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  1. no dragon's peace means one more thing that would of weighed down on rand's conscience during his fight with the dark one that could of led rand to kill the DO, or accept the DO's truce
  2. it's very unlikely anything else is going to get published, though it's not 100% set into stone, backed by law and contract forever and ever ruled out that nothing 'official' will be put out also, seeing how sanderson was put in charge to write the end, it leaves a huge precedent for many other talented fans to write stuff. i know that fanfict won't be .. canon or whatever, but it will be entertaining! like the op wrote, wot is huge, so there's plenty of room for more to come. i think fans, old and new, are going to stick around for a long time, so here's hoping for a lot more interesting adventures in the wot world
  3. i wonder how many RAFOs will have to wait for the encyclopedia?
  4. the whole nakomi angle isn't really the question here. it's about the voice in the eye of the world and before entering the pit of doom in AMOL. nakomi, that's a question about ToM and the end of AMOL. myself i think it's clear that 'that' voice isn't the DO. there was some debate on it, even though recent comments are veering about that it is the creator, it doesn't mean it's clearly answered for everyone. the who is nakomi question isn't relevant with the voice i dont think
  5. considering the ending for rand, why is it so hard to even fathom the idea that the creator has a role in all of this. it was there in the start of it all, after all this time it really makes sense. even though a rand pov thinks the creator abandoned 'his garden' it's kind of a nice idea to think that creator really didn't and actually took time to actually look into these momentous events
  6. yea it's the creator. the whole who was the voice in EOTW has been a hot topic for a long time. it's finally been answered. i thought, after reading the voice outside the pit and rand saying 'thank you', i think that was a nod to us the loyal fans that have been wondering all this time
  7. Not only does Moiraine hear it, this also isn't the first time Rand has heard it. The Voice is the DO. "He had heard this voice once before" doesn't mean only rand. LTT sealed the prison in the AOL he could of heard the DO there. from the way rand isn't awestruck in the pit of doom by the DO's caps lock kind of points that yep LTT faced the DO and heard him so not only is rand fine hearing the DO's voice, which other forsaken speak of it as ecstasy, a voice demandred just basks in while being scorned by shaidar haran, so rand is able to handle it, he isn't surprised and knows who it is and then confronts it. outside the pit, to the voice, it's a complete different reaction. plus all the other points about the dagger etc its kind of clear thats the creator stepping in and saying alright lets do this thing
  8. There's simply so much! First question: How long before the Oath Rod goes away? They elected Cadsuane Amyrlin, and Cadsuane is near her death. If there's anyone who would hear the info on the Oath Rod, and simply refuse to die holding on to it, its Cadsuane. And as Amyrlin, she'll be able to smack sense, liberally. I suspect the OR will be soon gone, and with it, Egwene's stopgap solution for the Kin. I actually think the Oath Rod will be the justification that will eventually be used to convince the Seanchan to abandon the sul'dam and damane. The notion is that channelers shouldn't be able to run around without some form of leash. The Oath Rod will be their leash in the future. I'm actually surprised Egewene didn't bring this up during her conversation/confrontation with Tuon. it is a good reason but then look at the white tower they are going to be doing student exchanges with aiel and windfinders, two cultures that have channelers and never had a need for the oath rod. there's a lot of lore added to the oath rod, and it wasn't something the aes sedai did after the breaking. trying to remember if it was a custom added after hawkwing or after the trolloc wars, but either way it was just something the randland aes sedai did, i assume, to help maintain their position of women circle over the continent, but only because something made people doubt the aes sedai integrity. this wasn't needed with the aiel, sea folk or in shara. seanchan is another matter though. the dark one is gone, so swearing to tell no lies and to say you're not a darkfriend might not be needed anymore. and then there's the next amyrlin, cadsuane. she got cornered right, so she can't possibly run away from a summons and as if the hall would reject her. then there's the kin long life span and cadsuane's very soon to come death date for cadsuane. then there's the male aes sedai. no oath road for them, yet here's a soon to be amyrlin who is conveniently very well suited to dealing with male channellers and who better to usher in a union between ashaman and aes sedai i mean all the pieces fit to me: no more oath rod the meeting between tuon and egweene, and tuon losing self control about placing a colar on the neck of the empress, the conviction of leilwin shipless to bring about change for the empire, the captive aiel wise one damane, i guess the tar valon captives too, and to a lesser degree maybe mat, are going to be the things that could bring about change in the randland seanchan to consider abandoning enslaving channelers but there's still the continent of seanchan to reconquer, which tuon is going to find to be a hard job to do without the one power. then there's the simple fact that eventually channelling is just going to be lost eventually and that could very well happen in the near future. when there's no more channeling there's no more damane, and in aviendha rhuidean visions, technology seems to rule the not so distant future
  9. probably because jordan hadn't really done as much with perrin and slayer, so brandon felt he had a lot more free space there? it has to be hard to try and fill the shoes of all the other characters
  10. i guess it's safe to assume that the encyclopedia is going to be that extra bit a lot of us wanted out of the epilogue, and then some? since there won't be any outriggers or prequels, in the near future anyway. and seeing how it will be encyclopedic, as in not a story, i wonder how many fans in the series will actually bother to get it. i know i will, great reading material about this huge world! there's so much people would like to know about. so many stories, there's the entire political situation of randland and what will happen there, all the quotes of places from the 4th age in the series, loials book which thankfully gets written so there's going to be a real legacy left at least early on, and not to forget shara there's a lot of info we need out of that place now, or least we could really appreciate knowing. seanchan we know is in chaos, and isle of madmen if it even exists, both places less so important but would still be nice in an encyclopedia... and so much more, especially all those interesting characters we all would like to know more about at least it's pretty much confirmed it will come out right? about 1-2 years off?
  11. i had faith in mat the moment he showed up that he was going to kick ass
  12. Min told him, maybe even last book that it left him open to attack. ah so in ToM then. guess my reread last month isn't so fresh anymore. so many details
  13. i think i must of glossed over this one, but when does the reveal that if a male wields and leads a callandor circle he can then be forced into a circle? it seemed to have come up early in amol when rand+nyn+moir are discussing fighting the DO, but it was as if they've known this for some time? i thought the flaw was the lack of a buffer that prevented being burned out
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