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About Me

Argh! What does one say about oneself in these things?


Is it stats and normality? Or do i just make shit up?


Meh, let's see..... IRL i play a responsible adult !>


LOL I'm a married (13 years!!!) mum to my 2 grommets - Jaz 12yo boy - and - Lys 7yo girl.


I work full time !> managing a service station (yeah yeah gas fuel petrol, whatever). Seriously though i do love my job, the pay is okay and i get to be boss - what could be better? And hell - they paid for me to go to Rome! YEOW!!


I started reading WoT when i was 14 i think... so about 19yrs - yeah you do the math - and meh, it's in my profile anyways.


I am fairly easy to get along with - just don't cross me or my family and we'll get along just fine. I am RED to the core, just ask any of my bondeds... they will tell you.


I'm a loud, opinionated bitch - but i don't push my opinions on anyone - we are all entitled to our own beliefs and opinions. I can agree to disagree on most subjects and i would fight to the death for your right to your opinion even if it was the opposite of mine.


I didn't get Raptured on May 21st 2011... do you know anyone who did? If you are reading this you must be a heathen too *nods*



Do i believe in God? yes - well a God-like figure anyway - let's call it The Creator *giggle* Seriously i could almost start my own WoT religion except that i don't believe in a Dark One type figure....


Meh, i'm bored now... if you want to know anything else you will have to bloody well ask me so ner!


Ama xoxox



Oh and yes - i really do swear like a Tairen fishing boat deck hand IRL wink.gif

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