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  1. Why hellos there my pretties! I'm Ama Sedai and I'm a rarity in these parts these days as RL grabs me up and shakes the crap out of me on a regular basis lol I'm Red through & through though, despite my lack of visits. I was raised to Aes Sedai waaaay back in 2010 and my Reds were a sanctuary for me. I've been married to my soul mate Peter for almost 18 years. My Rugrats are now almost 17 & 13 and I work full time as a Site Manager of a Truck Port Service Station (gas station) and Area Support for 23 other stores. My bonded sisters and brothers are kicking around, some
  2. Popping in to say hello! I have missed you all xxx
  3. Paperback is out in Australia, though it is the same size as the US hardback - I have both.
  4. I am the same HTAM, i began reading at 14 and now i am 34 - i cannot even remember not having an awareness of WoT in my psyche LOL I hope you enjoy your time here at DM :)
  5. Welcome all! DM is a fantastic home on the net :) If you have any questions just ask!
  6. Amadine's RL has got in the way of everything this year.
  7. Valeri entered the details in the Novice Book and finished the entry with her own flowing signature. Sitting back in her seat Valeri lifted the teacup to her lips and sipped the sweetened tea. After a moment she spoke, "Did Kevrin Sedai explain the rules of being a Novice in the White Tower child?" Valeri knew that Farissa would not have taken the time out to speak of such things to a potential Novice but Kevrin on the other hand was much more thorough in these things usually. The hour was late but the basic rules of the Tower must be known by all, even the newest Novice to allow
  8. Ama pulled her red-fringed shawl up closer against the chill and made her way from the Red Ajah Halls down to the Hall of the Tower. It was a special day. When Ama entered the Hall she could see she was running a little late... how incredibly unusual.. <.< >.> Ama stepped through the gathered crowd and moved towards where the Mother... her sister... waited with a beautiful friend of Ama's. Mother, i would speak for this woman. I met Kate in a Google+ chat not long after she joined DM. She became a regular participant in the nightly chats a group of us were having.
  9. Valeri nodded as the child told of fleeing Malkier. It had pained Valeri to hear of the fall of the Golden Crane. As a boardlander herself, that the blight had consumed the magnificent lakes and lands of the Malkeri, had come as an arrow to the heart. If Malkier could fall, so too could her own homeland of Saldaea. "You have had a difficult time child, but if i know the Malkeri, it has only made you stronger, and more determined to succeed in the battle against the Dark One." "Did the Aes Sedai whom escorted you here explain what it means to become a Novice of the White Tower? About th
  10. Valeri was well accustomed to tears, but the sight of this child sliding to the floor with sobs racking her entire body was heart wrenching. Valeri spread her skirts and knelt on the floor. She gathered the distressed girl into her arms and held her until the tears subsided. Smoothing Liana's hair, Valeri reheated the tea she had set out previously with a thread of fire, then stood, pulling the child gently to her feet and then guiding her to the chair once more. She stirred and extra teaspoon of honey into the child's tea and set the cup in her still trembling hands. "Drink this dear, it
  11. "May I ask you something?" the child seated before her asked, Valeri inclined her head and the lass continued, "Is it possible to send letters to my mother, to let her know that I am okay?" Valeri smiled, "Of course you may write your mother child. Perhaps you might tell me your name?" Valeri gently, "Obviously you are of the house of Alore, but what is your first name dear?" "Did the Aes Sedai who escorted you here explain the rules of the White Tower? What being a part of the White Tower means for you for the rest of your life?" Valeri Kinaea Mistress of Traditional Novices
  12. Valeri ushered the girl into her study, "Come in child," she said with a smile, "You may sit there." Valeri indicated the chair placed before her large timber desk. Valeri set about making a fresh pot of tea, she carried a tea tray to the desk and then poured the dark fragrant liquid into the pair of green Seafolk porcelain tea cups. She pushed one of the cup over in front of the girl and took her seat. "Now child," Valeri said lifting her cup to her lips, "Perhaps you could tell me about yourself and how you have come to be here in Tar Valon." Valeri Kinaea Mistress of Tradition
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