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  1. well, yeah, that is what the fades job has been described as, but that doesn't mean that its the most effective use of them. As a random thought: during the trolloc wars, what would be more effective? A fade leading a battalion as a sneak attack? or a couple fades shadow-teleporting into camp, and even if all the commanders happen to have perfect protection, the fades could still kill all the watchmen pretty easily.
  2. I've just started growing it out a few years ago, and its only just getting past shoulder length. I only ever really wear it in a ponytail or loose
  3. Heavily agree with Agreddon on the concept art for Perrin. Also, I just really disagree with the image of Mat's actor that was originally sent out and is in the bottom right. The other images of the actor I can see as Mat, just not that one.
  4. That would be a good way to allow you to cut the mob scene. And, yeah, you really need to get the story of Manetheran.
  5. Even if no one else is interested in this, I think its hilarious, and would ask you to tell me where I can find the rest of this.
  6. I wouldn't change Lan fighting Demandred, Logain gets Taim, Then, Egwene could take Moghedien, as opposed to Moghedien going out like a chump. Admittedly, I think that for a Last Battle conflict between Egwene and Moghedien to be good, Moggie needs to get some kind of angreal or sa'angreal buff.
  7. That was one of my other ideas. When showing the PoV of channelers while in a battle, I often visualized it as being on another plane entirely. All of the imagery describing Rand "Feeling at knots" and "battering at the wall" always made me think of him doing that sort of thing physically inside a mental space.
  8. Most of the stuff with Logain will probably be in episode four, as you placed it. As for it being the first non-Moiraine introduction, I suppose, although there were earlier lines about "how if I had known I would have found trollocs and Myrdraal I would have dragged a half dozen of my sisters"
  9. I agree with 1-4. 5 and 6 could potentially be Moiraine backstory ground. Honestly, I prefer your idea, but on the other hand, an episode title like "The Flame of Tar Valon" should have some exceptionally large Tar Valon content, of the sort that I'm not sure Rand meeting Elaidia would generate.
  10. You could have the gestures be him standing up. Sure it breaks the sequence of events a little, but depending on how the scene is played, that could be hand-waved. Alternately, you could have him making little finger movements in the box.
  11. This seems to have them. Didn't look that long, though http://thewertzone.blogspot.com/2019/03/the-wheel-of-time-tv-series-update.html
  12. A few random things A - as far as the episode title for 6 goes, it might very well be a flashback to some Moiraine backstory B - "5. One of the female forsaken needs to be a general" Near the end of aMoL, Moghedien starts commanding after Demandred dies. You could either play this up, or you could play up Mesaana's abilities. These are the two that could concievably fight this criteria, in my opinion. C - I personally really like the idea of combining Gawyn and Galad. As an earlier poster said, if you just drop the Galad name, and have Gawyn start as he doe
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