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  1. I remember hearing that Robert Jordan was having trouble writing the first book. He ended up changing rand form a middle aged man to a young man and it all worked out. As i was reading the Androl part of the story i couldn't help but wonder if the inspiration for him came from the original older version of rand. Has anything been said that would confirm or deny my suspicion?
  2. Honorable mention to Setalle Anan. Something exciting about a women who won't hesitate to cut you.
  3. Lanfear. We could overthrow the the creator and the dark one and rule the world. Or a least die trying. The girl is a Filf Forsaken i ....
  4. They had what was called the standing flows in the age of legend. Anyone could use the one power just not channel it.
  5. Ishy seems to remember many things about his past lives as well. Perhaps the DO is able to give him a perfect memory, simular to how Rand remembers all of LTT's life as well as his own. We know he doesn't have a perfect memory because he gets mad about the knowledge lost in the turning of the wheel in prologue for path of daggers. Pg 44. (I am reading the books and i am on that book)
  6. I have thought about this a lot. I think the Dark One was once a man. We know of one person who survived death and has powers that don't come from the one power. Mordeth survived death in a form. Mordeth has un-natural powers Mordeth is said to be an amalgamation never before seen in the pattern I think Mordeth and the DO are like cancers on the pattern. Which is why they have to be lock away outside the pattern. In the end i think Mordeth/Rand will kill the darkone and Mordeth will become the new darkone/great evil and be seal away to be released when the wheel turns back to the second age.
  7. Other The blight. He cleans it he claims it. It was a beach community in AOL right.
  8. I would love to be Cadsuane. 1st off i would have boobs, second she lives like 350 years, she has done so many things in her life. She has had countless adventures. My wife would say i am more like Cenn Buie.
  9. I think that if the Channeler thought of the power as a way to kill herself she would never be able to do it. Kind of like Egwene and the pitcher in TGH. The same reason she can't just blast the Sul'dam with fire and kill them both.
  10. Dark-friends are everywhere right so why not the two rivers. Top suspects 1. Coplins Or Congars 2. Cenn Buie 3. Someone new 4. one of the Al Vere's I think we will see someone turned to the shadow via 13x13 trick. Top Suspects 1. Egwene 2. Fortuona/Tuon 3. Cadsuane 4. Morgase (I don't think they said anything about strength making a difference.) 5. A Wise one
  11. If anything but death can be healed why couldn't Mesaana be Healed. Graendal was very skilled at healing mental afflictions. That would make a dangerous trap. A forsaken inside the white tower. Who is watching her now. If they think she is beyond repair they could have some novice feeding and changing her. I always go by the rule if you don't see the character balefired then they are not gone for good. Look at Moiraine's, and graendal's not death....
  12. So i think we have the tower at 600 but what about the stone of tear?
  13. It was my understanding that the tree of life is just a tree genetically altered but still just a tree. Cut it down burn it with fire, giant earth quake should kill it. After the bore was sealed and the men went mad the cities were destroyed along with the trees. What trees did survive might have been cut down for wood in the chaos of the breaking. resources were scarce. The Aiel saved what they could knowing that the breaking would kill them all. I don't think the DO was any direct effect on them other than causing the breaking. As for Mat it would make sense that he has a strong effect by something like that. The old blood runs strong in him. He spoke a whole battle cry in the old tongue in EOW. Not to mention it was a fateful moment for Mat. Strange things happen around mat at fateful moments.
  14. oops I wanted to put this under MOL not general.
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