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  1. I agree that Mat grew up, but seems to be the least changed of all the main characters. To me, he the main way he changed is that he got smarter. I'm always a little surprised when I go back to reread and see him do something really dumb in the first book, like talking about Trollocs out-loud in Baerlon when he'd just been told not to, or going off to explore in Shadar Logoth, when they'd just been told not to. He was tricksy and mischievous back then, but he didn't truly have a grasp on true deception. I think his experiences in the world and his memories from the Finns ultimately changed tha
  2. I think $35 (or 34.99) is the retail price, from what I remember.
  3. I don't remember reading a lot of reviews on the last books, but that doesn't mean there weren't a lot; I don't usually go looking for that sort of thing. Last year, I think I only read Leigh's and Jason's. I wouldn't assume it's a bad thing. They may just want to keep as much of the last book as quiet as possible, since it is the last book. I would think the publisher would make that decision, but it also could be an author/editor request.
  4. I like the theories that the quote about "throwing it away" could refer to Callandor, Fain's dagger, or the bloodknives' rings. With regards to the quote saying "it" instead of "them"... Gawyn might just put one ring on. He wouldn't really need all 3 to give him an edge. I rather like the idea posted at TL that this could be Galad learning he has another half brother I like this theory too; it was the first thing I thought of when I read that quote. I wasn't sure if that was just me, though, since I REALLY want to see Galad find out that Rand is his brother. Glad someone else thi
  5. I thought this one might be Gawyn with the bloodknives' rings.
  6. I have so always wanted Logain and Leane together, ever since she tried out her feminine wiles on him ha ;)
  7. Thanks for the reply, Suttree. I admit I have not been around in several weeks; this is my first time back in a while. I came by mostly to see if there was any discussion on Leigh Butler's review. So if things have improved, then that's great. I stopped hanging around back around the time when the Mat chapter and the prologue were released, I believe. For what it's worth, I have never seen your critiques as out of hand or repetitve, so I wouldn't apply the 'beating a dead horse' schtick to you. Your criticisms are usually professional and sincere, whereas some other people's sometimes come off
  8. I'm kind of late to the party, but I wanted to add my two cents, especially since this is pretty much the one and only time I'll say this. Personally, I'm just sad that the WOT Discussion boards here on DM have turned into this, on the eve of the release of the last book. I was really excited to get back into things here on these boards, to flail and discuss and theorize for the last time before AMOL comes out. But this is the first time I've even logged in here in weeks, because it's become such a toxic place. It's not fun at all. I've mostly been hanging around tor.com and other places, with
  9. Nothing in Texas at all?! That's so upsetting. I wonder if I can make it to another one somewhere else.
  10. I just reread LoC and am constantly surprised it's a favorite of so many people. I guess it's because the last third of the book is really stellar, and it is - Dumai's Wells is freaking amazing. But wow, seriously nothing happens in the first half of the book. It's incredibly slow. Before I started rereading it,almost every single thing that I remembered happening in that book happened pretty much in the last third of the book, beginning with Nynaeve healing Logain and Egwene going to Salidar. Rand meeting with the Aes Sedai and all that ensues from there, Perrin turning up, Min turning up, M
  11. Oh heck no. But then, I never do that. I know a lot of people do that often with books. For me, it's a big no-no, especially with a book like this I've been waiting a lot for and that really means something to me. I mean, sure, I'm excited to see how it all ends, but how we get to the end is just as important to me.
  12. Yeah...the Mat/Tuon outriggers would have been awesome. I always got the impression that more people were excited for the Tam prequel, but I Mat and Tuon in Seanchan were the ones I was most looking forward to.
  13. The Mat/Tuon chapters are the one thing I really love about COT.
  14. Oh, I forgot about the rat thing. Yeah that was pretty scary. Ishamael gets less scary for me, I think, because as you go on, the more you realize he's just totally off his rocker insane.
  15. Okay, so I'm not talking about which of the Forsaken has been the most successful villain or done the most damage or been the smartest, cleverest, etc. Just which one do you find the most frightening, from a reader's POV? I first read the books when I was pretty young and proabably still afraid of the dark to some extent So this is something I remember. Here are mine: Semirhage - She, to me, is by far the scariest, always has been and still is, for me. Even before we ever see her, the other Forsaken are always going on about how she likes to cause pain just for the pleasure of it. Which w
  16. I can't help reading fast too...that's why I waited until pretty recently to start my reread. Though I do like to finish about a month early; I like being able to speculate here on the boards with a fresh reread in mind. The last time I reread the series, before TOM came out, was the first time I made myself read the series really slow. And I actually picked up and understood a lot of things I had never understood before. I agree about COT. What RJ does in COT is pretty cool from a literary standpoint, but it does read slow. And I definitely understand why people who actually had to wait f
  17. I definitely enjoy rereads, and I also recommending rereading the series, at some point. I reread a lot of books, but WoT is one series that I pick up more and more on every time I reread (and I'm on my...fourth or fifth reread now). However, it really is a big undertaking for some people; even reading the series just once can be a huge undertaking. So if you truly feel you don't have time, I also recommend Leigh Butler's reread on tor.com. It will refresh your memory but, you know, take less time than actually rereading.
  18. I believe that is the generally accepted belief. Always willing to hear new theories, though :D
  19. Aww, Gitara's Foretelling was awesome for me. Still gives me chills when I read it. There have to some of those moments for me, though. Can't think of any off the top of my head.
  20. That first quote of RJ has always kind of confused me, because the asker seems to talking about the dice rattling around in Mat's head, which don't appear to have anything to do with his luck. The dice start rolling and land when something fateful or important happens to him, and I believe the first time he hears the dice is at the end of TDR, when he does to rescue the girls in Tear (though he doesn't seem conscious of the dice at that point, and it's not quite clear if they actually are rolling or if the phrase was just figurative at that point). Either way, the luck may be tied to the SL da
  21. If you read the section, it really wasn't a case for self-defense. It might have become that, but the Whitecloaks asked them to come out and show themselves. Then the wolves attacked them. Whether the wolves were justified in attacking them or not doesn't really matter; an ordinary human being would have no reason to connect the wolves to the people hiding. Hopper attacked the Whitecloaks; they killed Hopper - pretty much in their own defense - and Perrin came charging out and killed them. I don't like defending the Whitecloaks, and they certainly didn't need to be so threatening or sticki
  22. Yeah, Moridin appears to be the only one who actually gets what's gonna happen when the DO breaks free. I'm sure Darkfriends and the Forsaken think the DO will be able to do what he promises once he's free - and it's possible he would have that power - but that wouldn't happen anyway, because he wants to destroy the Wheel. There isn't going to be any kind of world or life for the Darkfriends/Forsaken to rule or have. For Moridin, that's what he wants. Sometimes I think the others are a bunch of idiots not to get this, though.
  23. Most, if not all, of the WOT hardcover books are not out of print. So yeah, you can probably definitely find some on ebay, but other retail sites still carry them, too. You just find not find many of them in stores, except maybe for used bookstores.
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