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  1. I do think they have become good friends, but in more of a brother and sister kind of way. I would find them mildly disturbing as a couple. Also, I think their relationship is really wonderful as it is. Turning it into a love thing would spoil it somewhat.
  2. As far as I remember, the Eye is gone and no one needs a liquid store of Power to be able to channel clean saidin now. By now, comparing what happened at the Eye and what happened at Maradon, Rand seems more than capable to draw more (or at least just as much) of the OP than the Eye ever contained. Don't know that there would be much point to bringing this concept back.
  3. It's a bit of a stretch, but I can see that sort of sharing going on. Weirder things have been known to happen. Especially around such a ta'veren as Rand. The part of the foursome I have the hardest time believing actually has nothing to do with Rand himself - who in their right mind can possibly think Avi and Elayne work as first sisters? Unbelievable. Sometimes I wish Egwene had been Rand's 3rd woman instead of Elayne, at least their romance came from somewhere and Egwene having spent so much time with the Aiel and with Avi would have been the perfect first sister to her. But no.
  4. I agree with the general sentiment that RJ, no matter how gifted a storyteller in many other ways, was pretty bad as far as romance is concerned. The worst one for me is Thom/Moiraine. I find it very hard to swallow that such a beautiful, young-looking, powerful and wise Aes Sedai as Moiraine would suddenly want to settle down with an old bugger like Thom. Yes, he is smart and worldly, but he's also a show-off and a bit of a pain, and did I mention old? I don't know. The way it is done is also terrible, with Moiraine turning into a simpering wreck at his feet or just about, not to mention that great idea that hey! Since they're in love, they should marry and be bonded, doesn't matter if Thom is old and limping, he'll be a great warrior for sure. I mean, what the heck? That's not what the Warder bond is supposed to be about. Second worst, Egwene/Gawyn. They've spent very little time together, Egwene seemed a hell of a lot more interested in Galad until she suddenly changed her mind for no apparent reason. Most of the time, Gawyn seems to think of Egwene as some sort of incompetent, fragile and idiotic porcelain doll - why does he love her then, and how can she stand it? It's a mystery to me. As to Egwene, she mostly sees him as a hindrance (which he actually is a lot of the time). They just don't make sense - they neither know nor appreciate each other. And to top it off, here they go with that "I'm in love! We must be bonded!" charade. Is that a End of the Third Age thing? Third worst, Rand/Elayne. It's been said several times already, their relationship is nothing but adolescent lust masquerading as true love. Stop the bullshit already. And guess what? They've bonded too! What a surprise. Other relationships I'm really not keen on: * Siuan/Gareth, their interaction isn't all that bad but once again we're seeing another spin on the really young/good-looking chick dates grizzled old man, and of course they must bond. * Morgase/Tallanvor, there's something disturbing about the lovesick puppy dog thing. And when Morgase decides to join in and start simpering herself (let's get married, you're my true love after all puppy darling!), I want to rotate my eyeballs out of my skull. At least she has not used her meager skill in the Power to try to bond him (yet). Then again, I guess Tallanvor doesn't need bonding, it's in-built. * Juilin/Amathera, Domon/Egeanin, relationships that seem to exist only to satisfy RJ's meticulous obsession in pairing people up. * Mat/Tuon, kind of funny but hard to believe.
  5. Agreed on all counts. Gawyn would have been super easy to dispose of during that fight against the Seanchan assassins. He should have died saving Egwene, that would have been a lot more interesting in terms of impact and character development (as well as a heck of a lot more believable). Siuan, Morgase and Gawyn are very good examples of characters that have enough importance that their death would have consequences and some emotional pull, whilst not hindering the storyline. For such an adult, realistic world as WoT, I find it strange that it seems to be impossible for anyone of any consequence to stay dead or stay single (I mean RJ even paired up Juilin and the Panarch, or Domon and Egeanin... now, that's really quite thorough matchmaking work!).
