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  1. Possible. I'm naturally an F (INFJ), but because I grew up in an all T family (with two extreme T parents), I can exhibit T behaviors. But they're kind of learned behaviors. Me too heh. My sister is an introvert who likes to spend a lot of time with people - she has a close circle of friends and has to spend a lot of time with them. So yeah, introverts can enjoy hanging with people. But even she, if she's had a really rough day and is tired or stressed, prefers to stay in rather than going out with others. Me on the other hand - extreme introvert. I don't even like people lol :P
  2. I'm here, not caught up at all - had a busy Mother's Day. Will post more tomorrow.
  3. I'm in, and I'm totally cool with the game starting mid-May. Actually works better for me that way.
  4. Kaylee, I am totally taking your taco soup recipe from the mafia QT lol. Sounds delicious!
  5. This seems kind of improbable given how many games I've played, but I cannot recall ever being lynched as town before. Yay, new experiences?
  6. Well, he wouldn't know, right? If his item/powers/whatever allow him to see if a role/item/artifact is evil, why would he assume the person was GIVEN an evil artifact? This is my Alanna logic in reverse. If someone accuses me of being scum when I'm VT via some type of investigation, I don't just assume they are telling the truth. If I'm an investigator and receive a guilty result, I don't just assume it's because of some type of NA shens. Ultimately, Cass' thought here is going to sway me: Yeah. I remember how Dice's 2nd wincon was to steal Excalibur. Now that everyone knows who has the doll, I'm afraid this can be used to hurt us. So EVEN IF Alanna is Town - which is debatable at this point - she is just a VT and in possession of an item that could potentially hurt the Town. For this reason, I absolutely think the SAFEST play here is to vote for Alanna and get rid of a potential scum slot - in case she is lying about the item - or a potentially harmful item at the cost of a VT - even a VT whose game play and opinions I value as much as Alanna's. I'm going to finish my catch up but will almost certainly be voting Alanna today. I had considered this, which is why I wanted to see some discussion about the doll. I'm just concerned because me dying could also means the doll goes to someone else. But it's all just a toss-up anyway, I suppose. @Sooh, I didn't contradict myself about when I received the doll. I logged on after Day 2 had begun and had received it via PM from the Mod. I assume I received it via a night action that happened, you know, during the night. I don't know, I'm kind of ambivalent about it at this point. It's hard to decide what the best thing is without having any clue what happens to the doll if I die. But I know I'm town, and I can't help but feel that the better thing would be to try and lynch scum today.
  7. Eldrick, the doll is the item I have. I do not have and never have had another item besides it. Your theory that Nolder gave me the doll and it to him my alignment cannot be true because I am town, and I have no item except that doll.
  8. I am VT. Per my role PM. I somehow received an item at the end of Night 1 that does nothing to me and that i can do nothing with. I did not say it was a completely benign object. It may not be. I suspect it may be an anti-town item that only anti-town can use. But yes, Arsis, I am VT. I started the game VT and so far as I am concerned, I'm still VT because I can do nothing with this item. The item may be anti-town, but it appears to be harmless to town in my possession.
  9. So I'm heading out for the evening. I may not be online for the rest of the night, but I definitely won't be online for the next 4-5 hours. I hope you won't lynch me in that time, but just in case, here are my reads so far. I was going to wait until I finished rereading Day 1 to really formulate and post these, but given the circumstances, here they are for now. Just FYI, I pretty much never blueread anyone, and I don't have strong red scum suspects yet. Leelou - She never posts much, but she just sort of comes across as more...helpful...to me when she's town, and I'm not entirely feeling that from her this game. So just a slight scum lean. Wouldn't lynch her yet, but would keep an eye on her. Lily - Kind of starting to get bad vibes from her. She's following a lot on lynch trains. Dice - I've agreed with a lot of his thoughts, he's been talking sense. Obviously it's just off Day 1 stuff since he's been gone. Arsis - I want to say a town lean, but the fact that he knew I had this item doesn't necessarily mean he's town. That could be a scum lean. So, null. Eldrick - This is partly because I've been rereading the start of Day 1 and was reminded how much I didn't like his earlier play. I think it could be a mistake to write him off as apathetic town. I've seen a couple of things from him so far that look like his last scum game. I think the argument that his teammates would've stopped him from going down certain lines of discussion is crap. Sometimes that's not possible. Pral - His reads list was pretty solid and didn't sound feigned Sooh - Was leaning town on Sooh, but I don't like the vote on me without even commenting on what I've said about this item Hallia - I often scumread Hallia, so maybe I'm being overzealous on her. It's the only reason she's not a red read for me right now. Cass - Haven't played with her before, but leaning pretty strongly town. If she's scum, hat's off to her. Yates - Partly the mason claim, but actually this is mostly formulated separate of that. He's always aggressive, but I think it's a different kind of aggressive than when he's scum. I think he comes across as more thoughtful, even in his aggressiveness, as town. Or maybe I can't read him at all, I don't know, but I'm trying. NotBob - Haven't really liked his play, tbh. I've been holding back on him because others who know him better keep saying he's a valuable player, but I haven't seen much to warrant that so far. Never gave any reason for voting me. If this is his good town play, I'm super disappointed. Verbal - He's coming across as genuinely trying to find scum, and his willing to be circumspect on some of the people that followed him onto Wombat makes me feel good about him Wombat - Think I've explained this one by now Of the people who voted me so far, I'm most concerned about NotBob, Sooh, and Lily. NotBob never gave any reason for voting me but hopped on when a few other people had mentioned suspecting me. Didn't like that both Sooh and Lily voted after I mentioned the item, but didn't comment on it at all. I mean, they didn't even say "I think Alanna is lying." That's super weird to me. Looks like they're taking advantage of Arsis' claim to go for an automatic lynch. So that's it. I think I've said all I can for now. Later.
  10. I was only at L-1 for 10 minutes. Doesn't seem like very many people have been around all afternoon. Hardly anyone else has been posting.
  11. I mean, especially given that you said you think there's something off about Arsis? FWIW, I think he is probably telling the truth and is town...but there is definitely the possibility that scum somehow found out about this item. In which case lynching me could be a 2 for 1 for them. They get a townie lynched, and probably also have a chance to get their hands on this anti-town item. Which I'm betting they can use.
  12. If you're town, you should really unvote until more people can weigh in on this. But I'm beginning to doubt that you're town.
  13. Really? Without any discussion at all about what I've said about the doll? There is for sure more than one scum on this lynch train. I can't believe so many townies would be dumb enough to rush into this. I believe I'm at L-1.
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