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  1. I doubt your second question: "Where did Demandred get Sakarnen?" will ever be answered. It really is strange that he managed to get a sa'angreal, as I remember some of the other Forsaken saying that if they had an angreal they would be the strongest (not sure if this is just boasting or if it is fact), so it seems strange that Demandred just happens to show up with what seems to be one of the stronger sa'angreals. Wouldn't it be cool if we got an outrigger talking about Demandred's rise to power? Too bad it'll never happen... I have a question myself though: say Lanfear managed to get Perrin to kill Moirane, and she killed Nynaeve. How would she be able to control Rand (and through him, Moridin)? Don't you need two people in the circle to exploit the flaw in Callandor?
  2. I'm a little confused exactly what this thread is for, but I like comedy so I'll attempt to revive it. The Rand-Mat exchange about who had accomplished the most had me feeling really conflicted. On one had, I did chuckle at its corny-ness, but I was also cringing a little at such a potentially groundbreaking reunion between Rand and Mat (who had not seen eachother since Rand sent Mat to bring Elayne back in... LoC? ACoS? somewhere around there) being spoiled with cheesy jokes. Thoughts? And sorry if this wasn't the intent of the thread...
  3. I'm a gonna say Graendal/ whatever her new name is. I have a few criteria for this: 1. The DF/Chosen must be alive (even if they have to be reincarnated by the DO) for the entire series (ie they participated in the Last Battle in some significant way). We're left with the DO, Ishy, Lanfear, Demandred, Graendal, Moghedien, Taim, Slayer out of the important DFs (not counting Alviviarin, Lady Shiane... etc) 2. They have to have contributed something significant to the dark cause that had a lasting impact. Not counting the DO (who knows what he's been doing, other than those bubbles) we have Ishy (Rand's wound), Demandred (Sharans) Graendal (compulsing the great captains, controlling whatever land she was in), Taim (Black Tower). I knocked out Lanfear because she really didn't do much beyond killing Moirane for a few books, and she even failed at that. I took off Moghedien because she failed wayyy too many times, and no Slayer because he didn't manage to kill Perrin, only Hopper. 3. Subtlety. I'm a big fan of a gradual build up rather than just a one-off confrontation (ie Rand and Bel'al, Rand and Sammael, Rand and Rahvin...). That means no Ishy (the two or three conversations he had with Rand don't count) and no Taim (his BT DF thing was kinda obvious imo) We're left with Demandred and Graendal, two very different characters. I like Graendal more because Demandred was a little loopy towards the end; he couldn't be his own man and lived only to see LTT die. Graendal, on the other hand, was selfish and clever, as seen by her sacking Halima/Arrangar to escape Rand's supermassive balefire. In the last battle, Demandred controlled the armies against Mat, true, but Graendal's ploys were undetected until (almost) too late for each of the Great Captains. Bashere's army was saved by the BT, Ituralde died or something to that effect, Jagad's army was decimated (half the Borderlanders gone) and Bryne was only saved by Mat. Then, Graendal isn't done there, she manages to fight off what I'm guessing is a couple dozen channelers defending Rand, only finally falling to Avi's suicidal charge and the lucky weave backfire.
  4. I have never been a fan of that type of thing either especially in a genre like fantasy. If you have things like trollocs then trying to establish that "Death can happen to anyone at anytime" just seems like a waste. I have been a huge fan of Gareth Bryne so reading "Oh and Gareth Bryne just ran into a bunch of trollocs and died" just makes you want to throw the book at a wall. What was the point of Siuan and Gareth's death? Just another "shocking twist"? The Wheel of Time didnt need "shocking twist" so I dont see why the last book had to catch up with a whole bunch of them. Isn't that the point? War is full of pointless deaths, even if the war itself is just... it would be pretty lame and pathetic if every character with a great arc died heroically. Dark One: DEMANDRED, LET SIUAN AND GARETH DIE HEROICALLY BECAUSE THEY ARE COOL CHARACTERS. Demandred: Of course, Great One. I will command a fist of trollocs to not fight back if the warder ever makes a suicide charge, so that their great love story is deep and not meaningless. Is that anymore ridiculous then Aviendha accidentally killing Rhuarc because he had become a slave to Graendal? That was supposed to be a huge shock to Aviendha (and the reader), as Aviendha had always thought of Rhuarc as a father. Perhaps it was reflecting on some (American) Civil War-esque themes such as having to fight your brothers or your father. Aviendha mourns Rhuarc's death to some extent and feels the shock of it, but we don't really get too many POVs from her after the fact that aren't her and Hesallam fighting.
  5. Haha... too bad this isn't on the other board. I think i'd pull a Mr. Ares and live life to the fullest while I can. Moral, immoral, what difference does it make if I know that I'm going to die insane? Praying for Cadsuane (how old was she in the year 700? she must have been really young) is impractical, going to the WT is suicidal, becoming the DR would suck, and going to the Blight wouldn't accomplish much. If I'm going to die insane and alone, I mind as well enjoy life while i can.
