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  1. is that confirmed in one of the interviews?
  2. Series pacing, thoughts?

    I heartily agree with your thoughts about Faile and Elayne. But yeah, I wouldn't have minded the last few books taking a slightly slower pace. As to the idea about various arcs having their own book, the only one that I particularly agree with is the mat/tuon arc. Even after multiple rereads, I still have no idea which book thats in. I think it starts in 6 and lasts through 7?
  3. I'll play if it starts after July 22nd
  4. The "I just played..." Thread

    yeah, I had civ 4 on disc, but I got a new laptop that wouldn't run it so I got it on steam
  5. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia]

    I've got to go. I'll be back tomorrow. Please don't hammer me until then.
  6. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia]

    So, its more or less me, Dice, Zander or AJ? Nobody really seems to think that Dice is actually scum, although the general consensus is still that he played weirdly. Darthe seems to have some doubts on Zander, which might need to be restated Someone had doubts about AJ, but I don't really see those in the past couple of pages. I was fairly consistently placed near the top villager end of the spectrum and stayed there until after Hally's lynch, when Cory brought out his case. My personal pick would be down to Dice or Zander. Dice has been a potential wagon for the entire game, but seems to have been semi-cleared for being targeted/targeting Hally/DPR, tone, and game mechanics? Zander had a bit of early beef with Cory, and has fairly consistently been placed middle of pack or leaning slightly to either direction. I don't actually have a case on either, but, I think Dice is more likely to be scum. Honestly, pretty much everyone else left is reading pretty clean to me, but Zander is a bit less so than the others.
  7. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia]

    Admittedly, I can kinda see what Cory is calling me on, which might not be a good thing to say, but, I think I should respond to that some, and I really have no idea how I should defend myself here.
  8. After the end

    but when Rand leaves, they don't know, and I think they would start an uproar
  9. After the end

    I'm pretty sure that he's refered to as a forsaken at one point. Yes, nobody knows he's actually Ishamael. But, Nynaeve and Moiraine know that he's a forsaken, and neither of them are in on Rand's switch.
  10. After the end

    So. At the end of the series, Rand gets a new body, and can go frolic wherever he pleases. But, isn't that the body of a FORSAKEN? Why is there not a panic as the world tries to catch ISHAMAEL? Also, as Elayne was the only one of Rand's lovers to actually get his kids before he got a new body, how do any of the other Dragon lineages get going? Maybe they just don't in this timeline, but if they did, how does anyone accept that?
  11. Series pacing, thoughts?

    yeah, nearly everyone says that 8-10 are really slow. During my first read through, I only noticed it in 9, and in all of my rereads I skip those two arcs. And the majority of the wonder girls' adventures.
  12. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia]

    I agree with Darthe, I don't think Dice is allied with Hallia. although, after we lynch Hallia, he'd be my next vote.
  13. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia]

    I've got to go. I'll be back tomorrow, though.
  14. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia]

    Other way...
  15. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia]

    I'm for hallia/dpr.