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  1. Why hellos there my pretties! I'm Ama Sedai and I'm a rarity in these parts these days as RL grabs me up and shakes the crap out of me on a regular basis lol I'm Red through & through though, despite my lack of visits. I was raised to Aes Sedai waaaay back in 2010 and my Reds were a sanctuary for me. I've been married to my soul mate Peter for almost 18 years. My Rugrats are now almost 17 & 13 and I work full time as a Site Manager of a Truck Port Service Station (gas station) and Area Support for 23 other stores. My bonded sisters and brothers are kicking around, some
  2. Paperback is out in Australia, though it is the same size as the US hardback - I have both.
  3. I am the same HTAM, i began reading at 14 and now i am 34 - i cannot even remember not having an awareness of WoT in my psyche LOL I hope you enjoy your time here at DM :)
  4. Welcome all! DM is a fantastic home on the net :) If you have any questions just ask!
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