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  1. Personally on him I think the turning point was during his rally when the Black Lives Matter people took the mic and he rolled over for them.
  2. well I know the price of Ammo in Canada is going up now
  3. I was referring to that not as a legality thing, but more as a reference to where they went down/direction of travel type deal. Also if we really want to get technical Turkey the US and NATO do not have any legitimate access to Syrian Airspace. They basically said we are more powerful and are going in no matter what.
  4. From reading what the CBC said, I am going to say this is really fishy. The jet had to be less than a mile into Turkish territory, they are reporting the local 'rebels' shooting the parachuting pilots. Not to mention the local 'rebels' are of Turkish ethnicity. Maybe the Turks are just moving the border and trying to be sneaky?
  5. like the fellow near Toronto who was arrested and awaiting to hear the judgement from his case for disagreeing with a feminist on twitter?
  6. Even in Canada I would thing that drawing distinctions that disproportionately apply to group is not deemed discriminatory if the state can show valid reasons for the distinctions. Fact that, 99.9% of all ISIS Terrorists and "FIghters" are males of military age would seem to show that they pose a greater risk then the elderly, children, women and males above a certain age who are traveling with their families. But hey,if such discrimination really bothers you maybe you should think about moving to the US where we are much less discriminatory as the Obama Administration has allowed in unattached men of military age to enter the country through the Syrian Refugee program. Well in Canada anyone under 18 is still under the legal custody of their parents, we have seen many ISIS fighters that are in the 16 17 18 range. So it could in fact still be importing fighters. The one I would argue is that I am willing to be the ISIS will be changing recruitment tactics to involve women more. Personally I liked it better when we cut it along lines of religion. So Sunni individuals where back benched for those who where being hunted and exterminated by ISIS.
  7. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/university-ottawa-yoga-cultural-sensitivity-1.3330441 This stuff is mind boggling. But seriously can we just stop this? The transfer and use of ideas across cultures and peoples is what has allowed the forward momentum of the human race to be possible, I cannot believe that people want to stop this stuff.
  8. So Canada is starting to bring in refugees, and according to the CBC (our national tax payer sponsored news source) men that are not accompanied by wives/children are not able to claim refuge in Canada. Personally I kind of think this is a strange line to draw, and borderline anti-constitutional since it is literally discrimination based on sex (although I am not sure how that would apply in this situation).
  9. He also said he is going to over triple the amount of refuges we take in a year (when we currently have a relatively poor economy). Refused to give any substantive answer on anything from Aboriginals to Foreign policy, with the answer typically being I will go and talk to them. (and give them money if they have problems)
  10. I am quite upset about this, I could have been ok with a minority for that tool. A majority? It's ridiculous. We literally have a person who got elected to the Liberal Party Leadership due to his last name being Trudeau..... How scary is that.
  11. I will make no judgement on this unless I am presented a picture f the pellet gun. Some of them look like authentic guns
  12. My original point was that there has been a fundamental shift, the opposite of Christianity, since you disputed it, I needed to prove that at a point and for a good amount of time the Muslims where intellectually focussed (similar in concept to modern Christianity), whereas Christianity was at one point was like modern Islam (where religious denomination and fighting to see which one would become the accepted religion was prevalent).
  13. The thing I find hilarious is that NATO didn't put Turkey on full blast for hitting Kurdish positions within Syria yet they have the nerve to condemn the Russians for hitting their 'favourites' who actually sold all their arms to ISIS after being rereleased into the region.
  14. Did you read the part of your link where it is said that the Sarapeum was destroyed by Christians under Imperial decree? While many manuscripts were copied and translated by Christian monks, a lot of the ancient texts where lost (in Christian lands) during the decline following the fall of the Western Roman Empire and were discovered into the Arabic/Islamic wealth of knowledge, where it was rediscovered and reintroduced into Christian controlled lands. Which is kind of odd because the Byzantines (Eastern Roman Empire) maintained this wealth of knowledge for a long time, but the Schism in the church and local competition between the Byzantines and surrounding Christian rulers prevented the passage of knowledge from the East. (Fun fact much of the texts were reintroduced in Spain from the Muslims and distributed from there).
  15. In order to "fix' the problem you have to first acknowledge its existence. In this case that the vast majority of Muslims hold extreme views. We can debate what caused this and the best way (if any exist) to change it, but the beginning ground has to be an acknowledgement that TODAY the mirror image concept that people are just people that want the same thing and all that we need is understanding is dangerously false. By the way yes the numbers do not talk about Salafi but the Poll was conducted in an assortment of majority Muslim countries so that the fact that the polls showed consistent extremest views does throw light on the claim that extremism is only evident in Salafi Muslim communities. Also the fact that the question about apostates was only asked of those who already instituting Sharia law may have something to do with the overwhelming percentage of Muslims who favor instituting Sharia law. The poll actually if anything undercounts those who view that apostates should be killed as there might actually be some Muslims who may not support Sharia law but who might still favor punishing apostates. The incredibly odd thing about Islam vs Christianity is that they have completely switched places. When Islam was starting to get big the Christians were slaughtering each other using religion as a pretext, and using religion to validate various terrible acts, while Islam was more scientific and preserved many historical texts. Now Christianity is pushing equality and peace (for the most part) and science while Islam is busy slaughtering each other and using religion as a pretext to commit genocide.
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