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  1. You have to remember that the Forsaken trapped at the sealing of the Bore were the strongest and the only ones left alive by that time. Many had been killed, and not just by the forces of Light. The Forsaken plotted and schemed and double-crossed one another all the time. Basically they were all reborn, or rather, they were replaced with new forsaken and Dreadlords which kind of took their place. Those turned against their will, those darkfriends who could channel that went to be trained by Taim...I'm sure off screen Taim and his few trusted lackeys were testing all the male darkfriends they could. And then Demi went and converted (freed) an entire nation of channelers gaining many hundreds of male and female channelers who kind of didn't seem to care who they served. Then there was the Black Ajah who lost a good number of their people in the culling. Much like Jordan believed, especially with the Wheel turning, history repeated itself. Or a version of it. It is kind of hard to believe, but LTT and Rand are from two different parts of history...one doomed to fail, and the other the true savior, both are the same soul, yet both need one another in order to exist. There will someday be a society who had forgotten the Dark One, who tries to use him for a source of new power, and is duped into boring a hole. The new Rand will come along and rebalance everything so that for thousands of years people will live in relative safety and will achieve a gaia-like existence, forgetting their history, even the Source at some point, and it all starts over.
  2. Dune to WoT

    RJ was a historian and as a youth did some traveling of the world thanks to the US Army (Vietnam). He studied in a prestigious War Academy, and was heavily influenced by Empires and Armies and famous battles. (The last battle's main fight is vaguely reminiscent of the Battle of Gettysburg and the Round Tops of the American Civil War.) I would say that the Aiel are a blend of the Zulus with the spears and the running everywhere, while their physical appearance is more Scottish (All the red hair and fair skin.) I do agree that RJ borrowed from anywhere and everywhere, knowingly and unknowingly. I saw the Never Ending Story as a kid and about a year ago saw it with my kids and several glaring things stuck out (many!), the same with the original Star Wars series and so many other things. Tolkien is where he borrowed from heaviest and where he got the main idea. He admits it in his interview for the audiobooks. He couldn't stand the quick start to traditional fantasy of a wizard showing up and everyone was like, "You are the one" and the character's quick acceptance of his fate. Of course there are a lot of commonalities as these are what separates fantasy from westerns or spy novels. In a lot of my writing, when I go back through and edit I find things all the time, especially in trying to generate random names for my characters on the fly. Of course when RJ has some 3,000 character names it's hard not to find something close, or character names in other novels I've read or the names of cities and such.
  3. Slayer killing rand's dad

    His dad went there to die like the male channelers discovered among the Aiel. After Rand's mom dies he loses himself, blames himself for not denying her, doesn't know where the child went. After that, in his eyes it was the honorable thing to do. I don't think that Luc vowed anything or much cared about his sister. Luc loves to hunt, and we see in the Two Rivers that he hunts the Shadow's creatures as much as he does any other. It was likely all prophesied, and meant to happen though that was only a mention for us to puzzle out, him being a man with a face of his dead love whom he couldn't raise a weapon to. Otherwise he probably would have killed Slayer or scared him into T'A'R because Slayer is a bully and likes easy kills. An Aiel Chief or soon to be chief out for blood, wanting to take as many of the shadow with him before he gets it? My money's on the Aiel.
  4. One Power 'nets'

    Might be crossover from LTT. In his day weaves and nets were called "webs" iirc, but we see the term "nets" used with some of the weaves when the girls are together, especially when they figure out how to change their appearance, I believe. Some of the forsaken are seen in character thinking of what they were doing as spinning or casting webs, especially referring to compulsion or maybe punishment weaves.
  5. While they had access to Wells, no one had a need to store a concentrated form of the power during that time when everyone was relatively strong and in the case of LTT and the Hundred companions, arrogant. Your logic is correct, however. If an Eye or a pool had existed and was used, then it would be tainted and would have driven them mad. The world would have broken but the source wouldn't be tainted. The only use for a concentrated well like the Eye was cleaning and storing the source in a physical form which concentrated it, whether that was the use or an unintended consequence we don't know. We do know that the Aes Sedai hid the banner and a seal and the HOV beneath the pool, likely based off prophecy. And we also know there were the same number of Eyes in RJ's original manuscript as there were seals, iirc. That was reworked and for a time it looked like for each Forsaken Rand and CO killed that a seal was broken, but then that fettered out. I attribute all that to early bookisms, the editing process where the publisher had a lot more input early on and so forth.
  6. Dune to WoT

