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  1. The key word is "great deal" That graph doesn't mean that only 35% of Republicans believe in climate change, it just means that about 65% of them have higher priorities.
  2. I agree very strongly with what 2riversfan said. For her to be the glue, she would need to actually be in the middle part of the series
  3. I actually agree with this. I really liked it when they came out of nowhere because it makes sense that they would be doing something during the last battle and we just hadn't heard anything about them in the last while. Why wouldn't a forsaken be over there, particularly with Demandred having been broadcasted as being off the map during the last few books.
  4. Honestly, how closely do you see the Black and White towers working? Sure, there'll be about a hundred pairs of male and female channelers working together, but I really don't see very many more bonds being created. Furthermore, while Randland could subjegate shara if they worked together, They probably won't. Even if they did, they wouldn't be able to decide which Nation officially would gain control of it.
  5. The inventory thing was purely as a function of population "Land never truly at peace" war time innovation is a thing What does Shara have to do with the seanchan needing balance from the rest of the world?
  6. First, it is shown repeatedly that the average person in seanchan held lands are fine with their rule. Not many people would have a daughter taken. Also, I think that Tuon and Elayne would be largely comparable in generaling abilities. Furthermore I think that there are a number of situations where mat would help seanchan take over the rest of the world. I also don't see many situations where the black and white towers wholeheartedly join forces. Both Cadsuane and Logain would want to be the greater partner. As far as Avi's vision goes, that's what would've happened if the aiel where left out of the dragons peace. Now that they are in it, I expect things to continue, as one would expect until the seanchan have control of their randlane holdings and have regained control of Seanchan. They would then proceed to grow on relative power economically as they would have far more potential inventors in their lands. I also think that they would experience a slow movement towards Damane rights through bleed over from the other nations.
  7. I actually really like the Seanchan What would change though, is give Fain a proper conclusion. I also wholeheartedly agree with this.
  8. I started when I was 14. For the next couple of years I would reread the series every couple of months to get more of the world. I kept counting until reread number 13, when I stopped bothering. I, fortunately, never had to wait for any of the books. As far as a sense of loss when the series ended goes, I always feel that acutely.
  9. Perrin is supposed to be somewhat shorter than Rand. I don't have anything exact, but I would guess about half a head.
  10. I would also vote for the books. During my first read through, I remember, as I was reading the climax of Lord of Chaos, I was so into it, that it far closer to being dreaming than anything else. ... Come to think of it, I might actually have been partially asleep and dreaming at the time. It was incredibly vivid.
  11. I never really cared for Egwene. When we very first met Gawyn, I thought he had potential, but it wasn't really followed through on. I liked Siuan at the beginning, and ended with being lukewarm on her. I also liked both Rand and Mat all the way through. Same with Thom. And Tuon. Moiraine I went from lukewarm to liking and back to lukewarm.
  12. I don't actually know very much about any of the titles in particular, but I've heard good things about the following: Gears of war Shadow of Mordor Ori and the blind Forest Diablo Dishonored I've heard al lot of conflicting things about Destiny 2 with a slight edge to negative, I think I haven't seen anything of Injustice to differentiate it from any other title in the genre, unless you're a big fan of DC.
  13. 20/30 Also, why is this in the Mafia thread?
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