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  1. Lol I only just noticed what you wrote on my profile. So yes I have your soul but I don't worry I can sell it back to you :smile:

  2. Awww, changed the original post just for you now. ;)
  3. Hey ladies (and gentlemen!), I joined this site quite a while ago but never really took the time to write an introduction. So here I am: female, 25 years old, italo-german (living in Germany atm), one of those liberal, idealist Europeans. I'm studying history at uni here and I spend my spare time cuddling my cat (Maine Coons rock), reading books (not just fantasy, though), watching movies (but I'm quite picky there), doing some modeling (www.myemilia.net if you're interested), playing mmorpg's and I'm currently wasting my time learning Japanese for no apparent reason. ;) I've started reading WoT in 2002 (I think) and my WoT book collection is a very weird mix of Italian, German and English releases. I've followed the WoT community on the web for years without actually taking part in it so that was bound to change at some point. Dragonmount always scared me a bit (kind of) because of all the social groups who always seemed like private clubs to me and I tend to be a bit shy... sometimes... Apart from the WoT I also quite like some other fantasy series but WoT was my first multi-volume epic (unless you count Lord of the Rings) and will always be special for me. One of the things that always amazed me about the community is the fact that it's so much nicer and welcoming and more respectful than many other fan communities. Hugs, Emilia
  4. So here's the thing: Am I really the only one who never bought the reasons for the Aes Sedai making Egwene Amyrlin? I always thought it was terribly unrealistic and the reasoning behind it felt very much like an unconvincing plot-device. Now people will probably just repeat the reasoning given in the books but do you guys really think that the explanation given is realistic? They made her Amyrlin only cause she knows Rand and should be easy to manipulate being such a young girl? Wow, the Aes Sedai need to improve their plotting skills.
  5. I always imagined the weather to be worse. Probably because the first Rand-scene in the books features such bad weather. Silly, huh? But when I think of the Two Rivers I remember that scene.
  6. Shame the discussion went from a rather interesting thread about Robert Jordan's planning and skills into a debate about ebook readers.
  7. I think you're giving Jordan way too much credit. I love the fact that the series is so long but that's just because as a fangirl nerd I would like it to never end. But being objective much of what you said regarding the length being necessary for the world to seem real and character development to happen doesn't hold true if you actually look at character development. Perrin's character development had come to a halt for about 5 books for example and only Sanderson picked up the pieces and actually makes Perrin's character develop now. In general I think the characters in WoT are incredibly resistant to development and that can't just be excused with "wool-headed stubbornness". I wonder how other authors (and I'm not talking about fantasy literature) create believable characters in less than 500 pages. Sometimes I think that for all of Jordan's accomplishments people really over-estimate his actual quality as a writer. It's probably not a popular thing to say but let's face it: The guy would've never won a Nobel Prize for Literature and that's fine. He didn't need to, the books are fun enough. But some people here seem to claim he's a genius and people being on their 6th, 10th or 12th re-read of the series should probably seriously consider that they could read so many other awesome books in all those hours spent on re-reading a 12-book series for the 7th time. Maybe those people should just... read other stuff once in a while so as to not get the "tunnel view" present in some of the posters here who don't realize that there are other authors out there. /rant off. If I stepped on your toes... here's a cookie. Enjoy.
  8. Same. And feminism bores me. I don't feel particularly suppressed.
  9. Apart from the fact that you probably got my general point anyway I'd like to stress that when my mom was my age only prisoners and sailors had tattoos. But still good job ignoring the point.
  10. Depends on the "particular thing". My mom is much less likely to have a tattoo, a piercing, have done bungee jumping, made a website,... you get the point. (And btw: I've only done 1 of the things on this list. The hint is in my signature.) Not every generation makes the same experiences so saying older people are usually more experienced by default is probably true but still very misleading at times. Anyway: female, 25. Favourite characters: Rand, Mat, Lanfear, Nynaeve (used to hate her). But really, there's quite a few I like. Even Perrin and Faile for example. Heck, even Berelain. Least favourite: Egwene, Tuon
  11. I would hide in Mayene until everything is over. People seem to forget about Mayene usually so should be safe enough. What the hell is up with people actually wanting to go to war?
  12. On a slightly unrelated note: I seem to remember that in one of the books it is said the Oath Rods probably had a completely different function in the Age of Legends but that nobody knows exactly what they were used for. Are there any theories?
  13. I'd even say he got lost on the way. :) Where there really so many angry people? I personally thought it was a reasonable choice since nobody could've finished the series while tying up all the loose threads in one book. Jordan said he wanted to but Jordan said a lot of things about his books that turned out to be wrong. After 10 books of meandering about it would've seemed weird to get a rushed end.
  14. You make that sound like a small disadvantage whereas I think it's a huge one. Doing any martial art for sports means you don't learn to actually kill or wound your opponent. Whereas real fighting is only about that.
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