  6. Actually you were pretty spot on! They do have the flaws you describe. After that, it's all a matter of character development through the series (as it's been said, your opinion on some of them will probably vary wildly as you read on), and of course personal affinities. For instance, I agree with you on all the character flaws you pointed out, but I've felt very different things for all of them: Egwene I tend to like, but sometimes very strongly disagree with - I feel she has her moments of genius, and those of stupidity. Mat I didn't like for a very long time, but in the later books somehow without me quite realizing it he's become very likeable and respectable. Elayne I just hated right from the start, and still hate her today, for the same reasons (oh boy, is she consistent). In the end, they're all very human, thus flawed, and it's what keeps it interesting! Plus, you haven't mentioned other main characters like Rand, Perrin, Nynaeve or Moiraine, so I'm guessting there are characters you love as well as those you can't quite stand ;)!
  7. Yes, and what did she manage with that? Gave Egwene headaches and maybe killed a couple of AS. Big deal. Her only real purpose so far has been in her (second) death in making Rand believed Graendal was toast. Not much to brag about (esp. as so far Graendal being alive has had no interest either). Also, on a personal/irrelevant note, I always thought the idea of having Balthamel reborn into Arangar so a woman could channel saidin was a bit gimmicky.
  8. Indeed! Powerful symbolism there too. However, no matter how much I love Moiraine, I might still root for Nynaeve for that one. She's been the closest person to Rand for so long now, and also has never faltered in her love/care/loyalty to the Emond's Fielders. She also makes a lot more sense as far as raw strength goes, Moiraine being extremely diminished now (OK, Moiraine has a cool angreal to compensate for that, but she could just lend it to Nyn and they'll get even more power out of that).
  9. Don't know about N°2, but as far as N°1 goes he also resurrected Aginor and Balthamel, who were pretty useless to begin with, into Osangar and Arangar, who were just as useless. So, yeah. I guess even RJ takes weird/pointless decisions now and then. I have to say apart from Ishamael/Moridin, I'm really not impressed with the Forsaken Reborn idea. Apart from that, though, I actually support your theory (or would love to support it) as Lanfear has always been one of my favorite characters and I would find her much more interesting as a Forsaken that walks the line between Dark and Light and ultimately redeems herself, than as just another mean Forsaken. Unfortunately I'm not sure that this is the way RJ saw it, so I'm prepared to be disappointed on that front (I already was with her return as Cyndane, a weaker, diluted version of herself...).
  10. Agreed. It would also be good symetry between Nynaeve (Light, extremely caring about others) and Cyndane (Dark, selfish). They both have a strong connection to Rand in different ways, and also happen to be the most powerful saidar channelers alive as far as I know, so it would also make sense on a raw strength available point of view. I doubt it will actually happen like that, but I would like it to.
  11. I don't see how no notes on Moridin's sexual orientation disqualifies any of this. Taim could be his son without any in-depth explanation of Moridin's sexuality and "how he did it!" It is not needed. It would be more than enough to know he somehow begot a son at some point and raised him to be his puppet/sidekick/tool/successor/whatever. Then again, I'm just playing devil's advocate here. As I mentioned before, I don't personally believe in this theory but I do not think it can be discarded so easily either.
  12. Funny enough, although the idea that she might be BA was always in the back of my mind, I was still stunned by the revelation. I guess because it was such a kick-ass showdown. I mean "hi Eg, your dress is green, and so I am Black" - how insane/brilliant was that? It was so different from any other scene in WoT to just have someone come up with a startling truth about themselves in such a blunt, straightforward way. Agreed. Verin will always be one of WoT's greatest for that. One of a kind!
  13. I don't think choosing to have a child in order to train him so he can help carry out your Evil Designs counts either as paternal love or unselfishness. Even if it somehow did, Lanfear is a good example that Forsaken are capable to "love" in their own dark, twisted way. I don't think gay men having children is unheard of in our world Moridin could also be bisexual, or he could simply be full-on gay and still decide to have sex with a woman purely as part of his Evil Designs Masterplan. Anyway. I do not believe Moridin is Taim's father as this does not seem to be in keeping with what usually happens in WoT or the way RJ does things. Nonetheless, it would've been interesting - different. Rand has had dad issues, it would have been interesting for one his nemesis to have some as well.
  14. To keep attentive readers interested is my guess!
  15. Verin has been suspected since she was caught lying in TGH. See the WOT FAQ: http://wotfaq.dragonmount.com/node/88
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