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  1. This might be naive of me but I can't shake off the feeling that these were done at the final days of RJ and he might have been sloppy without intending to(no disrespect intended) about this final part. Yet again Brandon's name is next to RJ's on the cover of the book. Even if this was the case, he should have fought anyone and everyone to deliver something amazing. Even if took postponing publishing date of the book.
  2. I don't mind him dying a stupid death, so long as it serves protecting Egwene. After all we have been led to believe he has found his safehaven for his inner turmoil by accepting that he will be in the shadow of Egwene. I was hoping that would be shining point of his character and when he put the ring on to protect Egwene from the Sharans I thought "Oh ok so THAT is how it will be". You know, it could still be stupid to an extent but serves a purpose at least. Anyway, I didn't think someone raised to be the First Prince of Andor, a good tactician (as proven by the survival of his younglings) and warder to the Amirlyn could be so beyond stupid.
  3. I think this was the first time that I was not satisfied with a WoT book. And having it in the final book in the series is a really bummer. I have been bored before with some plotlines(Faile's capture, Andor's civil wars etc) and some books were hard reads for me, but this.. this is in a very different level. Maybe it was because I had my expectations way too high, but this is the FINAL book of THE series for me, I think having high expectations is a given. The first half of the book felt very, very rushed. I felt disconnected from the story for a number of times. I had to reign myself in and say "OK, RJ was writing these on the verge of passing away, he had to rush things in". I actually don't know if this is related to RJ's untimely death or a lack of skill on Brandon's part, hell maybe it was even intentional since this is the Last Battle. It made me feel like this is like a collection of stories for which I have known the world, the characters, the setting. It is really hard for me to describe, it just didn't have the continuity of any WoT books I have read before. The Last Battle chapter was good, except for the fact that it was very hard to imagine all the manuevers and such. Gateways were way too overdone I would think. Not only Androl's but the way they viewed the war and such. We were finally given answers regarding Demandred and his awesomeness with his planning and such, but Demandred on a hilltop and yelling "LEWS THERIN WHERE ARE YOU" over and over again while blasting stuff? For someone to be this crafty, fulfilling another nation's prophecies over the time and having them convinced to fight alongside shadowspawn even, and then just yelling on the top of his lungs to the winds that he wants Lews Therin? I would say that was very poorly done. 2 deaths in particular bugged me most. For the love of God, Gawyn how stupid can you get? We have seen him doing stupid things in the past but this is the Last Battle and you are not just anyone but the Amirlyn's Warder for god's sake. How can anyone (even with 3 bloodrings) be stupid enough to go against one of the craftiest Forsaken and hope to come out alive, when your failure will mean incapacitation of one of Light's most important leader? And Padan Fain... He is the wildcard, his evil rivaled only by DO himself, his character evolves and grows into something unique with powers not seen in a man before. We see him going into the Blight last time, gathering an army of trollocs or whatever he can find along the way. Hell, people even suggested he will replace DO or he will be the key to this battle with all the character improvement over the series. We see him for 2 pages (maybe not even so much) and he dies immediately. I was so frustrated to see him go down "without a bang". And this might just be me, but I wish Rand's trio was shown to be affected or seen crying or something like that so that I could be led to believe that Rand in deed died, which would effect me deeply and him being alive after all would mean so, so much more after that. I have found BS's work with WoT, good admitting he has flaws but stating also he had been doing a remarkable job. I don't know if the reason I am feeling "undelivered" is him or something else, but HIS name is on the book besides RJ and this should mainly be his responsibility. Don't get me wrong, I am still happy that we got the ending, but I also am frustrated as I somehow could not find the quality that I have been used to get with all the WoT books I read so far.
  4. @Sutree: I like the Gokseeker one as well.. Goku, Gokseeker.. good stuff going on :) And I do realize it was not an actual quote, I was just trying to be sarcastic since I was asking for quotes in the first message. Now that I read it after your post, I think I overdid it :) As I said, this is like my gut feeling that there has to be something special about this age. I want something drastic to happen (exactly along the lines what shortkut said) so that it takes this 3rd Age apart from all of the rest. But again, thats just my thoughts and gut feeling. The reason why I am insisting can be summed up like this: The taint issue might be why DO is raving like "I will destroy the wheel of time, blind the eye of the world etc". This time around he thinks like he is going to win for sure, since half of the big guns(the Dragon included) is out of the picture or unreliable guns which can backfire any time, but he can grant invincibility to this effect for his guys. And since the taint is cleansed now, with the only observable after effect on the current Dragon having the personal experiences of the previous one, the bigguns are back in the picture again for the good guys. There is also the wildcard Fain issue with some heavy implications with reference to how Saidin gets cleansed via Shadar Logoth. I am not saying there can not be wild cards in previous last battles, I am just saying these might be somewhat related. I personally dont like Fain replacing DO theories, but the growing hatred of Fain for both Rand and DO is repeated over and over again during the course of the books. It is almost obvious that he will play an important role in LB. When I add these up with my gut feeling that "something special has to happen", it adds up to The Last Battle instead of a Last Battle, at least for me. Cheers, G.
