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  1. How come there are no games in signups?

    Well I can't change my claim now. Too late, alreasdy lunched!
  2. How come there are no games in signups?

    Well then I guess I claim mafia goon.
  3. How come there are no games in signups?

  4. A decision about mafia

    Sounds legit. I'm in
  5. Cats are better pets than dogs

    You don't get a cat. A cat gets you.
  6. A decision about mafia

    I told you to contact me when it happens, man. Just let me know. I recall that I'm allowed to totally wing it and barely play?
  7. A decision about mafia

    Interesting. But I like the decision
  8. Cats are better pets than dogs

    One thing good about dogs is that you can bring them with you. Like, I'd bring a dog if i was visiting family but I couldn't bring my cats and would need someone to check in on them
  9. Cats are better pets than dogs

    well... mine both enjoy tasting my fingers. I doubt they'd hesitate much.
  10. Cats are better pets than dogs

    my cats don't try to kill me, I still have to feed them. But if there was a battle between my cats, the 5 month old 6 pounder would definitely win against the 3 year old 9 pounder any day. This would theoretically be after they ate my dead body and needed a new food source.
  11. Cats are better pets than dogs

    In summary, cats 100% better than dogs.
  12. Cats are better pets than dogs

    My cats are the best part of my life. Just adopting my cat Dora in February gave me more of a reason to be better to myself than I'd been recently. It's amazing getting to take care of my little one and have her depends on me, even if she's an anxious little thing that sheds too much and is allergic to normal cat food... I adopted Rowena in June/July and she's about 5 months old now and a major hassle but when she's sweet (aka sleeping), it's so perfect. I feel like cats are pretty independent by nature and I could never take care of a dog. Just having to take them out every 4 hours seems like a major hassle when I spend 12 hours away from home everyday. The cats poop in a box and give me lovens and cuddle with me to watch Netflix. They don't slobber or bark or do weird dog things. Cats are basically perfect.
  13. Harry Potter Mafia at the White Tower

    Lol I'm only in as a mentor or hydra that doesn't play lololol