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  1. Does the One Power prevent pregnancy?

    No logic hole here, just a confusion with biology. Women have over 100,000 eggs and use 12 a year. You do the math.
  2. Sammael stood on the Illian side of a gateway he opened using inverted weaves to hide where he was and used the storm the girls had raised to send the lightning bolts down marching across Rand's Maidens and the Tower, then closed it when he saw his handiwork had the desired effect.
  3. Red Ajah Murderers

    It wouldn't go noticed. People might remark on men dying suddenly and unexpectedly, their, "luck running out." With the vile tricks that they had at their disposal it is entirely likely. Look at the methods of the BA and the other sisters that we see. Stopping someone's heart, compulsion in varying degrees, people vanishing like novices sent to work on farms and the farm owners which was strange but nothing was done. People went missing all the time that had no ties to the power, so 10,000 is entirely believable.
  4. Most of the men from the Two Rivers were younger boys too young for Perrin to consider taking with him.
  5. Sleete, and the Band of Bandits.

    Sabio is right. We see the wonder girls get captured by river brigands whose leader set up a deal with a Fade to sell the girls to them, so it stands to reason that these bandits likely were in it for the money and the shadow was paying. I wouldn't think it was tower involvement apart from maybe the Black Ajah.
  6. "Under the Dust" question

    It was another Ter'angreal for the weather. Their second jump took them to another repository of ter'angreal and such, but one not under the WT's control. In the comments above someone mentioned a device that needed men and women to work it to bring the two towers to working together (eventially when there was a black tower), but that wasn't the need. The main need was as important as the Horn of Valere. Despite the corrective effort we see eventually when the Bowl of the Winds was used to fix the weather, it was even more important during the Last Battle. Without it and the Windfinders using it constantly to the point of exhaustion, the weather would have killed everyone there at Shayol Ghul. About the men and women coming together mentioned above, the Bowl of the Winds needed Saidin and Saidar in order to work, luckily the Bowl could pull from the other half when Saidar was used with it, without the aid of male channelers. I think the Wheel knew that there was too much distrust and too few male channelers for another device to be used. The best #1 choice was the ter'angreal in the tower, the next best option was the BOW in Ebou Dar. I think people really overlooked the importance of the Bowl and the Windfinders at the Last Battle. I know I did until I came across this old post and its recent activity. Maybe the Bowl is part of BS's recent comments about something we all missed.
  7. Why Didn't Rand Recognise Tuon?

    Hehehe...nice catch. I wondered that myself but let it go as an Oops on RJ/BS's part.
  8. Accuracy of Badali Dragon pins

    I saw these a long time ago in silver. RJ had a hand in green-lighting the design at least. Personally I think the red enamel sets them off a little more over the plain gold-plated ones. I've also seen then in silver but from another jeweler but can't remember which, or maybe this is the same but their copyright is 2013 so I doubt it. I do remember they sold out fast. These are a nice little memento for fans.
  9. The Citadel would be a fitting place as he attended college there, or the college where his notes and such were donated to would also be a good location. We can't talk statue until WOT hits TV's with the impact like GOT. Once it does, everything will be milked from the WOT, outriggers, merchandise, movies possibly, etc.
  10. In Thom's article on WOT Wiki, it mentions that an Aes Sedai healed Thom following his encounter of the Fade at White Bridge. Did I miss something? I know later on when Thom and Moiraine are in Tear she does something to his knee healing it slightly, and says she wishes that a good healer had bene near when the wound had happened, but I've been through the series front to back too many times to count and haven't seen where this information came from. Was it the BWB or the Companion? The article mentions that his life was sacved by an Aes Sedai but the damage to his knee was too great to be fully healed. If so, who was it, and how did it happen? Did Thom flee down river? He was gone from White Bridge when Lan and Co. passed through.
  11. Crazy Verin/Mat Idea - Theory

    Yes, the memories he received to fill the holes left in his head by the Dagger's corruption were harvested by the Finns who use their emotions and experience to feed from, or like drugs from the fits we see of them feeding while Mat is in Finnland. But he also had the Blood of Manetheren that gave him a few words of the old Tongue, and during his being healed in Tar Valon, he gains memories of his past life as Eamon, King of Manetheran leading the final stand against the Trollocs at the river, commanding the Heart Guard.
  12. Crazy Verin/Mat Idea - Theory

    I would suggest that her father was Madoc Comadrin, the famous General but he died 600 years BEFORE Hawkwing rose to power. I doubt that Verin is thousands of years old. Mat remembers being the man and meeting the man in other men's memories. I think that the extent of life for channelers, the most powerful, who have not sworn on a binder is around 1000 years.
  13. Nyn Age

    From the way the series read, I thought that she was about 25, the boys almost 20, and Egwene 18-19. Then we have Perrin's observation of Faille comparing her to his age in TDR, yet later she becomes younger and younger until Perrin is almost robbing the cradle with her. With Nynaeve, most wisdoms started in their mid-thirties from what I felt, and people didn't approve of one that much younger taking over, but she proved herself in her short tenure before running off herself, or her lack of returning.
  14. Perhaps we focused on the right thing but went in the wrong direction with it. Rand is amused that he could light the pipe with a thought. Lan was killed(Sheathes the Sword), but then we see Lan rise, albeit wounded, and later Rand lights the pipe. Could he have spun the threads to create the perfect balance, the DO locked away, Lan semi-healed, Egwene and others dead honoring their memory, and the others alive, something so close to what would have been anyway, and the flame he creates indicates that it is all still his creation, a perfect one?
  15. Yes, RJ basically killed Asmo off using a convenient means of not putting in the work to do it properly and he was very amused at the reaction and theories that spun off from it. He'd never intended that to happen and it delighted him. It was why the equally vague sherlock letter he leaped on praising it and agreeing that it didn't matter. He had to write hints into how many books afterwards to leave a trail pointing at someone.