  6. I literally laughed out loud at this one... in the middle of a library so everyone is staring me down atm. Quote of the day here folks.
  7. On that topic, did we ever figure out what that viewing about Carlinya meant, seeing as she presumably died in the Battle in TAR (ToM 37)?
  8. Well, Melaine and Rand was hinted at, that would have been hawt. Or how about Min/Perrin, Mat/pretty much all the hot chicks, or Riselle and someone? I think a Riselle/Thom pairing would have been CLASSIC
  9. In the epic RJ vs BS debate, my personal opinion is that Brandon never wrote anything as boring as Crossroads of Twilight. Two excellent posts by Terez and Finowe about appreciating the closure of the saga. Thank you both :) That pretty much sums up my opinion on this whole thing also. As disjointed or deus ex machina BrS's work may be, at the very least it kept me in suspense and entertained when I was reading it. The fact that there is an active board of discussion about his work is a testament to the fact that regardless if it is amazingly written or not, it was successful enough to keep people interested. The greatest honor you can give to a writer is to criticize (both in the positive and negative sense of the word) his or her work, and considering the amount of debate BrS's work has sparked, I think he did a pretty darn good job and should be commended.
  10. The whole thing with Boots in ToM was great writing, some of it is in my sig. When Mat is awakened from his drunken stupor by Elayne and Nynaeve, who apologize to him and he's all like "Meh, it was nothing..."
  11. Well, this seems to be about right: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_100 or to see the full list: http://books.google.com/books/about/The_100_Ranking_of_Most_Influential_Peop.html?id=4Q-i8Ir6R4QC I mostly agree with the top 3 there, Muhammad who was not only a religious figure but also a great political and military leader, Newton who established basically everything we know about physics and most of calculus, and Jesus of Nazareth who founded the largest religion in modern times. Although, if you wanted to say "influential" as in not only the person but their offspring, Genghis Khan certainly is a candidate, as he not only conquered most of the known world at that point in time but also is in some way related to about 0.5% of the worlds population (source: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2003/02/0214_030214_genghis.html). Genghis Khan's decendants for example founded Yuan China and the Ilkhanate in persia.
  12. Hmm ok so then how can we say that Nynaeve is unskilled with Earth or Fire if perhaps she is merely lacking the Talent in that area? if we are defining a Talent to be able to go above and beyond what should normally be capable, then just because Nynaeve does not demonstrate these Talents (Cuendillar, perhaps finding ores although that is disputable) does not necessarily mean she lacks skill in these areas. I really don't think we have received enough if any evidence to show that Nynaeve is obviously more skilled with one power than another, for she seems to be able to form weaves of many different types and use many of them to great effectiveness (her AS test is a prime example of her using weaves in different ways). So while perhaps Egwene is extraordinarily talented with Earth and Fire, there isn't anything to say that Nynaeve isn't as well, she merely lacks certain Talents that Egwene has. Unless we are saying that Talents are a result of being strong in that Power?
  13. @fionwe Out of fear that I'm gonna quote you but then put in the "Fuzz1717 said:" box like i did before, i'll just do it this way: How do we distinguish Talents and general weaves though? Is every weave a talent? For example, it is well established that Nynaeve has a strong "Talent" in healing, which Egwene does not, Egwene has a strong "Talent" in both dreaming and detecting ores which Nynaeve does not and Elayne has a Talent of making terangreal. So i suppose my question is can we really say that Nynaeve is not good at earth because she lacks the ore-finding talent? certainly having that talent would be indicative of being strong in earth, but does lacking it imply that an AS is weak in earth? Yet, i suppose there is an inherent contradiction here, because Androl has a "Talent" in making gateways, something that all AS and Ashaman of a certain power level (14? don't quote me, maybe its 11) can do, yet with varying degrees of success. So now are all Talents just weaves, that certain individuals are better at than others? if this is the case, then could one hypothetically watch Elayne make ter'angreal, and copy her weaves? or is there something here i'm missing?
  14. So i don't understand the new quoting system at all so I probably messed the quotes here up, but you get the idea. Yes, I was forced to retract the WOT Wiki quote, but if we say that Nynaeve does not struggle with any flow, aren't we implying that she is decent with all the powers? I mean, we're saying that Egwene is good with everything (or at least 4/5) and Nynaeve is bad with nothing, is there really that much of a distinction? I do not believe that Nynaeve ever tries to make Cuendillar, but based on the fact that she can perfectly replicate almost any flow she sees, can't we assume that she would be capable of making Cuendillar? Yet we see several examples of Egwene struggling with weaves that she just does not have talent in (Healing, for one). Has there ever been a flow that Nynaeave struggles with (other than because of her inherent clumsiness)?
  15. Yeah it's specifically stuff like that which is the reason the Wiki is not an accepted source in the fandom. Way too many mistakes and assumptions. Yeah I sorta assumed, i just googled "Nynaeve five powers" and hoped that I would get something useful. Whoopsies. I still stand by the first part of my statement: EDIT typos
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