  5. Thanks for the quotes and inbook texts you provided Sutree. However I really think this will be "The Last Battle". Even if the textual evidence and the theme around the series, hell even the name itself suggests otherwise, when I read the end of the aMoL, I will have known last battle is in deed the last. This is exactly what I look forward to. Why I think this will be the last mainly is: I think Robert Jordan was a genious. He was meticulous and I agree with most when I say I could do with less skirt straightening or less silk choosing etc etc etc but I feel like EVERY subplot he has written brings the characters to another level. Anyway, I feel like a genious like Robert Jordan would not just tell the story of "a last battle" but "the last battle". I'll try to make it more clear, Let's assume Herid Fel's explanation is 100% on par with what RJ had in mind and lets assume the previous 3rd Age was almost the same, with different names and different subplots but same metaplot, similar events etc, at least this is what I understand from the tapestry methaphor. And the one before that.And the one before that. There would be countless 3rd Ages with the very similar events. At this point I feel like RJ would have taken a step back and said: Why am I telling the story of Rand and Mat and Perrin then? Why not the guys 4 ages before or 5 ages in the future? For me, the most obvious answer is because this time it is different. This is why I was asking about the original question of the forum, if Saidin has ever been tainted before. I am trying to find the thing which makes this age different and make last battle the final. By the way, I am not trying to base this on any actual evidence and I don't have anything to go on but Shortkut's quote of RJ(big thanks by the way). This is more of a feeling as to how I think RJ would have start writing this story.
  6. Suttree, thanks for the above quotes. Do you know if this has ever been asked to Mr. Jordan before? The taint in Saidin I mean. I really am wondering this, this feels like it is the reason why this will be the Last Battle.
  7. Bolulu Hasan Usta? :D Rereads.. But there is too little time left for that, there is Leigh Buttlers reread summaries on TOR website.. I cant link though, the post thinghy doesnt work but it shouldnt be too hard to find..
  8. We all know the ages pass and come again, Dragon has battled DO or his champion Moridin/Ishy countless times with different scenarios and outcomes. I wonder though, has Saidin ever been tainted in the previous battles or Ages? It has to have been cleansed at some point too, but is there any quotes from RJ regarding this? Or other theories? If this is the first time, it has some cool implications. The taint's manifestation for the Dragon of this Age is madness, and his madness is LTT. After VoG, Rand accepts this madness as a part of himself but with this, he has the memories and experience of the previous Dragon. Has this ever happened before? We know Ishy tells to Rand we have fought over and over again and I think it is safe to assume DO supplies this knowledge to Ishy, but the Creator's (or the Pattern's) Champion has never known about the previous battle and maybe tries same strategies over and over again. I mean they may have some info about this but only in some books like Herid Fel's, so never in a "personal experience" kind of way before. So maybe in a way the DO's counterstroke, which caused the male channelers to go mad and caused the Breaking, will be the ultimate weapon for the Light Side?
  9. Thank you. :D I am trying to convince my man that we need to have a WoT themed wedding cake. :P Pics or it didnt happen!!!! Joking aside, I'd really want to see a picture of a WoT themed wedding cake :D I am a Star Wars fan as well, and we have a bit different wedding ceremonies here, we have something like an "entrance music" where the groom and bride to be walk in to the scene. That music is chosen by newly weds, and almost always romantic stuff. I was trying for Imperial March(Star Wars Darth Vader theme) for that, but after wife's objection, we had to settle on Across The Stars (Again Star Wars, but romantic theme instead) Still nerd enough :D
  10. Awesome stroies. Hagazussa's and powelly's especially, but awesome stories all around. @Ozzie_aiel: I hope you get published mate!!!
  11. Sounds like something from one of the Forsaken possibly, or the memories of Lews Therin projected through Rand. It sounds like a quote that was made as an acceptance for wrong doing, maybe not realizing what kind of impact creating the Bore would have had on the world. If war might have been inevitable, a world divided and ravaged by war would have been better then a world that could be destroyed by the Dark One at some point. My first thought was Lanfear, but the part of the bore seemed impersonal, so I thought Ishy/Moridin, or LTT. I thought this was LTT before, but Ishy makes more sense to me now as well. Trying to convince the listener (Rand possibly? final attemtp to turn him into shadow personally, since logic was his reason, maybe he is trying logic on Rand as well since everything he has tried failed so far?) that the wars would be inevitable, we will serve the DO regardless of bore (war being inevitable and such).
  12. Ouch! (from a man with a good bass voice and refuses to relate to a stepped-on frog voice :)) Haral Luhhan also has a 'voice like a frog'. The guy is a blacksmith. I think only Mrs Luhhan can refer to him that way, I think she could beat him up in an unlikely cage match, thats how intimidating she looks to me, and get away with it (or some other bullying women's circle members, which is actually every member in that circle lol) Final message in this regard, hopefully the OP will not get mad at me to drive the topic off the course! Cheers!
  13. Ouch! (from a man with a good bass voice and refuses to relate to a stepped-on frog voice :))
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