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  1. I averaged 2 weeks per book over 14 year span. Worth the waiting.
  2. I allways thought of the horn as a tribute by RJ to other legends of popular myths.The summer tree has pretty much the same horn.Owen's horn , it controlled the wild hunt.i believe the was a horn in the riddle master of hed series too.
  3. Verin may have had a talent that was never revealed to us.she was one of my favorites.was sad to see her as a black.sigh!
  4. when rand comes down from dragonmount and the crops start to grow.thats when i knew he would win.
  5. this makes sense.there was plenty of time in the aol to play with there genes.great question.
  6. i would also like to thank all the dragonmount community for there undying love of this series.this is one of the best places to be on the net.i love you all folks.fain loves you too lol.
  7. what brandon did to take the reins of this series is way beyond any call of duty that robert would have expected.light to you and yours brandon.
  8. May you always find water and shade, Brandon Sanderson. TOR.com article on the occasion ditto from me to,thank you brandon good job.:)
  9. maybe it was another rand from another world that had jets.he may have been hiding out on this world from his foresaken and such.heron marked firearms anyone? lol
  10. Mats actions when he got his dagger turned out in a bad way too.
  11. couladin was just a complete bully/ass clown who was to stupid to serve anyone but himself.he died a fitting death.
  12. i think the dark one wants to break the pattern with rand only.no matter what his foresaken sheep think.they seem to all live in there own little worlds.
  13. hah i remember adam baldwin from "my bodyguard" he could play one of the children of light maybe
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