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    I like lots of things! Reading, writing, video games, playing music, being gay, etc etc. See, lots of things.
  1. Oh my gosh Sooh, that's so sweet and cool!!! It's really so amazing seeing how trans ppl allowed to transition really blossom and grow on their particular HRT c: And oh my gosh thank you so much, Sooh and Lily ;u;
  2. aaaaaaaa oh my gosh I'm totally blushing, thank you two so much ;u;u;u And if anybody had any questions about what transition has been like or how things have changed with me, feel free 2 ask!!
  3. Oh my gosh, thank you so much!!! To both of those ;u; Aaa I'm blushing~
  4. Aaaaaaa, that definitely makes sense~ c: Lmao gusto is one word for it~
  5. Eeeee, thank you so much Blom ;u; I feel AMAzing, and better than I've ever felt before c: Why should your stepson check them out tho :o And omg thank u, Mother ;u; If you like the leather jacket look, here are some bonus pics of me doing a closet cosplay of grown-up Eleven from Stranger Things ;u;
  6. Hiya everyone! ! I'm at 1 year and 8 months on HRT (hormone replacement therapy), and I thought it could be fun to do an update for everybody~ This first post will just be pics, but if anybody has any questions for what I've gone through and what changes with my body and myself that I've experienced, please feel more than free!! I'll answer anything at all c: First off, we have me completely pre-HRT, before I ever really realized I was trans? I look kinda dashing in the first pic tbh, but in the second one.... like, gross lmao. And here's me presenting as female~ Still pre-HRT, though. 3 months HRT~ 5 months HRT~ 8 months HRT c: 9 Months HRT: 11 Months HRT~ 1 year HRT!!!!!!!! 1 year 4 months HRT~ 1 Year 5 Months HRT~ 1 Year 6 Months HRT: 1 year 7 months HRT~ And, finally, me yesterday at 1 year 8 months HRT~~~~ c:
  7. Starling - Warder- Manshima I picked the Atha'An Miere because it's an entire nation of poc that buck gender roles almost entirely It's Really good ;u;
  8. Eeeee, yessss totally hifive!! I want to get more piercings, too, and a tattoo sleeve c: But it's all so expensive :ccc And tyyyyy!!! c: The lipstick I used is this one c:
  9. Aaaaaa Leelou and Chaelca, you two look amazing~~ My poor gay heart ;u; Aaaaaaaa also!!! So my one year anniversary for starting hormones was last month ;u;u; And I was SO Excited for it!! It felt like a more important and exciting version of my birthday c: Here's a progress pic, which also happens to be a pic of me in my first sports bra c:
  10. It was rly rly rly sweet of the Dark One to resurrect her in the proper body, tbh ;u; Like, seriously, what a thoughtful dude. It kind of sucks that the transition process in WoT involves... y'know, death, but I mean. You do what you gotta do.
  11. Greed: Low Gluttony: Medium Wrath: Low Sloth: High Envy: Low Lust: Very High Pride: Medium I would have thought Wrath would be higher, but Lust is exactly where I expected.
  12. Aa, oh my gosh thank you guys so much ;u; Imperator Starling works for me just fine ccc: Oh! And if anybody's curious to see me without makeup, here I am~ (also I have my glasses on)
  13. Aaaa hello~! I've been gone for a long time again I'm sorry ;nnn; Here's me at... like seven and a quarter months. c: Everybody here looks so amazing by the way ;u;
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