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Welcome to Dragonmount!


First things first - check out this thread for some basic information on how Dragonmount works, and how to do various things here. By becoming a member you have agreed to adhere to our Code of Conduct, so it's familiarizing yourself with the basics.


If you have questions, you may post them here and we'll make sure you get answers ASAP... or feel free to create a new thread in this forum to introduce yourself the community. First posts are always more polite when they start with an introduction. ? --We look forward to getting to know you! 




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Hi everyone,

 I found this link thru searching on Google.  I see that this is exactly what i was looking for.  I am reading the series for the first time and I’m currently on the 12th book in the series.  It has been a great journey so far and it can only get better in the last 2 books.  It’s also hard to remember everything I’ve read this first time they, so I know I’ll be reading them again.  After reading the first book - the one that takes place 100 years (I think that’s what it was) I found the full series on the web.  Needless to say i bought them all.  I knew I’d be reading them again so a library was out of the question.  Anyway, as I said I’m enjoying these books immensely. 
Sorry this is so long.  🤭


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