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    EDIT: Forget it, misread your post haha.
  2. Great story. It really is. Definitely one of the best books I've read over the past year. Meant to start my collection of WH Auden, instead I'm reading American Gods, by Neil Gaiman. Interesting so far.
  3. Just finished Flowers for Algernon. Wow, I need to read something happy now. Going to start a compilation of poetry by W.H. Auden I think.
  4. I'm actually perfectly happy with the prices of ebooks. I'm perfectly fine with paying $10 for a book (and it's usually not even that high, my experience is that it's around $7, though it can go as high as $15 or more if you're getting a new release) that I don't have to lug around in physical form and can access from any mobile platform or PC.
  5. I'm sorry that I have to disagree with you, but I do. The VERY end of WOT is already written so there will be no tinkering with RJ's conclusion. As for the ending in broader terms, well, I hope Brandon was NOT allowed to tinker too much and I suspect her wasn't. While I have a deep appreciation for Brandon Sanderson doing his best to frame the last book in its final three parts, this is Jordan's story, and I hope it stays as true to RJ's exact intentions as possible. Fish No need to apologize. :) I agree that Jordan's vision for the very end should be unaltered, but I'd love to see the way Sanderson puts it all together. Think of Jordan's ending as a Christmas gift, and Sanderson as the gift wrapper. He does a damn good job at wrapping things up, and I really look forward to seeing how he does it, but in the end the gift itself is intact.
  6. Sweet's covers are horrid. The ebook covers are incredible. A couple of those covers I'd love to have blown up and used as posters actually.
  7. I've always liked how Brandon Sanderson wrote his endings (thinking Mistborn Trilogy here). They surprise you, some things come completely out of left field, but once you sit back and look at it, you realize that everything was wrapped up really well. Hopefully he's had enough freedom in writing AMoL that he'll be able to put a little bit of that style into the book.
  8. Actually reading something non-sci-fi/fantasy for the first time in a little while. I'm going through The Social Animal by David Brooks. It uses the story of a fictional couple to teach some of the intricacies of human interaction and psychology. Pretty educational without being bland. I'd recommend it for anyone interested in that kind of stuff.
  9. The Takeshi Kovacs novels...Altered Carbon, Broken Angels, and Woken Furies by Richard K. Morgan. Other poster was right that General Discussion would be the correct place for this thread. Superb series of books right there. OP, if you haven't read those, give 'em a shot. Morgan's a great author. EDIT: Just saw what Lurk posted, and I'd recommend The Dresden Files as well. Good books.
  10. Netalia Lackless is almost certainly Kvothes mother. She ran away with the minstrel troupe, she was upset at the rhyme the children in the village were singing about Lady Lackless and then there is Kvothe's father's song about her. Tally is short for Netalia and if you read the last three lines quickly "not tally a lot less" sounds alot like Netalia Lockless. Dammnnnnnn, I didn't even pick up on that. Looks like I need to do a reread.
  11. I've never read Elantris, but I really enjoyed the Mistborn series. I think you'd probably like them too.
  12. That's really where I see the series rivaling WoT. The world he's created is incredibly imaginative. I love the idea of Stormlight and how it works both in currency and to some degree the magic system. There's a ton of lore he's setting up too, which has the potential to be fantastic.
  13. If Sanderson keeps producing Stormlight Archive novels of the same quality as The Way of Kings, then I could absolutely see that series rivaling WoT.
  14. I second Rothfuss and Butcher. I've been going through The Kingkiller Chronicles; it's a fine series of books. I've never read Butcher's Codex Alera, but I have every entry in the Dresden Files series, and I can't recommend it enough. Easy to read, with a surprisingly well fleshed out world and complex characters.
  15. All I know is that the latest game got a 10/10 on IGN.
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