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  1. I think it has to do with how tight you can make a knot. So it depends on the creator.
  2. the problem with gateways is, it takes significant amount of power to produce one. So why bother with that, if you can make a filament of air stronger than steel slice through everything? Or throw boulders? There is millions of basic things that would be more lethal, requiring less power and making you able to use more.
  3. Indeed. Although he still lucked out by meeting someone who knew the trick since, as I mentioned, it's not a trick every soldier seems to know. He got himself into some pretty exclusive company somehow. I think Tam's bow/quarterstaff skill gave him an edge that pushed him higher in ranks quickly. I don't think its far fetched for a man with two sets of combat skills to be given special consideration and military education. The real thing I want to know about Tam is why Illian?
  4. 4 Brothers Matrix Trilogy Blade Trilogy Shutter Island Hancock Land of the Dead
  5. I think the adam would be a good one put the collar on your should where the tattoo ends then the bracelet around your wrist with the leash revolving around your arm. Then you could almost form a timeline type thing with the leash as well.
  6. To be honest I see rands women doing more to keep the peace going than the agreement, Min can influence Fortuona away from war, Elaine leads Cairhein-Andor with support from the TR's and Saldaea through Perrin, and Avi is gaining position within the WO ranks
  7. Personally I think a lot of Gawyns problems stem from whose story his revolves around, Egwenes story line tends to dumb down her opponents and nearly everyone around her
  8. my issue with the last battle was how simplified it was. No df betrayals (other than the captains getting screwed with) and the Sharans (which kind of felt like a cop out to me)
  9. Right now lets compile a list of main - minor characters. I just decided to make this topic because someone reminded me of the Sulin - Rand relationship and how extraordinary it was simply since she was one of the few who truly respected Rand in public and in private put him in his place. Her reaction to when he was captured was phenomenal. I won't quote it because I am about to go read it again.
  10. I can't remember how many non Aiel there where there, but from what I remember there where very low numbers so that may be a thing, not to mention they are way up north and gateway would be the way most of them get home.
  11. the thing that really bothered me is that camp would be mostly Aiel since they where doing the bulk of the fighting there so how he got past them kind of bothers me. Although the whole losing your original body thing bothers me to begin with
  12. Not sure if I seen the new. Could you describe them (with words or picture)? http://www.bowhuntingbasics.com/images/Compound%20Bow.jpg These, they are harder to get drawn, but easier to hold back, depending on the tension poundage That picture was the first time I seen that particular kind of bow. The limb bolts lock together when the bow & arrow are fully drawn? I'm not entirely sure, but when you get it about 75% drawn it becomes a lot easier. It may be what you said I am not 100% sure but I believe it has to do with the pulleys, like the lower one is an odd shape, so it may rotate a bit and act as a 'lock' type deal
  13. I think sending Luc to the blight was to allow Rands mother to run to the Aiel easier (with no one to chase her down). Or it could be as simple as a misinterpreted prophecy saying Luc had important work to do in the borderlands/blight.
  14. Taint madness was probably still there, Nyn is the only one who can remove it among mortals (along with whoever she teaches). The AS would have to remove old oaths. New oaths unknown if their the binding type, since we don't know the methods for channellers to pledge to the DO
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