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  1. White_star

    Rand Aviendha

    This very nice! I especially love the folds in the clothing. Rand looks good in a white (or is that light silver) silk coat and that style. Two things though: 1. Rand should be broader in the shoulders and 2. He is suppose to be a head taller then Aviendha Other then that, SUPERB!
  2. White_star


    Interesting, this almost has a Van Gogh or maybe Monet quality to it, very nice.
  3. White_star

    Sword Practice

    Another topless Rand, not that I'm complaining in the slightest . Broad shouldered, slender yet heavily built & hard muscled, reddISH hair (not reddish blond, fire engine red or flame red/orange) This is actually far more accurate then most pictures I've seen of him. Very nice indeed.
  4. White_star

    Young Rand

    This is very good. Thank you for not giving him a cleft chin.
  5. White_star

    Random sketches

    Can you do one of young Rand please? Or is "The Quarry Road" it. Thx
  6. Wolves: Do they know WHO Rand (LTT/HotH) is? If "yes" have they always known even before he did? If "no" do they know now? or, Does it matter to them? Is "Shadowkiller" always their name for the Dragon? Are there any other humans besides Rand/"Shadowkiller" who are NOT wolf-brothers that the wolves have special names for? EDIT:I think I found the answer to this. If encyclopaedia-wot.org is correct, the only other non-wolfbrother human to have a special name w/ them is Lanfear:Moonhunter Thanx
  7. It's apparent, to me anyway, that they had special feelings for each other in the beginning, at least until Falme. I don't know if I would call it "love" but it can be seen in the little things they did and said. He worrying about her as they left EF, running to her side after they crossed the river, feeling like he's loosing her when she starts talking to Moiraine. How they worried about each other personally before adding the others to their thoughts after they were all separated @ SL. Her reaction to Mat's 'Else' comment. She saying she would make him her warder. She trying to reassure Rand
  8. Just as these are probably wasted on people w/ Egwene glasses on. Excess emotion often makes it hard to see things objectively, I agree. 1.she's not a farm girl and she's proven to him she's not some fluff-brain flip-skirt 2.he trusts her 100% 3.he knows she reads from the books which belonged Master Fel, (the man Rand went to for information himself) and she's obviously understanding them Nobody is calling him "Superman" not even himself. He knows something of what needs to be done but there is still something missing which is what he wants Min to find. That doesn't mean s
  9. Birgitte's reaction to "Nuli" Egwene apologizing to Rand for being such a (insert word here) to him and thanking him for the many times he's saved her. Hopefully before he dies. A warm sisterly hug would be nice too. yes, definitely.
  10. Rand can't touch the thing safely. No male channeler can. (FoH chp.32)
  11. He's done it before on their way to Rhuidean(sp?). She asked him about the rightfulness of letting the Aiel "take" all that stuff and also whether or not Aviendha did it too. I think he said(too lazy to look, sorry)that they deserved it and confirmed what Avi did, and then calmly turn the question back on her which allowed her to think about it and answer her own question.
  12. White_star

    Rand and Elayne

    thank you for not giving him a cleft chin
  13. Does the station of Amyrilin(sp?) Seat (I don't just mean she-who-shall-remain-unnamed who happens to hold it at the moment) have any authority over the Dragon what-so-ever? Thanx
  14. I sincerely hoped it wouldn't degrade to that. Not that I'm against it mind you But, it seams objectivity and speaking about a favorite(or not) character do not mix. It does seam that way.
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