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  1. Break of Dawn - Miracle of Sound

    nvr mind
  3. political meme's & lolz

    The point that Nolder was making (I think) is that everyone knows that rape is wrong. But the people that do it don't care.
  4. The "I just played..." Thread that was twenty minutes of my life...
  5. Well, Thom's nephew wouldn't have been channeling for very long, he probably didn't have control of it yet. He still died from the depression. I would think that a lot of the Red Ajah's victims were gentled shortly after they started touching the true source.
  6. Transcription Assistance

    I definetly heard the word "wise" but thats all I got. But, if he was trying to figure out who Nakomi was, he might very well have stopped by the Wise ones.
  7. Series pacing, thoughts?

    Solarz has a wonderful point. But, I can't think of anyone who has ever accused anyone in that arc of having much sense.
  8. Logain Or Taim: Who Do You Like More?

    I like Logain more. If we'd been given more time to get a good look at Taim, maybe that would've changed, but we didn't.
  9. The "I just played..." Thread

    man, I love the 64. Also, .... Ducks? sure, I guess....
  10. Would you buy these games ?

    I like the idea of a customizable character, but I rarely end up with one I'm satisfied with. The witcher games on my to-play list.
  11. Lord of the Rings would be my best, I think
  12. Come with me to the Other Side - Orden Ogan
  13. I guess I'll sub, if the need comes up
  14. Thoughts on the Aiel

    First, The Aiel have about a somewhat larger population than the main randland nations which is all the AS have access to. True, the AS have a worse method for finding channelers than the Aiel but its still better than the Seanchan method. The Seanchan only found people who had the spark, but they did find all of them. They found a ton of channelers in Randland was because of the all of the people with potential to learn, plus all of the people who managed it on their own. True, the AS would have found more wilders if they used the seanchan method, but that would take more control than they have, and they would have found less people who didn't have the spark. As for the kin, remember that the AS have Standards if a person is too weak in some regard or another, out they go. That also explains why there are so few AS.

    Even though I'm unexperienced I'm willing to play if you need more people by the time you want to start