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If you are new....WELCOME! (READ THIS FIRST)

Jason Denzel

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Hi there


My name is Jason. I'm the guy who runs this site, and the guy you can yell at when it goes down. Although it sounds a little corny at times, I really apreciate each and every new visitor who decides to show up and register. I don't always have the time to post here on the forums, or welcome everyone, but if I could, I definiitely would.


Please enjoy these forums, as well as the rest of the website, and send me an email or PM if you ever just want to say hi.


Thanks for joining us and sharing your experience of the Wheel of Time.


May you all find water and shade.





First, Welcome to DM! I'm glad you found your way to registering here at last!


Second, a short table of contents:


Post 1: Welcome from Jason, Barmacral, Table of Contents

Post 2: Getting Started

Post 3: Tips and Tricks for posting on DM

Post 4: Signature and Avatar regulations

Post 5: Contact Information

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This post will tell you more about:


- how to register and join in

- useful pointers like control panel, Abbreviations etc...



Want to register and become a DM member? Click here! Give your name a bit of thought to avoid the need for change as this obviously creates work for the admin guys. A name that can be pronnounced to some degree does make life easier. If you must make changes to your name, send an email to help@dragonmount.com with a request. Make sure you send your current handle, your email address and the new handle you want to change it to.


Having got here...


It would be great if you started a new thread here, introducing yourself, giving us the chance to say 'hello'. And to ask any question you might have


What next?


Well, having registered, you are now free to roam and post all over the place. Golden rule, please read announcements and stickies where ever you go as they contain information about everything from posting guidelines to how to join various usergroups.


Control Panel


Scroll all the way up, and on the top right of your screen you will find the search Function. If you click the arrow next to your your username, a drop down will appear. If you click Profile, you can edit what you show in your profile. Birthday, "About me", Cover Photo, and Avatar. 
If you click "Account Settings",  you can update your email, password, Username, your Signature, and even link your other Social Media accounts to Dragonmount.


Spoiler warning!!


If you have not yet read all of the WoT books, be aware that you will encounter a lot of spoilers on the book discussion boards. The others boards should be reasonably safe from unwanted information. Please keep it that way by putting any book related topics on the designated boards only. Further info under the WoT board descriptions further down.


Acronyms and Abbreviations


RAFO... this one had me foxed when I joined... it means 'read and find out'


tEotW, SR, KoD, aMoL etc.... the abbreviations for the booktitles


drpsw...dragon reborn portal stone world (Roleplay part of DM)


imho....in my humble opinion

IC...in character




OOC... out of character

PoV... Point of View

RP... Roleplay

RJ...Robert Jordan

WT, BT, SG etc...White Tower, Black Tower, Shayo Ghul etc...the abbreviations for the boards.

WoT... Wheel of Time


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Here are some quick tips to getting involved at Dragonmount.


1. Have a name we can pronounce. While "fdr19132" is a nice way of paying tribute to your favorite American president, its hard to pronounce and makes me thing of my PIN. Pick something with some vowels in it. Also, pick something unusual. There are literally thousands of "Rand al'Thor"s posting on the internet. You are unique, so you should have a unique name.


2. Ask questions. Some things about this (and any other community) are not intuitive. If you are confused, ask. Each Club should have someone designated as a newbie handler. If you aren't joining an Club, then just ask someone who seems knowledgeable. All of us were new once, and we're all happy to help.


3. Use your shift key. Make an effort to type correctly. If I have to work extra hard to read your posts, I'm that much more likely to ignore you. Slow down, proof yourself a bit. It'll be well worth your effort. We're a community of very literate people and we value a well written post.


4. Every board here has it's own identity. Long, serious, in depth posts are the norm on many of the discussion boards, whilst others, more light hearted ones have mainly short and funny ones. Try and stay within the 'tone' of the board until you know it well enough to know how much deviation from that is ok.


5. Make sure you read the stickys and announcements. They contain 'must have' as well as 'useful' information. Running foul of forum rules does tend to sour relations.... so be aware (they aren't that bad in any case!!) (This includes the Announcements & Other Info forum, check it regularly!)


6. On the discussion boards things sometimes can get a bit heated. Read through the thread first before posting so you have an overview and can avoid posting a question that may already have been answered several times over. Be friendly and never post in anger.


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Signature Rules


1. Can be no larger than font size 16.

2. The forum software automatically limits signatures to 2 lines.

2. Signature images maybe no larger than 600x150.

3. Animated Signatures should rotate no faster then once every 3 seconds.

4. Signature Pictures should contain no copyrighted material without the express permission from the artist..


Avatars Rules


1. If you choose to link your avatar from your own site they must be no larger than 200x200, and 50kB.

2. Avatars should contain no copyrighted material with out express permission from the artist.


Please read announcement threads and stickys before posting on any board.


If you see someone who's signature or avatar breaks these guidelines, please GENTLY remind them of the rules. If they don't change it, contact an Admin.


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Having trouble & need Tech Support? - Help@dragonmount.com


Have questions about the Wheel of Time books? - Books@dragonmount.com


Want to contact Team Jordan? - Learn More


Need help with the Wheel of Time Discussion List? - Help@dragonmount.com


Have a question about the 4th Age Podcast? - podcast@dragonmount.com


Have a question about Organizations or community events? - Community@dragonmount.com


Have a question about Role Playing? - RPG@dragonmount.com


Have business questions or offers? - Webmaster@dragonmount.com


Want to call or FAX? - Toll-Free voice mail (only) and FAX:



Not sure who else to contact? - Webmaster@dragonmount.com


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