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  1. "Reqs for NOVICE: Kilivia Tralendora" Novice Quiz - [Complete] Arrival: Meet MoN - URL - [ - / 4 ] [Complete / Incomplete] Novice Life - URL - [ - / 4 ] [Complete / Incomplete] One OP Related RP - URL - [ - / 4 ] [Complete / Incomplete] * Class 1: - URL - [ - / 1 ] [Complete / Incomplete] * Class 2: - URL - [ - / 1 ] [Complete / Incomplete] * Class 3: - URL - [ - / 1 ] [Complete / Incomplete] * Class 4: - URL - [ - / 1 ] [Complete / Incomplete] Choice RP: * [Name of Req] - URL - Word Count / [ - / 4 ] [Complete / Incomplete] Three Arches - URL - Word Count - [Complete / Incomplete]
  2. Many weeks after leaving her own town Kilivia had finally reached Tar Valon. She was completely exhausted, and packing light, her clothes and body were covered in dirt. It was getting late in the day, as eager as she was to join the White Tower, she didn’t want to show up in her current state, people might get the wrong first impression. She was also so tired, needed sleep so she could function properly. She looked for an Inn so she could get ready and show up at the White Tower first thing in the morning. Finding an Inn relatively close the White Tower she went in, not really caring what it was called. As she entered she could see and hear the busting of the common room, no one seeming to notice her entrance which was fine with her. She walked over to the bar and handed over the remainder of her money. Just enough for a room and a meager meal, but all she could manage. She hoped she wasn’t sent away from the Tower, she could not really afford to go anywhere, had nowhere to go anyway. After she finished her meal she walked up the stairs, very shaky in her exhausted condition. She almost collapsed a few times. Somehow, though Kilivia was not completely sure, she made it to her room, unlocked the door, and stumbled inside. She striped down to her shift, got into bed. Sleep overcame her as soon as her head touched the pillow. Kilivia awoke to light steaming through her window, she had slept longer than she intended, at least she felt rested, to some degree anyway. How she would love to have breakfast but she had spent all her money to get the room and dinner. Food would have to wait. Kilivia cleaned herself up as much as she could at the wash basin, would need a bath to be truly clean. Also tried to make her clothes look as presentable as possible. She wasn’t very successful but that was all she could do now. She looked better now at least, and felt better. She left the Inn and made her trek to the White Tower. Walking through the gateway she went through the gardens, walked up the large marble steps, and forced open the heavy door. She wasn’t sure what she expected to see when she entered the White Tower, but this was far more than she could have imagined. The Tower was immense, far more then she ever could of guessed from standing outside. It had a majestic beauty to it with the high ceiling and many corridors. Many tapestries adorned the walls. Now that Kilivia had arrived, she never considered during her travels what to do once she got here. She passed a few large rooms she was guessing were foyers, some people were sitting on the benches she assumed waiting to meet with Aes Sedai. As she was wandering through the tower she came to a woman wearing a plain white dress. The women seemed surprised as she saw Kilivia but quickly regained her composure. The young women curtsied, “May I help you miss.” The woman had a pleasant voice; she had a foreign accent which Kilivia could not place primarily because she did not really have any experience talking to people from foreign nations. Until now she had hardly even seen much of Andor. Kilivia examined the women for a few moments not entirely sure what to say. Well guess it was bestl be honest nothing was going to happen until she admitted why she was here. “I wanted to become Aes Sedai,” she said maybe a little too quickly. The young women smiled slightly, “In that case you need to speak with Valeri Sedai, follow me.” Kilivia followed the young women for a while. She could not find her way out on her own with how many twists and turns they took. “This is her study you will find her here.” The women walked away, Kilivia watched her until she was out of site. She was very nervous of what to expect but nothing to be done about it. She lightly knocked on the door and waited.
  3. She should have black hair, not sure how the red got stuck in there. Also since Baerlon is part of Andor her nation would be Andor.
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    Hi, I am new here. And am an avid WoT reader. I love the series and especially the WoT. Asdies from WoT, I love fantasy and anime.
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