this world, but the first 7 will keep you busy for awhile. I'm not sure if what you want has to be Fantasy, so I mentioned Tom Clancy above. Also W.E.B. Griffin is just like Tom Clancy and I really enjoyed The Talisman by Steven King too. It was definitely Fantasy and so is the Gunslinger series.
  15. Friends don't let friends read Goodkind....... Try out the Lord of the Rings. ASOIAF. Or for lighter reading, try out Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan books. Those are all great, especially Without Remorse.
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