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  1. Why hellos there my pretties! I'm Ama Sedai and I'm a rarity in these parts these days as RL grabs me up and shakes the crap out of me on a regular basis lol I'm Red through & through though, despite my lack of visits. I was raised to Aes Sedai waaaay back in 2010 and my Reds were a sanctuary for me. I've been married to my soul mate Peter for almost 18 years. My Rugrats are now almost 17 & 13 and I work full time as a Site Manager of a Truck Port Service Station (gas station) and Area Support for 23 other stores. My bonded sisters and brothers are kicking around, some
  2. Popping in to say hello! I have missed you all xxx
  3. Paperback is out in Australia, though it is the same size as the US hardback - I have both.
  4. I am the same HTAM, i began reading at 14 and now i am 34 - i cannot even remember not having an awareness of WoT in my psyche LOL I hope you enjoy your time here at DM :)
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