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  1. It's that time again ladies and gents! The 2nd Australian Land of Madmen WoT Convention is being held in Sydney again this year on Saturday 8th October 2016! Read all about our Con here: http://www.landofmadmen.com/ It's not too late for the early bird pricing! Get your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/the-land-of-madmen-an-australian-convention-for-the-wheel-of-time-tickets-26801118868?aff=erelexpmlt
  2. Heya Wombat, how ya been man! Long time no see!
  3. It is a mistake to lynch me. I am town. The more Basel posts the more I think he and Kae are the last of the scum. Kae has already admitted fault in the death of 2 townies and yet you all seem oblivious to that fact. VOTE KAE
  4. I can go with Dice, but I still believe Kae is scum UNVOTE VOTE DICE
  5. If there had been a townie on my vote I would be dead. I am confident that there are three scum left and they tried for a quick lynch with nothing to go on. Thankfully the town were not so quick to bandwagon. Watch those three try again to lead the town around.
  6. Maybe it's dice as scum instead of Lenlo tho and they are hoping a townie will hammer me. I am not sure but Kae is definitely scum
  7. And bro, you have kae, dice and Basel voting and not voting :)
  8. You are being lead by the scum. If Kae were town the mafia would have jumped on my vote and killed Kae off. If you lynch me this game is over and Kae and Lenlo and either Hallia or Basel win the game as scum. Just for the record I am Thomas Jefferson.
  9. With the results if the last day and night... VOTE KAE
  10. Okay that got weird, the more Mish posts in frustration the more scummy she seems. But I have felt that same frustration so I am not sure. We are getting down to the nitty gritty of this game though. At this stage I can't see anyone switching out their votes so rather than risk another double lynch as punishment I am going to VOTE MISH
  11. Interesting. I am unsure of kae, Mish, and Lenlo. We are getting down to the wire now and can't really afford to be lynching townies if we can help it. Personally I get sense of Kae and Lenlo joining forces to push a lynch on Mish, but my scumdar has been way off in this game so I am reluctant to base any more votes of it.
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