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  1. I don't know, I feel Robert Jordan's biggest weakness by far is his incredibly lifeless dialogue, so I can't say I noticed much of a difference. Characterization is somewhat different across the board, and prose isn't as good, but quality of dialogue? Don't notice much difference. As for Demandred's cheesy dialogue... personally, I don't think he even touches the cringe worthy Ishamael dialogue from The Eye of the World. The ham factor on that latter one was through the roof. Almost turned me off of the series permanently.
  2. Hating the actual development is one thing, but concluding that it must have been not only added in, but actually covered up (because again, the entire epilogue was said to be written by Jordan) is ridiculous. It's that incredibly annoying "if I liked it, it was obviously Jordan, if I didn't like it, than it was Brandon and Harriet" mentality that pervades some of WOT fandom. I highly doubt either one of them felt so strongly about killing Egwene that they just couldn't resist adding it in and editing the epilogue to reflect it, and subsequently lying about it.
  3. It makes sense given that Jordan obviously likes Cadsuane; I'm not convinced Brandon would have chosen to make Cadsuane Amyrlin if it was up to him. Besides, something about that Cadsuane POV just made it obvious that Jordan wrote it. I'll admit it left a bad taste on my mouth at first, since it felt like the purpose was to sweep Egwene aside so the bestest Aes Sedai evar could take over, though I think it's meant to be seen more as a punishment for Cadsuane. One fairly subtle thing I liked was that, for the first time, Cadsuane cursed upon hearing the suggestion. In universe, I have t
  4. I have to wonder if Rand would ever pay Tam a visit, or if he would just let that be.
  5. That's not possible, since the entire epilogue was written by Robert Jordan, and Egwene's death is clearly mentioned in that. RJ also tried to downplay callandors important defect by claiming it was a manufacturing flaw. authors tell fibs. RJ may have wrote the epilogue but insertions and additions can be done Assuming this is reliable, all of the epilogue was written by Jordan. It either is, or they flat out lied. Personally, I think the accusation reaks of conspiracy theory. If Egwene survived to the end, I'm sure Jordan would have written a final scene for her, like he did for
  6. That's not possible, since the entire epilogue was written by Robert Jordan, and Egwene's death is clearly mentioned in that.
  7. I took the pipe thing as indication that Rand can now change the world around him, much as Perrin can with the World of Dreams. He's practically a full blown messiah now, almost an avatar of the Creator. As for the body switch, I don't know. I imagine Nakomi might have something to do with it, and/or the Creator. The only thing that's confusing about that explanation, though, is how in the world Alivia would know to get him a horse and money. Perhaps Min asked her?
  8. Just thought... anyone think it might be possible for Egwene to manifest herself in Tel'aran'rhiod, similar to Birgritte and other Heroes of the Horn? I think it would fit well with her Dreamer status, and it might be fitting for future Amyrlin's to be able to communicate with her for advice.
  9. Gotta say, one of my predictions for Perrin turned out wrong. I was hoping his hammer, Mah'alleinir, had a bit more to it than being dangerous to shadowspawn (though really the hammer represents Perrin's acceptance of leadership more, so I suppose I can forgive it). Obviously, the hammer is based after Thor's Mjolnir, which can call down lightning. To make this fit into WOT, I was expecting the hammer to have limited channeler abilities, reflecting the fact that it was made with saidin and saidar. I think it would have been fitting if the hammer could "channel" small fireballs, call do
  10. I enjoyed the "Battle on Four Fronts" conceit, and really liked the manner in which command of the armies was handed to Mat (it was going to happen). A particular highlight of this sub-plot was Ituralde's POV. The way in which we see his mind is subtly being raped was quite creepy in execution.
  11. I feel the same way. I have no idea if this is true or not, since I really have no idea what Artur Hawkwing would think of the damane... but I do like to think that he disapproved, and that the combined influence of Hawkwing and Mat will help eliminate the practice of using damane (especially since if the Dragon's Peace holds up, there won't be any real need of them). Could take many years, but hopefully it will happen. Then again, Hawkwing did hold siege on Tar Valon, so he can't have too great a love for Aes Sedai... I choose to think that at least. Although I was happy in KOD when M
  12. Yeah, though for the most part I feel the Last Battle itself was handled exceptionally well, my biggest regret is that we don't get a closer look at Mat's battle plan (though I know others feel we got too much detail on the military side, so I suppose you can't please everyone). I don't know how much more detail Jordan would have given us- some, I'm sure, though I recognize there is a certain logic to not delving too deep into Mat's plan, considering he's supposed to be one of the greatest military geniuses in the books- but still, I was waiting for that last outmaneuver. I suppose, though,
  13. the authors certanly missed a trick there. A final reunion between the original 5 of emond's field one last time before battle Completely agreed. I would have loved for Rand to have called a meeting with all of characters who left Emond Fields in the beginning. Mat's plot might have made it impossible, but I'm sure it could have been worked around. At the very least I wanted Rand to have some words with Nynaeve and Moiraine before they entered Shayol Ghul. Something acknowledging their efforts as his teachers and friends. Come on, that would have been easy...
  14. Here's a hypothetical I want to throw out: how do you guys think that relations between Logain and Cadsuane will go? I think it would be reasonable to assume that, if Egwene were to remain Amyrlin, relations would be a lot smoother, partly because Logain may trust Egwene for freeing him from Aes Sedai captivity, partly because Egwene showed an openess to work with male channelers before. Granted, Cadsuane will likely do that as well- she's quite adapable, and was present at the cleansing. That said, I'm not sure Logain will appreciate Cadsuane's style of... diplomacy. I wonder, for exa
  15. I definitely feel Egwene came off as somewhat petty with Rand, but I actually feel she got the better of Tuon by a wide margin. I've even seen some say that Tuon was shortchanged a bit. I dislike Tuon, so I'm not the best judge on that.
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