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  1. Fleeing the Ravens? Those screams sound weird for humans.
  2. Mat has memories of being various lords and soldiers and not just of women and battles, but of cities, being various lords, dancing, lore of old stories, music, and history stemming from battles before, during, and after (including those he died in). If he can remember songs and dance steps enough to teach musicians in an Inn, he can write a letter. Remember, he has to concentrate in order to separate his memories from those stuffed into his head. Those, along with those regained from his past life as King and leader of the Heart Guard including language skills during his healing in the white tower, are settled in his mind at this point of the book seamlessly. Maybe he was distracted while talking with Thom and was in "Mat Mode" but to me this was always intended to promote humor.
  3. The Ter'angreal for non-channelers we see from the scraps in the tower and what the girls come across shows that they could be used to operate machines (iirc some kind of harvester) and many, many other kinds to make things easier for the non-channelers. I think that they were tied into the lay lines that powered them with the power. As far as the names go and whether Ms. Sunhair could channel or not, I don't remember anything mentioned aside from the color of her hair and how she was the love of LTT's life and the misery he was in for killing her in his madness. There is a POV from one of the male forsaken who believe LTT stole her from him or took her off the market right before he was about to move in. It doesn't say she was a channeler, but to move in those high society circles that she did to gain the attention of LTT after Lanfear, and the other male forsaken she had to be very important and very prominent.
  4. I never saw it mentioned, but with those kind of details it seems that this is very likely, just not spelled out for us readers. Kind of fitting, the Seafolk making off with Tuon's ship. Quite a prize for the Seafolk.
  5. We see that there are shadow prophesies, this is revealed by a POV from Moridin, iirc. Demandred undertakes these trials to finish assembling his uber-powerful Sa'angreal and to bring the Sharans as an army on the side of the shadow.
  6. We see in Demandred's POV of his visit to SG that the Fades have limitations to their power. Their power lies in their ability to freeze people by the waves of fear they promote in others, and in their blade. The blades wear out and captives are required to give power to the blades with their souls which we see in the forgers scene with the handful of captives and D's POV of how the halfmen had to be gnashing their teeth at so few captives and so few new swords being produced. As a note, the fades are far more effective than the forsaken. This is probably why the DO creates Shadar Haran as his vessel rather than trusting a flawed human/forsaken.
  7. Another quick mention...there were more than just the 13 Forsaken. The 13 we know are those that weren't killed and were sealed away by LTT and his 100 companions. Can't find my companion or BWB but there might have been some that were free and not trapped and certainly others killed beforehand. Any not trapped would have been killed before or during the breaking.
  8. Ishy was trapped in the bore, but in such an imperfect way that he was thrown free/able to exist and touch the world every so often before being pulled back in somewhere near the edge which made him very mad. He influenced Hawkwing and I can't remember the other major events, maybe the Trolloc War? Sorry, but it's been a while. I'm going through the series once more in Audiobook format and just getting started. I should mention that we see in the Prologue that Ishy knows about the wheel and history repeating itself. He wants to break and end the wheel back then, so add in 3000 years of awareness and madness seeing the ages come and go so his ultimate goal is to end everything.
  9. Nice theory. It's mine as well. In handling the threads of creation in his battle with the Dark One he learned how to create an entire world and existence, he didn't need to channel, he just created the flame. Maybe he did it using the creator's own power, the threads of creation itself. Nice catch on the Aiel and their beliefs, I like that.
  10. When Matt is healed in the White Tower, we see his flashback POV as Aemon commanding the Heart Guard. Aemon was married to an Aes Sedai Queen who drew too much of the OP and melted Manetheran away when he died, and for the betrayal of the Aes Sedai and the men of Aridhol not coming. Oddly enough, the Ogier supposedly couldn't come in time, yet they had the Ways in which to travel through. I don't believe they were dark at that time. The parallels between Tuon channeling and being empress of Seanchan and Matt's behavior also lend to him being Aemon.
  11. I agree, it won't be 100% the same but sometimes it is fun to see people's interpretations. Hollywood does remakes of classic literature all the time and most of the time they are great. With Broadway plays and musicals the same plays are redone with interpretive license, even operas are redone keeping close to the original but with different actors in the roles you can have a great success or a flop. A lot of money is being put into this project because they don't want another Shannara or Goodkind's Sword of Truth where it gets one or two dismal seasons. The networks, and fans, are craving something of the caliber of GOT, so I believe things might be interesting enough to watch. And of course all of fandom will be reignited with millions of new fans just being exposed to the books so that will be really great as well.
  12. Yes, very nicely done. This came as a tall, cold glass of water after a long crawl across the desert that lasted years.
  13. I think most of us hardcore fans took a day off when the next book hit shelves or RJ came to town on a book signing tour. I took have done many rereads of the series, but I have done the audiobooks more than the books. I used to start with Eye and go through the entire series listening until I fell asleep, and start over. It took two months to get through them all, and to spice things up I'd add in New Spring once in a while as well.
  14. The Aiel were secret guardians of the knowledge that the Dark One existed and through their non-violence hoped to continue to influence the world to be a better place and to keep the DO at bay. When the bore was drilled they knew they had failed. In all seriousness, the AOL is sort of like a Hunger Games Utopia. The wealthy and privileged wined and dined and worked at their own uses of the OP or using the tech powered by the OP to do their own thing. There were lavish cities and gardens and Graendal is a perfect example of the indulgence, LTT a good example of the arrogance and superior thinking. Those people didn't really give much thought to all the others, those who supported that society by making the wine and tending the fields. Then again go sing a song and watch a Greenman dance and you have all the food you need in one go that just has to be harvested. The Forsaken were off doing their little experiments on people's minds or other experiments creating the precursors of the Trollocs and all the shadow's creatures, so there was a lot of shady stuff going on behind the scenes done against the less fortunate. If you got caught or exposed and became an embarrassment, then you were forced to use a binding rod to swear on that you wouldn't do that stuff any more. The Aes Sedai were servants of the people, they healed the sick, improved roads and made bridges out of Heartstone, and were up to all kinds of things. Even as great as the US or the UK and other "modern" powers are in being an overall good society, there is deviance and there is poverty and people going missing all the time. That is part of the balance.
  15. The "Test" is only effective in singling out women born with the spark, who will channel regardless. That is why they leap on RM's forkroot tea. It is far more effective and likely faster. It seems to work on any woman who can or can learn to touch the source. There are many references of women fainting or going weak after drinking it. Most likely never knew they could touch the source or could learn. The collar is only effective on suldam who have worked long supervising and being linked to channelers.
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