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Wheel of Time Mafia Signups


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Wheel of Time Mafia!


I will be running a Wheel of Time themed mafia game right here on the SG board. I want you all to sign up, except for Kivam (who has an excuse to not sign up having seen the setup). I want 31-39 players. That's right, this game is going to be huge. And epic. There will be lots of roles. There will be items. There will be thief plays. There will be an alternative mafia win condition. There will be other things I can't tell you about.


This is going to be a very long (I think possibly two months), complicated (lots of roles, items, theft, "gifts") game and you will be expected to be relatively active (you will probably be ok with one game related post per day) so it is not for the faint of heart. Short (on the order of days) announced LOAs are ok, but unannounced or prolonged inactivity will not be tolerated. If you don't think you will be able to commit to this game, please back out before it starts. Otherwise, have fun! I won't turn away new players who are committed to playing and learning.


The mafiascum.net wiki is a great resource on roles and common strategies so spend some time looking at that. I would also like to direct you to the DM Mafia Games board (it is a child board of General Discussion) where we play mafia regularly and have a sticky with some info. I will also be offering help to those who ask for it in game. Finally, if you aren't in the social group, consider signing up (New Members Thread). Shayol Ghul is a fun place to kick back and let your evil show.


mafiascum.net Newbie Guide: http://mafiascum.net/wiki/index.php?title=Newbie_Guide





You must have a pulse. No book knowledge is required per se, however knowledge of the first six books of the series will help. This is a Wheel of Time fan site after all.







1. Song <3

2. Austicles

3. ed2scumy

4. Amoondah

5. Alanna

6. AJ

7. Aemon

8. Play3r

9. Amadine

10. Krak

11. Kwom Masbag

12. TMD

13. keyholder

14. Verbal

15. Red

16. Adella

17. Mynd

18. paetric

19. Locke

20. drewoftherushes

21. CurtDragon

22. Virtuhall

23. Quibby

24. stryder68

25. tobi

26. bgrishinko

27. Naeann !!! <3

28. trench

29. Vambram

30. gadywe

31. killuliu

32. Deadlyfreind

33. Tigraine

34. ThorkinBarrimore

35. David Hermes

36. Blackhoof

37. Nyn



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Of course that was a sign up! Verbal knows very well the consequences for posting in a sign up thread without actually saying he is signing up. Why it would be quite SCUMMY of him to bait such a question.....unless he was waiting to see who else would sign up and therefore let that determine if his post was indeed said signing up and so forth.


So yes, Verbal signs up.....and so do I!

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