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  1. Really, that is surprising since they missed him introduction. Not sure how they will manage to do it now.
  2. I have softened a bit on this subject, even appreciating some of the changes. Things like aging up a bit were good decisions. Others left me puzzled, like changing waygates, changing Rands' scenes to Nynaeve, Nynaeve overall really. The changes they made I found took away from things rather than added. Think they could of kept it more true to the books.
  3. I think a fair amount of that can be mitigated by having them look travel worn, and whining about the distance/travel conditions (which happens frequently in the books), using these opportunities to jump to a separate scene to give the illusion of travel time.
  4. Would that make him Longtooth in this iteration? May be the only reference to Elyas we get.
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