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  1. I'm not bothered by the way BS have written the books, sure some things stands out but if you think of it a bit more... It's a wonder any of the characters behave like the used to when the entire pattern is unraveling and even the dead walk in the streets.
  2. I think the OP meant to point out that we'r all sitting here and try to find hidden meanings in the way the author tell the story, just like a Cairhienin would do.
  3. Doesn't channelers sence shadowspawn close by? I seems to remember them doing it in the early books. Wouldn't the channelers in the dark tower react?
  4. Why not just open a huge gateway inside the for example the blacktower and let the edges destroy walls ect, the whole thing will topple.
  5. Did the melding between the two change after Rand had his hallelujah moment on the Dragonmount? Could Rands current state of mind induce a change in Moridins?
  6. Perhaps he rules in Shara(land beyond the waste)?
  7. wouldn't it be impossible for her to channel if she has a thing like Mats on her body?
  8. Voted nr 3, he's just that good :)
  9. What about the pregnant girl(s)? could he be about to be born?
  10. open up a gateway in the enemy camp and have the other end in a lake or ocean...flood their damn camp :)
  11. Heroes of the Horn? Did't Birgitte and Gaidal watch the main characters in Tar before finally deciding to make contact?
  12. Homosexuals have a stigma on them placed on them by various religions in our time, if there were no holy bibles and Korans we would have a entirely different view on homosexuality imho. Back in the ancient Rome and Greece homosexuality wasn't stigmatized to the degree we see today. We have seen or heard nothing of this intolerance in Randland.
  13. I guess most ppl started reading Eye of the world...
  14. Another thought, are they even Warders after their AeS Sedai is dead? or are they just ordinary men?
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