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  1. Mat isn't Aemon. He's just Mat.
  2. I was re-reading the series recently when I saw something about Fain controlling Machin Shin. I was wondering how is this possible. I realize that there's probably already a thread on this but I'm too lazy to find it.
  3. I disliked her until she went to the Aiel, then her growth and maturation made me like her. She went to Salidar, and her political savvy made me like her. While I hated reading the Elayne sequences from PoD -> ToM, I liked reading the Egwene sections. Then Egwene was captured in the Tower, and her grace under the circumstances REALLY made me like her. Along with Rand's arc in EoTW (and his post-Dragonmount arc), Mat's arc with Tuon, and Perrin's Two Rivers arc (pre-Faile kidnapping), Egwene's Tower arc is my favorite in the series. I never understood the haters. She has her annoying quirks, but she stopped being wrong as much once she went with the Aiel, at least. It seems to me that it boils down to whether or not you like the Aes Sedai. I do, so seeing Egwene become one is not a bad thing for me. I couldn't agree with you more
  4. I tried getting my mum into WoT but after TGH she stopped reading it and my brother is the only one who listens when I start talking about WoT. My whole family thinks that WoT is junk The only person I know who reads the books is in Denmark
  5. Mine are: - You now use WoT curses rather than regular, real life curses - You add the word 'bloody' everywhere in your sentences, à la Mat Cauthon ^ - You dream about WoT almost every night. Epic dreams at that ^^ - You used to be scared of dead people and ghosts when it's dark, but now you're afraid of Gholams. I swear it's true. - You have to remind yourself that WoT is NOT real life. - You have attempted to use the Flame and the Void in a fight. More than once. And it sort of worked - I've quoted WoT at friends as unconventional wisdom. - When you wish you could Travel to school or work so you can wake up later or go back in a snap to get something you left behind. - When you are outside in wintertime without a coat, and simply decide to not let the cold affect you. And it works. - When you randomly say "The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills" to your friends (to which they then look at you like you're finally over the edge). - When you become very, very, very good at Aes Sedai answers to questions you don't want to answer. - When you try to follow ji'eh'toh or at least the basic idea of it, since the whole of it would take several months of speaking to a real Aiel - You see crows and you grow suspicious, and look for a way to kill them before remembering that unfortunately, this is real life, and you can't go around killing birds lest they report what they saw to the Dark One, because, yo! this is real life. (I dive behind a pole or hide behind my friends whenever I see one.) -When you think (or say) "Dovie'andi se tovya sagain" when you think you need a little luck. -When you do novice exercises to try to channel. -When you spend way too much time daydreaming about what it would be like to live in the WoT world I should stop typing and get a life.
  6. It's not a typo. I was 9 when I started reading it
  7. Female,10 and Nynaeve and Mat are my favourite characters
  8. Internet, bathroom stuff and CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!
  9. 1. Nynaeve's test for the shawl 2. Mat in the ToG 3. The fight at Maradon 4. Black Tower 5. Gawyn fighing the Bloodknifes 6. Aviendha at Rhuidean
  10. 1. Egwene 2. Nynaeve 3. Moiraine
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