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  1. Those are good examples that I'd forgotten. Maybe I just haven't read the books recently enough, but what I'm trying to get at is that RJ often stated that the Light was on its last legs, but it's difficult to really see that without actually thinking about what's happened so far. The protagonists have really been rolling along, mowing down almost everything in their paths. We get glimpses of trouble in the world, but I don't think it really strikes home. This is exactly how I feel. The Light is on it's last legs? Really? Huge miss on that one. However, I'm not sure character deaths would be the answer. Hell, more dark povs showing the Chosen plotting and, sometimes, succeeding in screwing things up in the world might do the trick.
  2. Seems to me it's purpose is two fold: 1. Turning Fain's dome to mush. 2. Being awesome.
  3. When I first read tEotW some twenty+ years ago, I really disliked Moiraine and liked Rand. After recently doing a reread, I find I absolutely love Mo and am pretty meh on Rand.
  4. The Retreating Ardvark The Gopher sees his Shadow The Protruding Turtle Head
  5. That's pretty far from the mark. The man's proved time and time again that he is loyal, honorable, and completely selfless. Out of all the characters in the series, he has perhaps the best track record in regards to selflessness. Not how I read it at all. Out of curiosity, then, how would you characterize the following evidence: He infiltrates the Stone of Tear alone, despite knowing that his enemies include a High Lord of Tear and Aes Sedai, to rescue the three girls. When he sees Tairen and Cairhienin soldiers in danger, he decides to go back into the battle to rescue them, despite his original intention to escape. He saves Olver for no personal gain whatsoever. He orders Talmanes to stay with the Salidar Aes Sedai to provide Egwene with an escape route, if she needs it. When the other are leaving Ebou Dar, he goes back into a city being invaded by the Seanchan -- and he is well aware of how dangerous they are -- to look for Olver, who is missing. And so forth, though I'm sure I've missed some of them. The Stone of Tear again? Ugh. He was forced into helping Talmanes etc by the Pattern. His intention was to run away, leaving Rand and company to do the fighting. Jon Snow shows infinitely more loyalty to his family than Mat has. Taking in Olver has no real personal cost, either. Of course he left Talmanes behind, because if "Mat bloody Cauthon doesn't take care of these foolish girls, then there bloody bacon will be bloody well cooked. Blood and bloody ashes!" And so forth. I'm not saying he never does the right thing, nor that he never has good intentions. I am saying, to me, he is by far the least admirable major character in the series. You're welcome to fan wank his "awesomeness" all you like. Please leave me out of it.
  6. That's pretty far from the mark. The man's proved time and time again that he is loyal, honorable, and completely selfless. Out of all the characters in the series, he has perhaps the best track record in regards to selflessness. Not how I read it at all.
  7. For me, the Shadow as a whole has been handled poorly. According to interviews with RJ, at this point we're to feel like the side of the Light is up against the ropes and looks to be going down for the count. Really? I haven't felt a sense of menace or dread in over 8 books.
  8. Mat, hands down. His internal dialogue and motivations are all selfish and egocentric. He was tolerable as comic relief for a few books, but now even that is old. My second choice would be Olver.
  9. I'm curious as to what it is about the story that you like. What characters are you rooting for? Personally, I quit after Game of Thrones because to me it seemed pretty apparent that the entire series could be summed up as "bad things happening to good people". Or, a fantasy version of "Dallas" or "Dynasty". You know, the rich, powerful family is evil and crushes all the decent people in the story.
  10. I don't do that one, but I still read Taim an Tame rather then RJ's Ta-eem and Aiel as Ale rather than the pronunciation in the back of the book (Eye-eel or something like that). Same here. Faile is fail, dammit.
  11. Mat using a scarf to hide his scar is from "Hang 'Em High".
  12. If it was true censorship, they would of just deleted the whole thing, they didn't. You got to say what you wanted to say and are still publicly accessible. What were you going to do, have 10 more pages where you argued with people over how the books felt to you and them? C'mon, seriously, where's that going to get anyone? BTW, there is a difference between saying something like "Can't write this or that" and "Doesn't do it as well". It is possible to criticize something without flat out attacking it. The message you should of got was, discuss anything you want but do it constructively. Dingdingding. Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner!
  13. Yeah, cutting the rope of the ferry in EotW was straight out of "The Outlaw Josey Wales". Also, the balancing technique Lan taught Rand, heron somethingorother, that leaves him completely open to his opponent's attack? Crane technique from "The Karate Kid".
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