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  1. i'll probably get it wrong and it could easily be a line taken from some other source but still... "men forget, but never forgive. women forgive, but never forget."
  2. i'm going to guess gangs of new york liam neeson plays a priest so why not...though i doubt it could be considered MUCH less violent than there will be blood
  3. clearly people watch too much wheel of fortune... - - e / i d e s / o f / m a - - -
  4. Think some "similarities" with SoT and a certain other series have been well documented here as well. no way... i was pretty sure i was the first person to notice the similarities. now i feel like a johnny-come-lately. :-)
  5. sword of truth i liked the sword of truth up until i read ayn rand. the fountainhead was a decent read but the political ideology was something i couldn't get behind. then, one day, i realized the similarities between between the fountainhead and faith of the fallen and physically wretched. i went on to read atlas shrugged...after that i no longer questioned why i liked sinclair lewis novels.
  6. "This is one of the books that made us all fall in love with the series." totally agree...so much about TSR to love...i can't argue passionately argue against books 4, 5, or 6 but if pressed i would go with tFoH based on the idea that my favorite scenes occur at the end. i think the best parts of tSR and LoC happen somewhere in the middle.
  7. i started in late june 1996. someone suggested 2 fantasy series to me, i read them both to completion and have never had the opportunity to discuss either series or thank him for his suggestions...such is life.
  8. i would probably go with tFoH as well. i've been keeping tabs on my little sister who is currently reading the series and is on book 5. this is the volume that i'm most excited for her to get to the end of but i also really want her to get to LoC because a lot of great scenes happen in that book as well.
  9. oh cindy...what is this, wheel of fortune? - - e / - - e - / - - / - - - - -
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