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  1. Rhuarc getting turned. I was hoping Graendal would have gotten balefired to undo the compulsion and his death but it didn't happen. Others included Egwene and Elayne's babies. I was really sad that Verin did not come back as a hero of the horn. It was kind of a longshot but the sheer brilliance of what she did and giving Egwene a fighting chance against Mesaana made me hope. The damane issue not getting worked out made me sad as well. I know everything couldn't be neat and tidy but I was hoping on that point.
  2. Lots of action here. I'm just wondering how Demandred and co. will be taken care of. Wouldn't it be funny if Demandred never saw Rand and he gets killed by some random channeler? And where is Fain?
  3. How is Palpatine a jerk? He's just the embodiment of evil. Biff...lol. Yeah, big jerk.
  4. "Polka will never die!" ~ Waldo Butters from the Dresden Files
  5. The Mayans must have released a virus because the world didn't end by my sense of smell and hear has been greatly reduced. I hate getting sick.
  6. Cold Days again by Jim Butcher.
  7. The first one I read was Centaur Aisle. I have since read up to Zombie Lover. Some are better than others. They are a nice read for just fluff.
  8. That about makes up my list as well. I also like some Chrichtons books as well as some of Grishams.
  9. The Bourne Identity by Ludlum
  10. Hmmm, that is a strange one to see. To my mind he is the greatest fantasy author out right now and the series was met with a ton of critical praise. The odd part from your take is thinking it's not engaging and is uninspiring? If anything it goes far deeper than your average fantasy story, has a fully fleshed out world and incorporates philosophical musings that hold up even outside of genre(Bakker has a PHD in philosophy). Out of curiosity what are some of your favorite series? I had the same issues. Too much philosophical musings takes the fun out of a book for me. Having taken philosophy courses in college, I'm not one to mix my fantasy and philosophy together much. Or it could be I don't like his style of writing. It seemed too...professional, like reading a textbook. Like UncleButcher, I loved Rothfuss's books. I also like Butcher's Dresden series as well as the fantasy trope ridden Codex Alera. I've read LoTR as well as the WoT books.
  11. She is passively on the side of Voldemort. I can't think for a second she didn't have any idea what was going on. Mad Eye was known for relentlessly opposing evil and her keeping the eye was a sign of her complete immersion into evil.
  12. Try out Jim Butchers Codex Alera and Dresden Files
  13. Yes, but the two minutes it took you to explain it more than makes up for being beaten.
  14. Too many to list but what springs to mind is Mat whipping the G-men with a stick and after Perrin stating, "They have caged Shadowkiller", their eventual yet simple reply, "We come." Still gives me goosebumps.
  15. The Darkness that comes before, beginning of the Prince of Nothing series. Writing was way to dull for me.
  16. As for Butchers Dresden Files and Codex Alera, Codex Alera is a straight fantasy series where you need to read it in order. Dresden Files build upon one another so it's highly advisable to read them in order.
  17. For all you Harry Dresden fans - http://www.jim-butcher.com/posts/2012/cold-days-november-27th-2012
  18. Stick with it, trust me...Bakker IMO is the most talented fantasy writer out right now. I typically give books a 100 page limit. Is that fair in this case? I do like action in my fantasy books.
  19. Just finished Graceling by Kristin Cashore. Reading the Fire by same author and reading The Darkness that Comes Before by Bakker although Bakker's book is a bit tedious in reading. A bit boring at the moment, about 70 pages into it.
  20. Did you just forget to mention it or have you read Lord of the Rings yet?
  21. The question here is "Is this ability something that comes from being the Dragon, being ta'veren, or a Talent" and the answer is, "It's not a Talent, but I won't say...." Now, replace that question with, "Are the bruises on your girlfriend's face something that came from running into a wall, your continuing to beat her, or some medical condition like hemophilia?" and the answer is, "It's not from running into a wall, but I won't say whether it's because I continue to beat her or because she has hemophilia or anything like it." Does the answer to this question establish whether your girlfriend has hemophilia or something like it? Of course not, and in the same way, it doesn't establish whether Lews Therin was ta'veren or not. At best, it's suggestive, and at worst, it's irrelevant. The question is phased in a way that says that indicates that LTT is indisputably the Dragon, is ta'veren and had the talent to detect living souls. BS DID denounce the talent part but would not say if it was because he was the Dragon or because he was ta'veren. In your example, it's like the girlfriend saying, "No, I'm not clumsy but I'm not going to say if these particular bruises comes from my abusive boyfriend or my medical condition."
  22. I still don't see how my quote here doesn't conclusively settle the LTT ta'veren debate. BS did not refute the ta'veren claim as the questioner posed the question with LTT being ta'veren and whether that had any influence on what he could do with the OP
  23. Rand has excuses. That's the same thing as saying he was entitled to do so. Mat had a good reason yes, and I agree fully with what he did, but it was still a form of bullying. Also, Cadsuane had excuses for bullying as well, and IMO her weakest excuses are better than most of what Rand has. Also, there is nothing that says what makes ta'veren material. According to RJ, even a darkfriend can be ta'veren if the pattern needs it. I am not saying he was entitled. I never said it was right. He just has an excuse. He thinks Aes Sedai will box him in again and he lashes out against them. I don't think what Mat did was bullying. Personal opinion as many people have different takes on the morality of spanking. Many of the Aes Sedai had become grown ups with a spoiled childs mentality. The ladies in Mat's caravan had been at each others throats the WHOLE time. Once they became civil, he had a (comparatively) more pleasant time.
  24. Rand has excuses for bullying Aes Sedai. Doesn't make it right or affect his ta'verenness (sp?). Mat spanked Joline after he walking in and Joline was slapping Bethamin. Who did Mat kidnap? Tuon? Nah, Tuon allowed Mat to take her. Selucia may be one of the only people who can match Mat and I'm sure Tuon could hold her own if need be. I'm sure she received training. Thrasymachus - taken from here Matt: (I riffed off a second related question from WotLuckers which was: Did he have the same extra abilities?) Instead I asked: Considering what you mentioned regarding LTT's ability to sense the lack of inhabitants within miles of the spot he was at in the Prologue [of TEotW], is this ability something that comes from being the Dragon, being ta'veren, or a Talent? Brandon: (paraphrased) It's not a Talent, but I won't say whether it is a factor of being the Dragon or something about being ta'veren.
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