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  1. "one long adventure, a whole lifetime of it" that one line in the first couple chapters of TEOTW really hits home every time I re-read the book. It's what the whole series is about for me: running about and travelling, having adventures and seeing new things, getting into trouble and escaping with your hide. I love that. There are so many things about the Wheel of Time that I love but just the central concept of three farmboys going out and experiencing the world really resonates with me.
  2. Sometimes I think I'm ta'veren! then somebody slaps me
  3. I don't know if any of you have played Dark Souls, but the final boss theme reminds me so much of something that would be in aMoL. It's an incredibly sad and beautiful piece, I think it would fit perfectly..somewhere
  4. December 2012 just signifies the turning of the wheel, my friend :) Hopefully there's no breaking this time
  5. watch out guys, she'd demand to be on top! Also Aviendha, mean? I think some of you are doing Avi a disservice, it's not like she's some malevolent dominatrix
  6. Definitely. I wouldn't really call Rand insane. He was paranoid, certainly, and displayed signs of PTSD. He would suppress his emotions, experience numbness, detachment. We seem him obviously depressed, like after he had that argument with perrin he locked himself in his rooms for a number of days, refused to see anyone or even eat. I think the dude was just under too much pressure and couldn't cope healthily.
  7. Wasn't the tree of life in Rhuidean destroyed during Rand and Asmo's battle?
  8. I bet the DO would rather, instead, just have Rand been captured by Semi, which was what she was going to do. Once in captivity, he can do all he wants with the TP to Rand. I agree. If Semi would have just opened a gateway immediately and took Rand to Shayol Ghul, then everything would have likely gone fine for the shadow.
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