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The Last Battle is here. What army would you command?


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Tha last battle is upon us all, and there is no choice left but to fight or surrender and embrace the Mother. Farmers shoulder their hayforks and scythes, and sheppards their goads and slings, even the meanest crofter wiggles his axe out of the cutting stump and sets off for war trusting that the Light will provide and if not, knowing it won't matter for he will be dead. Armies march past, and every last lord leads his men to do battle. If you could command one of the forces, which one would it be and why would you command them? The force from the Two Rivers? A Borderland Army? The White Tower Army? The Army of Caemlyn, or Cairihen, or the Black Tower? I'm just interested in seeing which ones people associate with the most, and why.


On another army-related note, anyone remember which army wone the vote that Brandon held that would represent the fandom? I can't remember which of the three won.

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Secret answer F: I'd command the Seanchan. They're obviously going to be victorious.


I know, right? Its in their name and everything.


But yeah. I agree. The Seanchan- very experienced and disciplined soldiers, its rather large, has channeling support, seems very good at adapting things which are used against them, etc.


If I can't use the Seanchan, I'll just take Rand's vast legions. They're pretty much a more numerous, less united Seanchan. With, admittedly, a higher rate of badasses per capita it appears.


If I can't take that... idk, the Band? Experienced, dragons in place of channelers, possibility of Asha'man support in the future via connections with Rand, etc.

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Perrin's army. It's the only force that has actually managed to successfully unite rulers and armies from different nations - Two Rivers, Mayene, Ghealdan and I'm assuming now the Whitecloaks through Galad, not to mention a couple of Asham'an to represent the Black Tower / Rand connection, a few Aiel, and the wolves of course. I really like the diversity of this force, and I think this is what Tarmon Gaidon should be all about - different people actually striving to work together, instead of undermining each other.

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Does it have to be people from the Light side?


I wouldnt mind rounding up all of the remaining Forsaken and bind them too me with a binder. (Moridin, Lanfear, Demandred, Moggy, Graendal) Just hang around and let the armies fight it out then take my little elite force and rip the crap out of anyone who comes near. (I would, of course, be helping Rand)


If not, then I would probably pick the Borderlanders. 200k of battle hardened warriors who have actually faced Shadowspawn.


The Band is sweet and all, but havve they actually ever fought Shadowspawn? And they are certainly a small bunch compared to the masses of some of the other armies.


Same with Asha'man. They are awesome, and would count for 100 or so soldiers, but many are inexperienced or weak with the Power (see ToM). The would also get tired and there really isnt enough (maximum would be what, 500 -thats being generous).

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I would hide in Mayene until everything is over. People seem to forget about Mayene usually so should be safe enough.


What the hell is up with people actually wanting to go to war? :biggrin:


I know it is somewhat of a joke, but Ill reply anway.


1. To protect your family and friends.

2. To help your family and friends who are also fighting.

3. Some people like that?

4. Honor, glory, fame.

5. Stopping the DO from destroying the pattern. That seems good enough.

6. Helping Rand, who is going to save you.A little gratitude.


Many reasons really. Although, you are right, I wouldnt actually WANT to go to war. :biggrin:

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None. I'm humble enough to admit I have no command skills, but I would SUPPORT the Dragon. Him and him alone. Maybe be a personal spy or "secretary" (whatever that dude is for Perrin) or whatever he required of me.

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