    While Tolkein's LOTR was a big inspiration for him, admitted in his audiobook interview and how he wanted to change the way most fantasy involved someone showing up and announcing a prophesy of "You are the one..." he also borrowed from many sources outside of Myth and Religion...including The Never Ending Story, and Star Wars!
  7. Sorry for the rant, but I worked in retail and had to ship stale cigarettes back. I made the mistake of asking the vendors if the company destroyed it and was told what they do with it. Spread the cigarettes onto racks and treat them with chemicals and repackage them as new cigs. Some of the tobacco products can be well over a year old. Makes me even more glad I don't partake. So the next time you smokers detect a slight difference in your cigarette...now you know it's probably one of those packed with extra chems!
  8. Pipe tobacco and Cigarette tobacco are different. Also, in Randland Big Tobacco hasn't pumped all kinds of chemicals into the tobacco, they also don't recall Two Rivers Tobacco and steam in chemicals once past its date to "refresh it" and sell it as fresh tobacco...they also don't put fiberglass into chewing tobacco. Randland Tobacco= Natural original Native American Tobacco. Still not healthy, but in Randland it is an occasional enjoyment.
  9. Does the One Power prevent pregnancy?

    No logic hole here, just a confusion with biology. Women have over 100,000 eggs and use 12 a year. You do the math.
  10. Sammael stood on the Illian side of a gateway he opened using inverted weaves to hide where he was and used the storm the girls had raised to send the lightning bolts down marching across Rand's Maidens and the Tower, then closed it when he saw his handiwork had the desired effect.
  11. Red Ajah Murderers

    It wouldn't go noticed. People might remark on men dying suddenly and unexpectedly, their, "luck running out." With the vile tricks that they had at their disposal it is entirely likely. Look at the methods of the BA and the other sisters that we see. Stopping someone's heart, compulsion in varying degrees, people vanishing like novices sent to work on farms and the farm owners which was strange but nothing was done. People went missing all the time that had no ties to the power, so 10,000 is entirely believable.
  12. Most of the men from the Two Rivers were younger boys too young for Perrin to consider taking with him.
  13. Sleete, and the Band of Bandits.

    Sabio is right. We see the wonder girls get captured by river brigands whose leader set up a deal with a Fade to sell the girls to them, so it stands to reason that these bandits likely were in it for the money and the shadow was paying. I wouldn't think it was tower involvement apart from maybe the Black Ajah.
  14. "Under the Dust" question

    It was another Ter'angreal for the weather. Their second jump took them to another repository of ter'angreal and such, but one not under the WT's control. In the comments above someone mentioned a device that needed men and women to work it to bring the two towers to working together (eventially when there was a black tower), but that wasn't the need. The main need was as important as the Horn of Valere. Despite the corrective effort we see eventually when the Bowl of the Winds was used to fix the weather, it was even more important during the Last Battle. Without it and the Windfinders using it constantly to the point of exhaustion, the weather would have killed everyone there at Shayol Ghul. About the men and women coming together mentioned above, the Bowl of the Winds needed Saidin and Saidar in order to work, luckily the Bowl could pull from the other half when Saidar was used with it, without the aid of male channelers. I think the Wheel knew that there was too much distrust and too few male channelers for another device to be used. The best #1 choice was the ter'angreal in the tower, the next best option was the BOW in Ebou Dar. I think people really overlooked the importance of the Bowl and the Windfinders at the Last Battle. I know I did until I came across this old post and its recent activity. Maybe the Bowl is part of BS's recent comments about something we all missed.
  15. Why Didn't Rand Recognise Tuon?

    Hehehe...nice catch. I wondered that myself but let it go as an Oops on RJ/BS's part.