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  1. Oh noes. I'm doing great!! Lots of studying and kittens and work and that's pretty much my life these days. I will happily wreck wolves AND villagers with you once I'm a CPA ^.^ Zander doesn't know how to listen, tho.
  2. I like the noise dice make when you throw them, tbh.
  3. ZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!! Why the name change, best frond???
  4. Nah. I've already failed it twice and wasted waaayyy too much money.
  5. Now I regret adding these mentions to my email notifications. If a sub is needed though still, there are too many pages and I'm studying so no time :(
  6. Is that. MY NAME?!?!! How dare you call my name without telling me!!!
  7. Well I can't change my claim now. Too late, alreasdy lunched!
  8. I told you to contact me when it happens, man. Just let me know. I recall that I'm allowed to totally wing it and barely play?
  9. One thing good about dogs is that you can bring them with you. Like, I'd bring a dog if i was visiting family but I couldn't bring my cats and would need someone to check in on them
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