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  1. Well, we've seen that Verin and Ingtar have redeemed themselves, but granted, assuming that a soul hasn't redeemed itself, I'm wondering if the DO has a permanent hold or not. I was under the impression that Ingtar and Verin only redeemed themselves in deeds, they did not break the DO's hold on them. That's what made Verin so courageous and honorable; she did the unthinkable to fight the DO. I'm not completely certain either, but after reading elsewhere on this forum, it seems that they indeed broke the hold the DO had on them. Also recall Ingtar's words that no one under the shadow is so far gone that they can't redeem themselves, as well as Egwene's farewell to Verin that she has returned to the Light. Have to say this: Verin never left the Light, so no need to return. I like to compare her to Snape in HP, but it's not really the same. Snape was a true Death Eater who turned on Voldemort when he killed the woman he loved. Verin was always an agent of Light working behind enemy lines. When you go that deep undercover, there's just things you gotta do, like make vows to the DO. I feel that's pretty clear in the text.
  2. Thanks for the response. Good news for Egwene.
  3. Question: If the ability to channel is soul tied, then presumably if you are burnt out, you would never be reborn with the ability to channel? If so, Egwene will never have the ability to channel again in any incarnation.
  4. My friend just started reading the books this summer, and I've tried hard not to spoil things for her, but without any hints from me, she got spoiled on Verin looking something else up online. I felt bad for her because that reveal is one of the best parts of the books.
  5. I think the massive influence of The Beatles on music and culture can only be explained by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr all being Ta'veren. :) My boys!
  6. Cairhein because that's what I look like. I'm also a skilled manipulator, so I would be good at the Game of Houses. I tend to be fairly reserved with a wild streak as well. I sound like a Seanchan, though. :)
  7. I don't know how anyone could dislike Talmanes. He's super cool with his dry wit. So funny. Awesome guy, loyal and trustworthy to Mat and Egwene.
  8. This can actually be attributed to the characters ages. Most of the main characters in this story are in their late teens, early twenties. I was actually thinking about this the other day. All these kids are in charge of the whole world. But, it explains the quick "I love you"s and "You're my best friend"s. People at that age tend to make rash decisions and judgments and act on gut instinct. The prefrontal cortex is not completely mature until the age of 25. I know I was crazy at that age. This seems to me to be an accurate portrayal of kids that age. What we do have are smart kids with inherently good leadership skills, especially Elayne. But Egwene, Galad, etc. all show this to some extent. As far as how Elayne handles Perrin, I always thought her threat to hang him was tongue in cheek.
  9. Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah for me. I'm kind of a Jane-of-All-Trades talent wise. Blue Ajah is good for me because I tend to be a bit obsessive. :) I would most likely have a leadership role in the tower. Mistress of Novices or a Sitter. I might even make a good Amyrilln.
  10. IIRC Rand stipulates that nobody be bonded unwillingly.
  11. I get mine from the public library, so they cost nothing.
  12. I was listening to the book on tape during that overly elaborate plan scene and I was laughing so hard I thought I'd have to pull over. But, was I laughing so hard I missed Talmanes coming out? I always suspected, but there was confirmation?
  13. I am for religious freedom, I am however not for religious violence. My hubby is a Christian and I am a Pagan, his religion specifically tell him to kill me, but we manage to live together quite nicely. I think that if your religion tells you to kill or curse anyone who dishonors your Gods then you should take a good, hard look at your religion. Also one do not need to go looking for dishonor, I understand that Christians for example get rather pissed when someone make art of a crucifix drenched in urine, I understand that Muslims get upset when their Prophet is depicted as a pig, there are clearly things that are done to be offensive and I have no problem with being outraged about that and speaking up against it. However an author using a word is sort of similar to the name of your Gods for a group of sorceresses in a piece of fantasy fiction that is digging around for offense where none is meant. I mean that would be like if I had gone ballistic that Battlestar Galactica have a character with the call sign Athena who tuns out to be a robot, and another one names Apollo, I mean this is clearly not meant as offense. My religion is the most important thing in my life and I put the Gods extremely high but I do not go look for offense. Now being non zealous do not mean one is not as offended when someone offends your religions and your Gods. However I do not think that the Goddess and the God need me to do violence for Them, or be insulted for Them, I think They are more than capable to deal with any slight They may feel Themselves. Also I do not think the Gods think of a name similar to theirs being used in a fantasy book is offense, there is such a thing as being over zealous. I don't want to continue to take this thread off topic, but, as a Christian I have to respond to this. If your husband's religion tells him to kill anyone IT IS NOT CHRISTIANITY!!!! Please read the Gospels and the book of Acts for yourself to see the teachings of Jesus and the implementation of those teachings by the disciples in the early church to see the truth. Again, I am not trying to take this thread off topic, if you have any further questions PM me, please, but I couldn't live with myself if I let a comment like that about Christianity stand without saying something.
  14. People always seem to ignore the fact that the act of 'betrayal' Judas committed allowed Jesus to save others. The act of betrayal, while inherently evil, allowed good to happen. So if Mat does 'betray' Rand, it will be an emotional event, but for the best. Also, Jesus came back from the dead three days later, which has been hinted that it will occur with Rand, probably with Nyn healing death. I will accept Mat's betrayal if it does occur but it will hurt most because it was Mat and not anyone else who did it. Mat is my second favorite character after Rand. Agreed. Judas betrayal of Jesus was a part of the path to redemption for the world. Jesus's death and subsequent resurrection were necessary for the salvation of the world and Judas, perhaps unwittingly, becomes an intricate part of God's plan through his betrayal by creating the circumstances needed for it to come to pass.
  15. Thuoghts? Robert Jordan used the Aes Síde completely wrong othre than the fact that they are magickal. His Aes are humans - the ones from mythology arent. The Aes of mythology dont go much out of their way to help men and are more wont to hurt than to help - RJ's human Aes are up in everyones business. Besides that, there are theories that the account in the Book of Invasions was a construct of Christian monks - the Aes were obviously vastly superior to men, but somehow they are defeated? The theories for that construct goes that somehow mans superiority had to be constructed over the Aes, who were purely pagan and inhuman, particularly since in some of the oldest versions of the myths, that element is entirely absent. The account of Celts comin over from the continent and subjugating a preexisting population is likely historic, and so that is probably what got used as a basis for a preexisting population (inserted as the gods, howevre ridiculous that is) being subjugated by the Celts. The weakness to fire, iron, song, etc., did not come until latre when they started to be denegrated to fairy status (and the fact that if RJ was going to use this elemnt but in entities apart from his version of Aes is also strange). The fact that RJ named humans, even if they are magickal, Aes, is appallingly blasphemous (and yes, I worship Aes so it is particularly offensive). That is not anything to get bent out of shape over. I worship Jesus, who Rand is supposed to represent, and he behaves in a decidedly un-Jesus like manner for a good portion of the the book. I am sure no one who worships the Norse gods is upset because Mat isn't Perrin's father. These things and people from our world are only meant to be Inspirations for the things and characters in the book, not exact replicas.
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