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  1. Mat isn't Aemon. He's just Mat.
  2. I just finished the first last week
  3. kk thanks for letting me know
  4. Read Narnia and LotR Thanks for all the others. I'm gonna be busy for a long time.
  5. I LOVE the HP series! My favourite is tDH.
  6. Some people think that the later HP books are dark??? Weird. I know heaps of 11 year olds that have read them.
  7. Thanks! Never heard of Dark Tower. I have to visit a bookstore soon.
  8. umm...I kinda want books that don't have a whole chapter of calling people whores. They are awesome books though.
  9. I REALLY need a new book series sort of like WoT. Unfortunately I can't read stuff like A Song of Ice and Fire because I just turned 11 yesterday. If you know any awesome fantasy books that don't have sex scenes or people calling other people whores please tell me. The more similar to WoT the better. Thanks.
  10. just finished Fellowship of the Ring by Tolkien and i'm currently reading the Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks. After I'm probably going to re-re-read WoT
  11. Metallica- Blackened, Unforgiven (all of them), One, And Justice for all, Master of Puppets and HEAPS more System of a Down- Chop Suey, B.Y.O.B, Revenga, Sad Statue Iron Maiden- Children of the Damned, Number of the Beast, Fear of the Dark, Run to the Hills Slayer- World Painted Blood Evanescence- Bring me to Life
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